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Ebook harold robbins novels organizational behavior robbins pdf free robbins pathology 8th edition ebook freenero software free full versionPathology.
Pathology is an interesting subject but it is as difficult as any other subjects in medical science like anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, etc. Medical School Pathology is a resourceful medical website designed to assist self learner medical students for learning pathology.
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So, it is more important that the pathology learnt in the undergraduate curriculum (like MBBS Basic Science) is basic and relevant, emphasizing the understanding of mechanisms and principles rather than detailed facts. It provides online access to lecture notes and videos of all 29 chapters based on Robbin’s Pathology.
Content (text, audio, video) on this website is only intended to provide general information to the reader and for academic purpose of medical students. As students continue their medical education into PG trainee years, more detailed systemic pathology will become more relevant and more appropriately learnt at that time.

This site probably won’t be useful to lay person because the description are mostly medical and includes medical jargons.

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