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ROBLOX allows users to create ads to advertise their places, clothing, models, decals, etc. To create an ad, go to one of your place's pages' and press the link "Advertise this place" underneath your avatar. ROBLOX logos, names, and all related indicia are trademarks of ROBLOX Corporation, ©2014.
Every week, we’re busy telling the stories behind our platform, our technology and our place in the gaming and technology industries. Over the last couple weeks, we’ve been talking regularly about our in-game purchasing API and trying to make it easy for you to implement an in-game store. Last week, we launched a new, totally optional method of sorting the Games page: the Top Grossing sort. It was only fitting that our latest Spotlight article feature someone who’s crushing in-game purchasing. Many ROBLOX gamers, builders and developers have asked us what they can do to prepare for a job in the gaming and technology industries. BLOXcon is quickly approaching and that means we’re gearing up to start announcing winners of the 2013 ROBLOX International Film Festival.
Veteran ROBLOX game developer crazyman32 recently launched a new project, in which he’s creating and tuning an Formula 1 race car and track (embedded in the terrain of his Freeflight map).
I love reading what’s happening on ROBLOX even though I play it most days, I love reading the Blog on my iPod!
Yay, I’m in the picture in the “You Should see this ROBLOX Place” section about Crazyman’s Formula1 car place. ROBLOX Game Conference 2012 had music, lights, crowds and noise – distractions at every turn. The first-ever ROBLOX Hackathon featured 14 rounds, each 15 minutes long, with both a scripting and building challenge. What started out as a calm event evolved into a tournament, of sorts, during its 3.5-hour run. One participant, known on ROBLOX as fremontboy, never quit; he started later than the rest of the group, but made a dramatic comeback into the top five by showing a solution with seconds left in the last round.
Participants ran to the front to collect details on new tasks, exclaimed, “Yesss!” upon completing tasks, and formulated strategies to be the first to solve a task – thus netting more points – according to Daniel.
The Hackathon was successful enough that we’re considering hosting more in the future; maybe even experimenting with teams and online challenges.
The event also reminded us just how motivated and enterprising ROBLOX users are, and has us considering other ways we can encourage that spirit in future events.
You can also download the complete RGC 2012 Hackathon in these two PDF files: all building challenges and all scripting challenges. When playing an online game like Roblox, many gamers get tired of using cheats, since their ability is often too limited. Before you jump right in and get the program, it's important to note that the penalty for getting caught using RHT could be to have your IP permanently banned.
This type of software is also called a debugger or hex editor, and it's extremely easy to use: you just have to access the right box - for example money - enter the amount you want to add to it, and the program takes care of everything else.

You'll also find a lot of other tricks RHT can help you with, such as changing textures, seeing through walls or zooming in and out. There are a number of tricks you can use RHT for in Roblox, one of the best of which is getting more Robux for your account. Next, you have to go back to the game and increase the value manually, at least by one Robux. You may even be able to make money by buying ads for an item which other players may then purchase or visit.
If you get good at creating ad campaigns on ROBLOX, you are qualified for a lot of internet-related marketing jobs! The ROBLOX ad system does not currently show you your CPC, but it is a very useful concept.
For those of you who catch up with ROBLOX over the weekend, the Weekly ROBLOX Roundup collects the best stuff to hit our various avenues of publication in the last week. To that end, we put together a tutorial video that walks you through the steps of building out an in-game store using our recent ROBLOX Studio plugin. This sort brings to the front page games that are earning significant money based on Game Pass and affiliate gear sales. FighterAce, the owner of the Kestrel clothing group and Kestrel Home Store, not only runs a highly successful clothing-creation group, but owns one of the most elegant and well maintained department stores. Now that the submission and voting periods have ended, we collected submissions from a couple popular categories for this preview of the awards show, which kicks off next month at BLOXcon Chicago.
We take that spirit to heart here on the ROBLOX blog, and occasionally survey our following to find out what’s important to you.
I’ve played it before, but it doesn’t go into the 3D caves and such, only the 2D platformer aspect, so he turned an already great game into an even better one!
Participants raced the clock to finish one or both of the challenges, earn points and get their user name to the top of the leaderboard.
Some participants fell behind in the standings and eliminated themselves to check out other RGC content, while those near the top fiercely protected their leads. Participants brought to life the spirit of the online ROBLOX community by helping each other through difficult challenges.
The vast majority of ROBLOX users were unable to attend RGC 2012, and we’d like for them to have an opportunity to participate.
The good news is, there's a far better way to level up your character and gain the freedom to do almost whatever you want within the game. RHT is a separate application designed to alter the game's online memory, making it easy for players to level up more quickly, get infinite money or items, and eliminate their chance of getting beaten by more experienced players.
So, use RHT at your own risk in Roblox or other similar games, since you may risk losing all your items and progress. It's basically a free, open source application for Windows with the ability to scan online games' memory processes, and modify them according to what the player needs.
In the Robux field, for instance, you can multiply the value you already have by 8 (the default multiplier).
Look for it in the box at the bottom of the screen, highlight it, and enter another value of your choosing.

All you have to do is run Cheat Engine, and this time select "Roblox" from the process list. There is a limited amount of ad space to go around (we only show so many ads per day), so an auction is run and the players who are willing to pay more, get more impressions.
The probability that a specific ad is shown is equal to that ad's bid, divided by the total bid for all ads in the system. Thus, unlike the example above, there are actually 3 separate auctions going on at all times for each of the different sized ads. If you’re interested in turning a profit off your ROBLOX creation, this is certainly a worthwhile venture. It’s still an experiment, but the overarching goal is to offer an alternative to sheer volume of place visits for ROBLOX builders to get their creation to the coveted top of the Games page. Alan talked with him about his many accomplishments and his plans for the future of his emerging brand.
From art to community to rendering to physics, these five perspectives might give you direction as you plot out your own path. In this edition of Feedback Loop, John Shedletsky responds to a wide variety of ideas and questions.
Zoom into first-person view for the best sense of speed (and to see the steering wheel move with your keyboard input). Yet, in the gated-off space behind the black Hackathon sign, ROBLOX users intently churned out code and built complex structures – with the pressure of limited time, no less – like the rest of the conference didn’t exist. But only user aperson1890, who racked up 1,150 points with lots of quick solutions, would claim victory. Users leperdy and willgreat even teamed up – there was only one laptop between the two of them – and discussed plans to divvy up any winnings. The trick is, this last value you enter has to be dividable by 8, so if you want 1,000 coins, you have to enter 8,000 in the box. After that, just check the "speed hack" variable, and enter a value for it (under 75.5 works best). In theory this means that you should bid less on the large rectangle slots, because even if you win a large percentage of all rectangle auctions, you are still getting fewer relative impressions.
The topics span quality game discovery and recommendations, additional materials for parts, cylinder physics, video tutorials, slots for additional games and places, community guidelines, user-created video advertisements and more. A low CTR means you have to show your ad to a ton of people to get many clicks at all; and this is expensive. The character creation interface is easy to use, and you can cycle between multiple characters (with a shared item stash, to boot). Plus, smaller touches like group boss battles, dynamic lighting and procedural generation add significant depth.

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