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With the intent of communicating that TVN had shorter pauses during their airtime, this goes to show how a very good idea can be executed impeccably without stemming away from its original concept when extended to several versions. Simple and straight to the point. The Joi Design blog is about what SME's can do today, everyday, to win and retain quality clients via strong branding strategies, social media and internet marketing.
Simon Young is a cofounder of iJump, a social media consultancy that helps organisations conduct real, human conversations with their communities through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other forms of social media.
James Mawhinney is the Business Development Manager at PositionMEonline, providing high quality internet marketing strategies to a range of clients including Merrill Lynch, Downer EDI, Hawaiian Group, Citect PLC, and Quest Serviced Apartments.
When #sy approached us, I remembered my first thoughts were "stay away from being literally friendly".
The challenge was creating an identity that would live in a fairly new category 'social media' but at the same time consultancies are as old as coca cola and matchbox cars. I bumped into a few good PR websites and liked the fluidity and spontaneity of designs in that category. Websites without images tend to make viewers feel like a heavy time commitment is needed to go through the website, its a huge put off.
The rest of the imagery on the site is iconic, going back to the basics of communication, which is a large part of #sy philosophy.
Apart from that, always assume someone is going to love your brand and give them some means to love it.
Workshops are one of those things that can very quickly sound generic, making it difficult for prospects to compare apples with apples. The website has little quirks like a drawer that juts out when you click on follow me on twitter.
Simon wrote a very respectable, precise description on what people will actually be getting back when they follow him.
En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de nos cookies afin de vous offrir une meilleure utilisation de ce site internet. Critique de L’Ecume des jours, film de Michel Gondry et adaptation du livre de Boris Vian. Et son hyper-activite visuelle permet de rendre compte, a chaque image, a chaque scene, du monde du romancier.
Les idees visuelles sont une chose et c’est, du point de vue des deux heures de film, un succes.
Peut-etre les acteurs auraient parfois merite que l’on se concentre plus sur leur jeu.
A mesure que le temps passe, Michel Gondry provoque un froid glacial, une deuxieme moitie en forme de descente aux enfers.

The film is based on the comic book storyline “Days of Future Past,” which ran in Uncanny X-Men #141 and 142 back in 1981 during Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s run and introduced the idea of an alternate future for Marvel’s mutants that grew out of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants killing an important senator, leading to a future where all mutants are hunted by Sentinels. OS: You have to write that because I want to, and maybe it will give the producers an idea.
OS: From the first time we met, when I did interviews for that film, I think I speak better English.
She's passionate about 'cutting the crap' and helping her clients make money from good, solid Brands. At any given time we're designing identities and websites for a diverse range of clients and yes it does make you a little schizophrenic at times. At the time so many of the big boys were re-branding themselves to look friendly and almost going back to crayons.
The 'jump and skip' of PR with the sturdy, solid, building blocks of a traditional 'marketing company'.
Simon is the Director of #sy, sure not very creative of me :) but its a short and snappy name to remember, and it makes an awesome hashtag. Designers are essentially egoistic, our very profession begs us to feed our egos, wanting to be loved via our creations, drives us. Fisting Feathers is about being brave on twitter and going back to basics, what Social media is making me lose my social instincts is about. I liked Marie's name, it's friendly and down-to-earth just like its owner, so Marie Workshops was born. Adaptation du celebre livre de Boris Vian, le film propose une lecture imagee des (mes)aventures de Colin et Chloe, les personnages principaux de l’histoire, incarnes par le duo Romain Duris et Audrey Tautou.
En ligne de mire, le jeune couple qui vivotait entre Barcelone et Paris chez Klapisch voila douze ans se retrouve face a un mur : celui de la maturite. Celui du romancier avant tout : le couple Colin-Chloe, le tombeur et cuisinier Nicolas, le philosophe star Jean-Sol Partre dont Chick est dependant, sa compagne Alise, la danse du biglemoi, Duke Ellington et le jazz. Pour les suivre, Michel Gondry semble avoir ecoute le c?ur du livre de Boris Vian, cerne par des objets vivants et des inventions inconnues, farfelues. Dans un Paris intemporel, le cineaste reussit a donner vie a ces sombres annees 40 decrites par un Boris Vian alors age de 27 ans. Hashtags may not always be around of course, the logo was designed to function just as well when it comes time to drop the #. They form part of #sy's brand and will be used consistently in their collateral and banners.
Twitter is not as new now and many people have been using it long enough to be impatient and want to know why they should follow you right away..

Fini les historiettes de Xavier, place a Colin, ce jeune bourgeois qui veut a tout prix s’engager. Il se permet quelques libertes, illustrant par la que meme si le livre, des les premieres minutes, est de marbre, il l’adapte a sa maniere.
For now as you would have seen (good and bad) the #sy hashtag has been a success, its easy to remember, simple. If you've met Marie Young, you'll know what I mean when I say: if you're having a bad day get a smile from Marie, she has one of those personalities, naturally uplifting.
La mise en scene de Michel Gondry, efficace et rythmee, permet d’illustrer cette multitude de themes. En rencontrant un realisateur aussi amoureux de ses personnages que de ce qui l’entoure, Boris Vian ne pouvait pas mieux tomber. He comes from an apocalyptic future and he has to fight for freedom because he was raised in a mutant camp.
The night before I couldn’t sleep, but once I got there, the cast was very warm and welcoming. When you're in an industry that every amateur also claims to be in, you better look respectable. And when I say respectable, I mean it has a sturdy old school trust me look about it which so many Social Media websites lack. Social Media demands so much of our time, instead of trying to remember your name, your hashtags and your message, give people time to do other things, like retweet. By creating an 'identity' for Marie's workshops we've essentially given her 'apple' a name. Sometimes we had dinner together, but at times, after long days of shooting, the best we all needed was sleep. Its like laugh tracks, good sitcoms don't need it, laugh tracks are almost insulting: what, you don't think I know that was funny?
Dachis Group's footer philosophy is of course mesmerising, like dancing skeletons in a closet.
Many big brands that have now re-branded to look 'social', have given old school credibility a flick, so it was refreshing to see Dachis Group stand strong and respectable.

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