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Money making guide, Quest guide, Skill training guide, Wilderness guide – All your RuneScape guides in short videos! Location: A Easy way to get to the airuts is to get teleported by the astronomer in the grand exchange. TAGS: eliters Looting Airut Money Making Method runescape money making Runescape Money Making 5-10m+ Runescape Money Making 5-10m+ Per Runescape Money Making 5-10m+ Per Hour! You must realize that you will be losing a very small amount of money until you reach the ability to make many multiple runes. You might want to get the Explorer's ring (which can be got by completing the F2P Lumbridge diary thing).
How to do it First thing you need to do is get some runecrafting levels (if you don't have any already).

Go to the Grand Exchange and buy an Air Tiara and as much rune essence (not pure essence) as you possibly can.
On top of those two runes being the lowest priced runes for the longest time ever, they hardly ever sell in GE.
If you run this formula and you get a negative number, that means that you will lose money. This could be because the prices have changed drastically, or you're not a high enough level yet. Change the variable m one number higher (as far as the game will let you go) so you may find out if you can make profit on it on a higher level. I would have spent 2492 gp on the 28 rune essence, but would have gotten 3696 gp worth in air runes.

Now, of course, you will be making slightly more since they added an update that gives you a chance at double runes, and even more if you have the Explorer ring. Water running is more profitable than air running, but there are one or two NPCs that will attack you (not through the whole run though), and it's a slightly longer trip from the bank to the water altar than it is from the bank to the air altar.

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