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As you already know, this website is LOADED, smothered, covered, fluffed, dipped in, AND chocked full of a ton of different easy ways to make money for kids.
My “How kids can make money selling old books” post will tell you everything you need to know about how children and adolescents can go about trading their old books for some moola!
While I don’t have a post for this one yet, this might be one of the most CLEVER ones on this list! We’re always here to help, and these top 5 ideas should get you started out fairly quickly. With a heat wave sweeping across the country, we thought it was a good time to go over some easy tips for keeping your dog safe and comfortable during the hot summer.
It’s better for your dogs to be indoors in the heat but if your dogs are going to be outside for a few hours, make sure they have a cool place to lie. On these hot days, we get up extra early to take our dog walk and do any outdoor chores that need to be done for the day.
Even though I wait for sunset, evenings are toasty here, often staying close to 100 degrees.
Carry water on your walks and make sure your dog always has a big supply of fresh, cool water at home, too. I’m keeping this post live to help illustrate the process I went through, from getting my first paycheck from them to realizing it was a HUGE scam!
As part of my endless adventures in finding new ways to earn money online, I stumbled across Project Payday.
After activating my account, I did their FastFifty, and lo and behold, got a payment to Paypal the next day! Like I said, you’re not going to get rich from this method, but it is a quick and easy way to make a few extra bucks. Unless you’re getting your home decor from Walmart, you’ll probably shell out a pretty penny for a good-looking headboard.
If the only “power tool” you’ve ever operated is an electric toothbrush, perhaps it’s best to opt for something less, uh, involved. Better Homes and Gardens had a foolproof idea for an inexpensive, beautiful headboard: Buy two or three large picture frames from a thrift shop or garage sale, remove the glass and frame a fabric that complements the bedroom decor. This one requires some time and patience, but anyone is capable of making a fabric headboard.

It probably costs you $1 when it’s on sale at the local grocery store, especially during halloween. At the same price ($0.25) the candy (valued at only a staggering $0.05) would bring you $25!!! You could even MAKE your own candies and save even more money, all you have to do is look up the recipes and buy the ingredients.
They like to stay outside an extra half hour after the morning walk but, other than that, they’re only outside for a quick potty run. I don’t like walking after dark (there are no streetlights in the country!) so I take this walk around sundown. To make it worse, the ground is hot from the day’s sunshine so that heat is radiating up and onto the dogs, who are much closer to the ground than we are. Be sure to pay special attention to brachycephalic dogs like pugs or bulldogs who have a difficult time cooling off in the heat due to their shortened muzzle. Wear booties if your dog walks on pavement, and try to keep your dog on grass or dirt as much as possible. This year we’ve been very lucky to have water in the creek (although water levels are dropping by the day). Plan your day, take it slowly, and make sure the memories you create this season are good ones!
When we travel, I freeze liter bottles so we’ll have cool water to pour for the dogs later in the day but I’m going to have to use this with our dogs, too! After working with their system a bit longer, I’m convinced that the entire program is a scam. It’s not something I’d want to build a long term business off of, but it was a really easy way to make a few extra bucks! You’ll also get access to their more detailed trainings, guides, and resources about how to take advantage of sponsor offers to make money. Instead, consider creating something all your own — it will not only provide your bedroom with a personalized statement piece but also give you the opportunity to show off your craftiness.
If you're looking to add some pizzazz to your home next year, check out some of these design trends that are sure to be hot in 2014. This year, if you have any extra to spare, how about bringing a little extra Christmas cheer to the adorable animals at the following animal rescues, shelters and sanctuaries.

These will provide nearly instant results if you are successful, but you must pay very close attention and read about how to do each one. Explain to them why you’re deciding to do this, and let them know how much you love dogs.
If you have upgraded to some hot new technology, you would be wise to sell your old stuff in order to get top dollar for it. Admitting defeat way before you really get your roots growing essentially kills the business before it is even born.
We've authored 33 pet and travel books, and we love to travel with our rescue dogs, Irie and Tiki. Ten percent of the proceeds from every purchase is donated to the week's featured pet rescue. If you browse around you can make a few hundred fairly easily, but it’s not a real asset you can build in the long run. Each has a link to follow for more information, so dive in and make sure you’re ready to go!
This is exactly why personal and private status updates are such valuable gold to companies, businesses, artists, and organizations. You can usually post and have these items gone by the next day, sometimes even within a few hours. Use the checklist below, and if you say no to 3 or more, it’s time for the book to go.
However, sometimes their owners become too busy during certain parts of the year, career changes, or family changes.
Selling your old cell phones describes this in more detail, but you can also sell them to a machine that many different grocery and department stores have. If you answer yes to 3 or more of the following, then these types of businesses are looking to buy your updates so your friends can hear good words about them!

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