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Besides producing a lot of garbage this holiday makes another damage – it makes people that are currently single feel uncomfortable. The whole idea of showing other people our love is truly beautiful but this holiday became such a commercial thing that the whole meaning faded away long time ago.
Your life is a journey of learning to love yourself first and then extending that love to others in every encounter.
Going back to Tel Aviv after two years turned out to be a combination of sweet and sour experience. Recently, during my work, I have noticed that many of my clients are experiencing a weakness in the solar plexus chakra. During sessions, I will directly channel the energy of citrine (or whatever crystal shows itself to me that is specialized for the client’s healing) into the solar plexus to amplify its energy. The following are two musical videos that focus solely on solar plexus healing using sound frequencies. Shana Dean is an international Reiki Master Teacher who offers high frequency Reiki bodywork and certified Usui Reiki classes of all levels (I, II, III & Reiki Master Teacher).
Shana offers intuitive readings with her Reiki sessions, sharing visions, insights and messages she receives.
In her private practice, Shana provides Reiki bodywork (for both people and animals) and classes in Sonoma County as well as by distance, serving her clients all over the world. Consciousness and Healing: An Integral ApproachGreat strides have been made in the study of whole person healthcare. The Twists and Turns of SpiritOver the last few months, Spirit has led me on an unexpected path of deciding the next steps for our store, Stones Throw. I think it’s just stupid to choose one specific day to show love and affection to other people. If you don’t receive chocolates, flowers, love letter or cheap teddy bear holding little heart it means that nobody loves you and you should go and cry a river. I go through a lot of upside-downs but I do believe that one day I will be able to fully accept and love myself the way I want other people to love me.

Let show the love to ourselves and let’s stop this ridiculous believe that the love that other people give us has more value that the love we can give to ourselves.
And, as you do, you attract others into your life who are able to love you without conditions. This is one of my favorite healing gifts to provide, and I never close a session until each of my client’s main chakras have been cleared, activated and harmonized.
Since this has been a running theme, I thought it would be worthwhile to write a little something about the solar plexus and offer a few tips to help strengthen this area.
If you feel you need a deeper healing and more significant chakra balancing (for any of your chakras), I am always available for distance or in-person Reiki sessions. She works with chakras, meridians, crystals, animal totems, Native American medicine, spirit guides, sacred geometry, mantras, color, celestial energies, past lives, and the high-frequency angelic, elemental and love-conscious realms.
It is layered with other high-level energy medicines, providing depth, synchronicity and limitless possibilities.
She offers intuitive Tarot and spiritual coaching sessions as well as private classes when requested.
Integrating body, mind and spirit has become a key dimension of health education, prevention and treatment. Besides that, only big concerns benefits from Valentines Day right now – they can sell lot of unnecessary crap to people that believe that buying an object on a certain day is the greatest form of expressing their feelings. Wearing a yellow shirt, for example, keeping yellow flowers, making yellow art, or bringing decorative yellow accents into the home are some helpful ideas.
Keep this stone in a place where it can be seen throughout the day like on a work desk or keep it close to the body, tucked away in a pocket or worn as jewelry.
Meditating while slowly chanting the word Ram is a way to connect the vibration of your own voice to that of your solar plexus, thus clearing and harmonizing this power point. You do not have to listen to the entire hour, just a few minutes will be of benefit if your time is limited.
If you quiet your body and mind enough, you may be able to feel the energy of this music vibrate within your solar plexus.

She is a sensitive, multidimensional healer who creates a compassionate space for healing shifts and spiritual awareness. Her healing techniques work on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, habitual and situational levels for the past, present and future. If you don’t have citrine, simply visualizing and meditating on its image can be just as effective. My client can further this work by visualizing that the sun is being placed right into the solar plexus. I would recommend looking at the screen while listening, so you can focus on the bright yellow image. She can support your healing, clear your energy and align what you wish to manifest for your life’s purpose while gently shedding the things that no longer serve you. Your article on Chakra Meditation through seed Mantras will help many like me to refine their practice.
It is nice to have someone that cares but if you don’t, why won’t you just give this love you are craving for so much yourself? This meditation can fill and warm up this area, which is often what a weak solar plexus needs to be activated and in balance. You may also gain benefits simply by playing the music in the background while you work, meditatively walk, or putter around your home.
It holds the energy of personal and spiritual empowerment. It is connected to self-confidence, drive, self-respect, strength, self-worth, courage and a healthy sense of self.

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