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Do you ever get the feeling when you are standing at a bar that you're being completely ignored and will never get a drink?If so, you're probably standing in the wrong position. Finding and training the right agent can take your house flipping business to an entire new level!  And today we’re going to teach you how its done! As I mentioned in my first post, there are many ways to go about purchasing a potential flip property. In this post I’m going to teach you how you can start working with Real Estate Agents so that you will have access to, and be able to buy, more houses to eventually flip.  (And if you end up buying more houses than you can handle, you know who to call. The reason I wanted to start by teaching you how you can work with Real Estate Agents to buy houses, is because I think it will be the quickest way for you to get your feet wet and something you can start taking action on right away.
Through this method you can leverage the knowledge and abilities of someone else as you continue to learn how to analyze deals and become familiar with your “farm area”. Plus, you will then have developed a great relationship with an agent who will be a part of your “power team” (more on this later) and whose opinion you trust. Without a doubt, this will come in handy when you are contacted about a house and need to make a quick decision. An important tool and resourceYou will want a good, solid agent who knows your target farm area very well, knows how to use the MLS to “comp” properties, and has some experience working with investors. Before long your “good” agent will become “great” through the relationship you have developed as you learn and grow together.
However, for now it is crucial that you do not rely on your agent 100% for investment advice. I assure you that, although it might seem otherwise, 99% of agents do not understand how to properly analyze a deal that will ensure a profit (and honestly, they have nothing to lose by you buying a house for the wrong price) so be sure you know your numbers!
Signs of the timesAnother way is to drive through your desired farm area and look for “for sale” signs. If you see a brokerage or real estate office in your farm area there is a good chance the realtors and agents in that office work in that area as well. One final way to find agents is by attending your local REIA (Real Estate Investment Association) or Real Estate Investment Club. There are always real estate agents at these meetings that are looking to work with investors. At the end of the day keep in mind that, even if you don’t find your “rock star” agent right off the bat, you can always look for someone else down the road. So, now that you have found an agent to work with the next step is to make sure they understand what you are looking for. Be very careful not to come up with a retail value for your property just by asking your agent what it is worth!
You need to make sure they understand the difference between “distressed” or wholesale value and “retail” or rehabbed value, also known as ARV (After Repaired Value). Now that your agent understands what you’re looking for and can help you find potential investment properties, it is time to start making some offers! Start with the first property and ask them what they think it will sell for once it has been fully repaired, upgraded and in “turn key” condition.
Then plug in your formula of (ARV x 70%) – Repairs (from this post) to come up with your offer price. There will be other contingencies such as financing, appraisals, etc., which you can either waive or keep the standard agreement as is. Two more items you will probably need when making offers on homes listed on the MLS are the EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) and POF (Proof of Funds) or a loan pre-qualification letter.
These two items are probably the main hang-ups for new investors looking to start working with agents and make offers on MLS listed properties. First, you would actually have to get your offer accepted before they even ask for the money.
Sometimes an inspection can help you outThen you usually have a day or two before you have to send it over, and you also still have your inspection period. Now, I said “usually” (thereby releasing myself from any liability ?? ) because there is a chance that you may go past your inspection and contingency period and they will keep your deposit.
Not to go off on a tangent here, but I want to make sure you understand that I’m not telling you to go out and make random offers.  Make sure to know your numbers and have a pretty accurate offer from the start.
Just to be clear, proof of funds is demonstrating that you have the money available to actually buy the house. Not everyone is as lucky as Little Orphan AnnieNow, if you are Daddy Warbucks and happen to have the cash handy, then you simply provide them a copy of your bank statement to show you have the funds. Even if they do ask for proof of funds after you submit an offer, and you not are able to get one to them in time, think of how many steps you have already conquered up to this point — property evaluation, determining your offer price, working with an agent, making an offer … these are big steps worth celebrating! First, ask someone to loan you the money for a couple days so you can get the bank statement you need and then send them the money back.

This same POF can be used for up to 30 days so you can make multiple offers in that time period. I realize it might be a little uncomfortable asking someone to do this, and there will need to be a high level of trust between you, but I just want you to know this option exists.
Well, technically it is probably best if you are making “cash” offers, so if you have a POF or letter of approval from a Hard Money lender, it shows you are getting a loan.
It can be a little discouraging at first since you will definitely have some competition on the MLS listings, but try to think of this as a numbers game, or an educational process. I would suggest that, instead of having a goal of getting X number of offers accepted, start out by just trying to make one offer a day for 25 days.
To be honest, there is only so much I can teach you without you going in and getting some hands-on experience. I want you to make contact with at least three real estate agents or brokers in your desired farm area.
Then, I want you to have them send you some houses with the same parameters I mentioned earlier. After you’ve seen the houses, determine your ARV (check this post on evaluating properties) and make your offers. Justin, thanks for the details walking through the process to get started on flipping homes. It could be a win for them because maybe they would have a HUGE tax liability if they got all of the money up front or maybe they would prefer the interest. We will really dive more into seller and other types of creative financing in much more detail here shortly! I am going to go over this topic as well some more in detail either next week or the week after and it will be brought up a lot in my post as well!
I know it takes a little time to get some of these concepts down but we are really laying a great foundation.
You are correct in the fact that sometimes agents may push the values or just tell you what they think you should pay so they can get a commission. I have had my assistant in the past ask if certain friends or family could either be agents or be contractors for us and I said it is up to you but you have to imagine having some very direct maybe somewhat confrontational discussions with them and know that you will ALWAYS put the business first 100% of the time when it comes to those situations. Thank you for responding to my email, it less me right to this post and answered probably the last question i had b4 i got off my as* and TAKE ACTION!
With over 8 years of experience as a real estate investor, having flipped over 500 homes, Justin Williams is dedicated to making House Flipping HQ the ultimate online resource for house flipping.His goal is to provide the house flipping resource hub that he wished had been around when he first started out. Cook Rice according to directions, I like to use my Rice Cooker because it frees me up to do the next steps. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. Named after the EU-funded programme, Joint Action in Multimodal Embodied Systems, he is a tablet computer programmed by scientists to read body language and respond appropriately.
Then as you begin to integrate direct marketing to sellers, you will have a better idea of what you are doing and you can be more effective with your marketing budget. Having that additional guidance to help you come up with your ARV and calculate your offer can be invaluable when you are in a “crunch” situation! On the other hand, the last thing you want to do is start out by working with Uncle Phil, who just became a realtor last week and has no idea what he is doing! They might be able to tell you about a certain area, but don’t buy a property for $X just because they tell you to buy it for that price. You can start out by simply Googling “real estate agents” or “Realtor” with the name of your area. This is a fine way to at least know that the agent is active and has a good idea of the current market conditions.
And the great thing about working with these agents is that they usually have a better understanding of investing and may be easier to work with in that regard. If they do not understand real estate investing they will most likely just pull a standard CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) and get an average of all the listed, pending and sold properties in a given area and give that to you as an answer. Otherwise your formula will not work because you are working with the wrong numbers from the get-go. Have them show you the comps they used to come up with that value to ensure they are truly retail comps, comparable to your subject property both in size, age and location. They will probably use the standard Realtor contract for your area and will tell you what information they need. This is a shorter than the standard 30 – 45 days, which will help give you an advantage, but it still gives you plenty of time to get your ducks in a row in case your offer is accepted. In California (and I believe other states as well) a standard inspection period is 17 days, but you might want to make this 10 days to give you a slight advantage (but still have enough time to do some due diligence on the property).

Usually if something doesn’t work out sellers will just release your deposit back so they avoid dealing with any hassles. I don’t recommend this as a long term strategy, but my main goal here is to get you to take action and START the process of making offers. Just contact someone who you would like to potentially do business with and ask them if they can provide you with a POF. This might not seem like as “strong” of an offer to the seller, but it is still a viable option worth looking into. I mean, people pay thousands of dollars and countless hours going to school or attending seminars, and you are getting a hands-on educational experience  for next to nothing, and it will take much less time!
I promise that by the end of that 25 day period you will have learned a ton, and will really know the process like the back of your hand.
They say you can tell someone something and they will forget it, if you show them something they will remember it, but if they experience it for themselves then they will understand it.
If you like you can bring a contractor with you to estimate repairs, but it isn’t totally necessary at this stage of the learning process. Share with us what you learned from the process and what challenges and difficulties you experienced. I’m here for you and would love to help you figure out the parts of the process that might cause a hiccup. I’m gonna contact some realtors this week and gonna put in at LEAST one offer by the end of the week. Lenders may give enough funding but this amount may reduce properties that need important renovations. Being a Furry Foster Parent to over 2 dozen furry friends this year, I have had my share of  dogs with upset tummies. If you haven’t read my post about evaluating deals and making offers, then be sure to read and study it carefully.
In fact, a great way to spark up a conversation would be to ask them about the house they have for sale when you call. If they help you make a few offers but don’t really work out you can easily contact someone else. Things like the name or entity you will be using for your offer, how you will be financing the property and how many days you intend to take to close. The sooner you can take that action to make offers, the more likely you are to achieve success in this business. It might be someone who has capital but no time or know-how to do the leg work, or it might be someone who already knows the business of house flipping. If they are in the industry they will probably be more than happy to do it for the chance to work with you. They provide the POF and capital for the offer, you do all the work, and then you split the profit! The best part is I can make it in small or large batches and it keeps well in the refrigerator. In fact, it will probably help you have a better understanding of what to look for in the future. If none of these appeal and you are a more advanced sewer, you can even try creating your own pattern. A beginner sewer may want an easier pattern, while an advanced sewer may want one with more detail in the toy's features.
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