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In a nutshell, the money jar system is a money management system that focuses on building wealth and personal growth. Long Term Savings For Spending (LTSS – 10%)  - This is the money that you put aside for big purchases like cars, vacations, etc. Necessities (NEC – 50%) - This is for your everyday expenses like gas, rent, utilities, etc. Step #2 is the fastest way to build your Instagram account & get leads the second you open your account!
Step #10 exposes the application you can use to to spy on your competitors and legally swipe their followers! Many people try to get rich by emulating multi-billionaire Warren Buffett’s investment strategy. The idea of this system is simple: separate your income into 6 different accounts for specific purposes.
Half of your income goes toward real necessities (N) like food, mortgage payments, bills, gas, oil, insurance, etc.
Finally, create a Financial Freedom Jar and deposit something into it daily, however small.
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Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Reasons are essentially your explanation for why you don’t have the results you want.
Whether you call them reasons or excuses, having them can help you assuage the disappointment, guilt, or even shame you may feel in the moment. The moment you are present to both the payoff and the cost, you have access to reclaiming your personal power – you have a choice.
Or your perfectly reasonable and validated reasons could simply be excuses getting in the way of getting the results you really want. For example, when his first child was born, Buffett converted a dresser drawer into a bassinet . Well, in his book Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind, Eker shares a simple method that anyone could use. However poor your circumstances may be, there will always be someone who is in an even more dire state. The idea is to keep financial management top-of-mind, and a daily commitment made towards your financial freedom. Unfortunately, they also serves to release you from personal responsibility for results in your life or work.
The money that you put into this jar is used for investments and building your passive income streams.

This allows you to spend without guilt, and to also gradually improve your standard of living as your income increases. Besides the feel-good factor of helping others, giving away part of your income also helps you to sub-consciously develop the wealth-mentality that you have more than enough to give away. This is designed to bring balance to you finances so you will be increasing your wealth and having fun at the same time. I do recommend that your Necessities account be your checking account since it is the account that you most likely will pay your bills from. In her first month, she put 10 cents into her PLAY, 10 cents into her FFA, 10 cents into her LTSS, and so on.
He drove a Volkswagen until his wife upgraded him to a Cadillac (which she felt was better for his image). And the more you earn, the more you need to learn (how to manage your additional wealth, how to bring your income to the next level etc.).
You can start by calculating your current monthly income and the amount to be put into each of the 6 jars. Just by becoming aware of your spending patterns is already a first step in the right direction.

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