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In order to make incredible simple syrups, it’s important to apply the same precision that you would to preparing coffee for a customer. Well, take a look at this classy coffee cocktail recipe that’s perfect for the lavender syrup.
Not only will you see them in coffee shops, but they’re also used extensively in the World Barista Championship. So if you want to step up your specialty drink game, read on for our instructions on how to make simple syrup.
You want to maintain an equal ratio of water to sugar, so it’s best to use a set of scales for this.

They’re quick and easy to make, but open up a whole new world of flavors that can complement your coffee’s profile. You can make one for each season, holiday or occasion, or you can keep it simple with a family name or monogram. Everything a coffee aficionado needs, from stories relating to the specialty coffee industry to brewing guides, product reviews, and much more. Either way, these things are so easy to make, that there isn’t really much to stop you from getting your craft box out.And if you’re looking for more ways to spice up your garden, why not make your very own relaxing outdoor water feature?No SewSewing has never been my strongest suit, so I often look for no-sew cheats wherever possible. And the results will last you a few days–slightly dropping each day to give you a modified look as it wears on.

So to give you some reasons why you need to start doing bantu knots (or for additional affirmation if you’re already doing them), here are 14 great styles featuring the bantu knot out. Pick unique flavors that complement your coffee and you’ll be well on your way to a delicious menu.

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