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Standing:Ellsworth Broadhead, Ken Martin, Manford Miller, Eugene Voorhees, Frank Chatten, Arthur Miller, John Kuntz, Robert Chatten, Dave Nichols, Harry Ruskie, Fred Skillman, Charles Auletta, Charles Nichols, Richard Sickles, Albert Allen, Emily Nichols, Jack Nichols, William Farr, and Alva Hart - leader. The Logical Levels model was created by Robert Dilts and was largely based on the work of Gregory Bateson. At an individual level a person's identity is their sense of self, their core values and beliefs who define who they are and their mission in life. The phrase can be said in five ways, by stressing each word in each version, and each version relates to a different layer of the model. The levels therefore offer a diagnostic framework to assess an individual's 'extent' of alignment.
Individuals who experience themselves as aligned are generally more at ease with themselves and are experienced by others as more true and often more 'powerful'. When people experience themselves as unaligned they are often struggling with some internal debate or are at odds with themselves as they find themselves behaving in a way that is at odds with what they believe or who they think they are, eg.
Logical Levels is also a series of tools that can be used as a diagnostic or planning framework for individual and organisational analysis. We use the Logical Levels model extensively when working with teams, leaders and organisations attempting to merge and transform; and individuals wishing to develop both personally and professionally. Om effectief te trainen, maakt A†ffectiv gebruik van het model van de logische niveaus, dat werd ontwikkeld door antropoloog Gregory Bateson en is aangepast in zijn huidige vorm door NLP*) ontwikkelaar Robert Dilts.

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Comfort and safety of an environment make a big difference to how people feel and how this impacts on their work and their levels of satisfaction.
At an individual level, capabilities are those behaviours that have been practised so often they have become consistent, automatic and often habitual.
Most of the beliefs people have were formed very early on in child hood and have gone on to create the persons 'map of the world'.
If a person is aligned then they feel less internal pressure, their behaviour is largely congruent, they operate with integrity and are unlikely to give off 'double-messages' in their behaviour, words and attitudes. In what ways are they limiting their ability by holding outdated or inaccurate views of themselves? Logical levels will provide you with a framework to ask questions are organise information. Het model geeft inzicht in de verschillende niveaus van leren en veranderen in het menselijk handelen.
At an individual level this could be decision making, interviewing, communicating information to the team or writing email.
Many of the beliefs people hold can be heard in statements of what people think they can or cana€™t do.

The structure of an organisation emerges from these five levels - its offices and where they are situated, what it does, what it is capable of doing, what is important to it and its identity or culture.
Met behulp van het model van de logische niveaus kunnen deelnemers zelf ontdekken op welk niveau een verandering het meest effectief zal zijn. The Logical Levels model is used globally to support individuals, teams and organisations as they seek to identify and then attain levels of alignment, coherence and congruence. At work the small objects people bring from home to personalise their own piece of the environment can be very important to them and may also reflect their identity.
At an organisational level it is advertising campaigns, restructuring, takeovers and policies. In de regel geldt dat voor verandering op een lager niveau, een verandering op een hoger niveau nodig is. Organisations develop an identity given time which is often driven by the ethos and values of the founder(s).

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