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Unsettle is where I teach people how to create lifestyle businesses so they can do work they love and that engages them. I do focus on online businesses, but many of my readers have local businesses, so I don’t want alienate those people by posting on Unsettle about how I make money online blogging. When friends, family members, neighbours, and co-workers found out that I blog (and I make a good income from it), I was constantly being invited to coffees, lunches, and being sought out at gatherings so they could pick my brain. In February, I left my contract to become self employed and have more flexibility in my life to travel when I wanted.
I also wasn’t taking new freelancing clients, though now I have taken on three additional clients in the past couple of weeks, so that chart will look quite different for April.
Because I was slacking off travelling for six weeks through February and March, it was a relief to have most of my income be passive. However, by making the decision to not take blog sponsorships, I gave up an income of about $20,000 per year (if not more). To replace the income from the sponsorships, I’ve become an affiliate for products that I really love and use. I shied away from affiliate marketing before because it seemed like so much work, but it’s really not. I love working with a select few awesome brands, and have recently been able to get more into that.
When you’re out there building an audience and writing for high profile websites, you get noticed. I’ve been so fortunate to have some articles on some really great websites, and many companies reach out to me to write for them after reading those articles or noticing me. For instance, when I wrote this post on Boost Blog Traffic, I had a handful of emails from people asking me to help them build a monetization strategy for their blogs. I am very selective with who I work with (and my price tends to weed a lot of people out anyway), so I don’t take on many of these projects but there is a definite benefit of blogging for getting your name and expertise out there. If you want to learn more about building a lifestyle business so you can achieve location, financial, and career freedom, sign up for my newsletter at Unsettle and I’ll give you some tips, tricks, and ideas to help you build your thing. Resigning from something – whether it’s a job or a volunteer position with a local non-profit – is an occasion that should be given some care and attention. Make sure your full first and last name, current mailing address, date, the name of the company or organization you are resigning from, their address and your signature (in ink) are all listed in the letter.
Even if you are leaving on bad terms, it’s important to not be negative in your resignation letter. It is good practice to not only list your date of resignation, but to note that you need clarification on your final duties and any other final matters before you go. This is the auditory learning - not only have you spoken the table but you have also heard it.
Repeat, repeat and repeat some more - repetition is the key to learning tables (or other facts). The more you say the table aloud, the more you will learn it like you learn word to a song. Next, see how good your recall is by trying a practice sheet, or getting someone to test you. You should aim to be able to answer a times table question almost instantly - certainly within about 5 seconds!

All the free Math Times Table sheets in this section support the Elementary Math Benchmarks. Here you will find a range of times tables tests and practice sheets to help your child learn their tables.
All the free Math flash cards in this section follow the Elementary Math Benchmarks for 3rd Grade. Using math games is a great way for children to learn their math facts in a fun and enjoyable way. Here you will find a collection of multiplication games designed to help your child learn their multiplication table. We welcome any comments about our site or worksheets on the Facebook comments box at the bottom of every page. Have holiday camping on cautious plan to save a lot of hardly earned money, the idea provides guaranteed enjoyment for picnic party shelters at backyard location of your home.
In most cases, your letter of resignation will be kept on file permanently and is something that could potentially resurface in the future. If you use a word processor like Microsoft Word, you can use one of the pre-installed templates. You might want to describe a situation or take time to write something a bit lengthier – don’t.
Whether you already told your employer in person is no matter, you need to have it in writing. It’s important to show that you are a team player and are trying to avoid leaving the company in a lurch. This helps the company or organization know that they need to figure out what is left as well. You never know when – or how – you’ll cross paths with your former boss or coworkers in the future. To put it in a letter or resignation, at best, comes off somewhat whiny, and, at worse, open you up to future issues. That means there’s a lot of old clothing left untouched, but this can thankfully be put to new use.In fact, your unused old clothing can turn into a brand new look or outfit! These do not need to be elaborate affairs and these DIY backyard ideas simplify matters while maximizing fun right in your own yard. Here are a few essential components to any good resignation letter and a few best practices as well. If your employer has requirements for giving notice (the standard is two weeks), this letter will serve as proof that you gave enough notice. If you’ve already discussed your final duties and responsibilities, it would be appropriate to list those out in writing in your resignation letter.
This is important to many Muslim women, as they need to keep their hijab requirements in mind (think covered up, conservative), but it’s also great advice for anyone looking to live and dress more sustainably!Here are some tricks to upcycling your wardrobe, transforming clothes into shining beacons of eco-fashion!1.    Tuck big tops into your bottom.Shades of grape ?
If the stone oven is not your style, built an outdoor kitchen with a wooden cabinet and stove top. If there is no exit interview, perhaps offering up those additional details would be better delivered in person verbally or through a thoughtful email. If you are finding it hard to be positive, at the very least thank the company or the organization for the opportunity and leave it at that.

Scatter some cushions for an outdoor cinema night with an LCD screen or shift your bunk bed into the yard for quite stargazing. If a top has become too big, create balance in your silhouette by tucking the hem into your bottom. Tucking loose tops into high or natural-waist bottoms can convert old clothing into something that flatters your shape and is more in line with your figure. A great belt can transform big kaftans into sophisticated maxi dresses, or turn a large t-shirt into a chic, practical tunic.
If something is too small, you can add a new style and purpose to it with a few quick alterations.
An unused dress, for example, can be turned into a terrific top just by removing the bottom half.
If an old top or dress you used to love has an excellent print or design, why let it go to waste?
Once you get started, you’ll find a whole host of DIY projects for which you can use your old hijabs and old clothing! Plus, these new handcrafted accessories will already match your wardrobe, since that’s where they came from!
An item that doesn’t have an outfit it works with is harder to use right?In actuality, this is often has more to do with how we view the item than it does with the item’s actual limits. For instance, why give up on short-sleeved dresses, as well as blouses, when they can be effortlessly complemented with a cardigan or kimono?If you have these items already, you can create a great new look exclusively from your existing wardrobe. Instead of throwing something out, you can ask your friends or head online to see if anyone would like it.Some may fall in love with your old clothing the way it is, while others might see potential in the fabric or pattern. This is where freecycling reigns supreme, as many crafty people can turn old clothing into pillows, linen, and other useful household items.
If you don’t want or need something, gift it to someone who will put it to good use!Practice makes perfectEmbracing eco-fashion as a hijab wearer is not as difficult as you might think. The hardest part is, arguably, deciding which items can be worn as they are and which ones need a little improving.
Once you get in the habit, however, you can easily create new items, outfits or styles without creating unnecessary waste.
She is really keen on modern, but modest Islamic wear for women, and she’s always trying out new hijab styles and trends, while promoting eco-friendly lifestyle choices.
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