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If this strange creature growled at you, you wouldn't know whether to run from his sharp claws or pat him on the head and give him a biscuit. Today the retriever was joined by three furry friends whose dye jobs were much more convincing. The tiny, fluffy dogs were the spitting image of baby giant pandas thanks to their makeovers.The animals were pictured after being transferred to Zhenghou from Southwest China's Sichuan province at the weekend.
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May 27, 2013 by edward boches 11 Comments A week ago the pundits were quick to suggest that Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr was little more than a Hail Mary.
On this week’s The Beancast, host Bob Knorpp, Mitch Joel, Brian Morrissey, Steve Wax, and I discussed a number of topics including the recent Yahoo Tumblr acquisition.
His new startup extends advertisers’ search campaigns by leveraging the content that a search ultimately leads a consumer to.
Swoop relies on what it calls “hints,” essentially asking you if, at that moment, you are interested in an ad or offer about, say, cake mix, or sugar or milk. Yes this is one of many new programs and platforms attempting to make advertising more timely and contextual. What does something like this mean for Yahoo and Tumblr?  First and foremost, suddenly all content becomes more valuable. Of course, platforms like this, assuming they are successful, will benefit any content creator or popular destination.

That post are good and informative like as that are given as Great emotional photography and a simple type treatment will go further on social than a giant logo. Cumberbatch plays Richard III in the last two parts of The Hollow Crown - Henry VI Part II this Saturday and in Richard III next Saturday.
From a distance, its striped orange and black coat makes it look like a particularly odd tiger. How can a company dependent on a dying model (display advertising) and an aging user base stay relevant in the age of social media? Tumblr indexes at 237 for 18—24 year olds and only a notch below that for users up to 34.  But despite the appeal of that demographic, Tumblr has failed to sell or deliver effective native advertising. Knorpp asked me how Yahoo would make money with it’s newest toy, I found myself on a 50-mile road ride with the CEO of Swoop, serial entrepreneur Ron Elwell. So if you were looking for cake recipes, found a page that offered one, and were skimming through the recipe, Swoop knows that a.) you were searching for that recipe and  b. But what makes it interesting and suggests real potential is that it actually respects the user and offers him or her a choice.
If you, as an advertiser, know that an interest in certain terms, whether searched or discovered in content that readers care about, leads to traffic and sales, you have more relevant places to offer your “hints.” And, of course, given that Yahoo is now sitting on a ton of new, fresh daily content that it already knows people seek out, it has something useful to offer advertisers. Right now Swoop is still in the process of evaluating the content against which its technology works best. But at least it gives Yahoo a fighting chance and a way to leverage traffic, popularity, and its young readers without fucking up what does seem to work for Tumblr users.

To increase the likelihood of your content being shared by your community, downplay the logo–or for the adventurous, scrap the logo altogether. But it's actually a retriever, the victim of the latest craze among some dog owners in China to dye their pets to look like other animals.
And the other option, blasting users with uninvited display ads has to be ruled out, as it will likely make the site too uncool to hold onto the users Yahoo covets in the first place. Better yet, that ad gets customized based on what your search terms have been, so its relevance is increased. The Chinese are always quick to embrace bizarre trends, and it is not unusual for owners to take their dogs to grooming parlours where they are not only given a shampoo and trim, but a multi-coloured dye job as well. We hoped that eventually the creative community would figure out how to make native advertising that’s either useful or entertaining.  Just in time to save Yahoo’s investment.
But it is likely that the solution, or part of it, will come from new ways to create contextual advertising that accurately knows what a user or reader wants, not simply assuming that a like or a follow means she wants to be pummeled with so-called native ads in her stream.
John Boyd, Jr., a Virginia farmer, has lobbied the White House and Congress for the better part of two decades on behalf of black farmers.

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