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If any car fanatic was asked the $100,000 question regarding their choice of car, previously you could have bet they would say one of two cars – The Nissan GT-R or the Porch 911 GT3. The C-Class C63 S is unbelievably rapid thanks to its 4.0 liter, twin-turbo V8 engine with a jaw dropping 503hp.
An overwhelming 0-60mph in 3 seconds perhaps makes the steep price of this vehicle worthwhile.
With the Jaguar F-Type R being out-with the $100K budget, we would have to settle for the F-Type S.
Although being beaten on pure power by its M3 and M4 competitors, the small and compact light frame of this car guarantees a ride to remember.
Faster than the M5, this car uses V8, 640hp engine to charge from 0-60 in an incredible 3.5 seconds.
This SUV supercharged V8 engine boasting a 510hp has everything to match the Range Rover in a much more compact version.
Just about affordable in the $100,000 price range, however only without any added features.
The Silverfish is a common, cosmopolitan, household pest that favors dark, damp locations like bathrooms and areas under sinks and in basements. While this site should function in Internet Explorer 8, it'll burn tires in a newer edition of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Nowadays, you can no longer afford either of these favorites, with both having soared way above the $100K mark.

Fear not though, as with an impressive 370hp engine, this beauty can reach 0-60 mph in a super quick 4 seconds. The budget of $100,000 allows you to purchase this best of the best C-Class, while leaving you some money for fuel too.
You are sacrificing comfort and luxury purely for speed, but if that’s your thing, it will undeniably be fun and fast. This is the not quickest Tesla Model S but it is still a prompt and powerful piece of machinery though, climbing 0-60mph is 4.2 seconds.
One of the most stunning cars on sale today, it boasts rear wheel drive and the manual gearbox, unlike the F-Type R. Ignoring the statistics of this car in comparison to the other M models from BMW, it will blow you away. It’s super fun and unnecessarily powerful, which probably makes you want it even more.
This car isn’t about how fast it can go, but more about the first class experience for the driver and every passenger each time they step inside. If this is the car you would spend your $100K budget on, then we advise that you move quickly – as quick as the Dodge Viper GT. At the extremely reasonable $79, 400, this mega 650hp is the sports car of all sports cars. I’m from Windsor, ON Canada and for a while now I have been seeing these small bugs coming in and out from underneith the moldings of my bathroom wall.

Don’t panic though, there are still some amazingly awesome cars available in that price range. Thanks to the new addition of turbochargers, fuel efficiency in this vehicle is extremely cost-effective. Despite settling for second best, once you are belted up, and got your foot down, pretty much anything on the road will be pushed to overtake you. You literally can’t fight the urge to push this car to its limits, enjoying every second of it. This Mercedes boasts a HD, widescreen on-board computing, ensuring the driver can access everything easily and of course in style.
It’s considered by many as the best performing car of 2016, and after looking at these statistics we can certainly see why.
It jumped with a distinctive flicking motion in which it arched it’s back up and down.
I never see them during the day but I work midnights so when I get home and I open the light to the bathroom there it is!
This is why, despite the M3 and M4 being within the $100,000 budget, we have instead opted for this little beauty.

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