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When it opened in 1951, at the beginning of the television era, the 1,300-seat Terrace Theater in Robbinsdale was the first (and largest) suburban movie house to be constructed in the Minneapolis area since the end of WWII. The Terrace Theater was built on a small hill, overlooking a sprawling landscaped area, with a huge parking lot, with room for more than 1,000 cars. The Volks spared no expense in making the Terrace Theater the most luxurious, comfortable and up-to-date theater in suburban Minneapolis-St. One unusual and very popular feature of the Terrace Theater was its television room, complete with sofas, chairs and a large color television. In the 1970’s, the Terrace Theater had 70mm equipment installed, and became one of the best of the suburban theaters to see the big action-filled blockbusters of that decade, which were better appreciated on a huge screen. When the 1300 seat Terrace Theater opened in 1951, the spectacular venue was the most luxurious, comfortable and up-to-date theater in America. The auditorium was divided in half, and two small balconies were separated and turned into 300 seat screening rooms.
A couple years ago local rocker, Adam Fesenmaier started a facebook group called, “Save the Terrace”.
Unfortunately, as of July 21, 2016 it looks like the Terrace Theatre will be demolished in favor of a big-box grocery store! Broiler Cook: Rated as an adequate broiler cook, Paul excelled as a set-up man in the Galley, often working with his brother, Johann, on the busiest days and nights of the week.

Those are just some of the luncheon and dinner steaks that are served with a crisp green salad with MR.
It was opened for Sidney and William Volk (who also operated the Riverview, Nile and Camden Theaters) at a cost of over $600,000, one of the most dramatic and elegant movie palaces built since the 1920’s in the Twin Cities. It was common for husbands and fathers to watch a ball game here while their wives watched a romantic tear-jerker or their children the latest Disney offering. Unfortunately, this rare 1950’s movie palace has been shuttered now for many years, its fate still undecided. Local movie theater owners, Bill and Sydney Volk, spared no expense when they built their flagship overlooking the marshes on the west side of Crystal Lake. Responsible for rinsing offA dishes, sending them through automated dishwasherA and restocking dishes and silverware and needed. STEAK means great steaks and thoughtful service in an atmosphere that makes dining out a delight. In the summer of 2014, Alison Nguyen attracted attention to the cause Robbinsdale’s annual Whiz Bang Days. Other duties was folding napkins, restocking the waitress station and helping out theA dishwasherA if necessary. Primary duties involved hosting, scheduling, daily recaps of receipts, making deposits and assisting the galley staff if necessary.

Overlooking the rolling lawn outside on the far end of the lobby was a wall of floor to ceiling windows.
He told me how Christ wanted to show his powerful love to thousands just as I had experienced. Her Terrace 2.0 Float brought in local media and reminded Whiz Bang crowds that it was time to do something with this amazing historic building.
French Mansard architecture,A interior designA that combines paneled and stone walls with deep carpeting, and the rich red of uniforms worn by management and staff make dining out at a MR. It was while at the Terrace that I heard how God wanted to send a great revival to our country and do mighty miracles even as He did when He walked in Galilee. The Terrace was equipped with a sunken den and fireplace, a television lounge, well furnished nursery rooms, deep and soft cushion seats, and background music throughout the theater.
In January 2015, “Save the Terrace” took a few steps off the little screen and into the real world.

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