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Get comfy, this post is gonna be long – but you can thank me later when you have saved a boat load of money on a super magical and memorable time at the Happiest Place on Earth! If you are coming from outside of Southern California you may be looking for lodging for a day or two.  There are a couple options and both have great rewards, but a pretty big price difference. OK, so Character Dining is not cheap and it is about the same price no matter the Character Dining spot.  That being said, it is worth considering for a couple reasons.
We know friends who make their own autograph books (we actually made a very cute one at our last trip – stay tuned for the tutorial!) – the Autograph Book is SO fun to fill up but it also works as a great souvenir! OK, so this is awesome and I only just noticed it the last time we went!  At the bottom of our receipt at the Jolly Holiday Bakery and Cafe (which had an awesome barley and roasted veggies salad by the way) there was a 20% off coupon for souvenirs before 1pm.  Nice!  I am not sure if this is at every restaurant or just the Jolly Holiday Bakery and Cafe, but if you are planning a souvenir purchase make sure to take advantage of this! Our kids honestly rarely enter the gift shops.  Our daughter did buy an Elsa doll with her birthday money when we went as part of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, but that was honestly only because Disneyland is the only place you can buy them.  I wish we had known about the 20% off coupon, but at least we know for next time! Change of clothes at least for the kids.  If you need a change of clothes you can get something adorable at the gift shop, but again, not the most budget friendly place to shop.
Camera and chargers.  You can purchase these items in the camera shop on Main Street, you can also purchase a Photo Pass which is super convenient, but Cast Members are more than happy to take a quick photo of your family with your own camera.

Another tip for any caffeine addicts: if you buy a coffee at the market house on main street (on the right about halfway down as you look at the castle) and save your receipt, simply bring your receipt back in any time that day and get another cup of coffee. If you have a water bottle and want to refill it with ice and water, if we are by Space Mt., we always stop in to Pizza Port to refill ourselves there.
We usually get that and a side of rice and beans (which costs just an extra $2) and we’re full from that. All too often, we see parents who try to force their kids on to a ride, only to have said child have a meltdown. Graduation?  Make sure to stop by City Hall on Main Street (if you are coming to Disneyland for the first time City Hall is located to the left when you first pass through the tunnel and before you actually enter Main Street) and let them know about your special trip.  They are happy to provide you with a special FREE button!  They also offer fun free buttons at Character Dining and at The Disney Store – make sure to ask! And they have a deep dish cookie with ice cream (like a pizookie from BJ’s Brewery) that serves two or more for about $10. Or parents yelling at their kids because it’s hot (or too chilly) and everyone is hungry and tired. It’s at the very end of Downtown Disney, but the monorail goes, like, right there from Tomorrowland.

They just don’t want hard-shell coolers in there, knives, and personally, I would avoid any glass containers. Too bad they don’t have the chicken and waffles on their daily menu; we had that during the last 24 hour event. So, it would be really easy to go there for lunch in the middle of the day, via Tomorrowland monorail.
We regularly pack lunch and eat it in an empty area of tables inside the park (like, a deserted restaurant. But be courteous to everyone else, because everyone is there for the same reason – to have a good time.

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