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Even when she’s breaking a sweat, Khloe Kardashian rarely has a hair out of place—and now we know why. Kanye West's 97 year old grandfather was recently interviewed by a local paper in his hometown of Oklahoma City.
After five hours in which Kim charmed him last autumn [Grandpa determined- that the pair should be in no rush to tie the proverbial knot.

While he COMPLIMENTED Kim about her beauty, he didn't think it was a good idea for his GRANDSON to wife her.
We all know how valuable a straightener can be for quick touch-ups, but maybe if she had a mini flat iron she wouldn’t have to lug hers around in the box? A teenage style staple in the 1990s, chokers are returning in a big way.Kate BeckinsaleActress Kate Beckinsale was seen flaunting a gold choker with a plunging, cut-out white dress for a party in West Hollywood earlier this week.

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