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When you get all of your cans collected (we will detail WHERE to get the cans in a moment), you can take them to a scrap yard.
I think your information’s are very nice to earn money, it also important and useful for us. Learn how to make money as a kid during Halloween, and you will probably find out just how quickly you can save up hundreds of dollars. When Halloween is over, most people want to get rid of their vampire, monster, Frankenstein, cartoon character, alien, clown, or whatever else costume they own to save space in the closet. The reason this option is so profitable is because you will be taking advantage of sales after Halloween where the store has NO use for the Halloween merchandise after the holiday.
People love to have decorated yards and homes for trick or treaters and Halloween costume parties. Have you ever set your sights on a beautiful hand-painted dresser, only to be discouraged by the cost? Take time out of your life to establish a nook where you can relax and pamper yourself away.
Find yourself longing for the super-comfy bed you fell in love with during your last hotel stay? You should make sure you ask your parents to help you haul off your metal once you have collected it.
It would take some time to get a large amount, but I remember it was a significant amount of money as a kid. The recycling centers here go off of price per weight and aluminum cans can be pretty hard to earn a lot of money from. You can purchase these lightly used costume at the end of the season, then resell to people for a decent price. They don’t want to have to go back to the store in order to get candy, so instead, why not come prepared? They just want the merchandise GONE so they have room for the next holiday’s merchandise.

You could get paid for being a ghost, witch, troll, scary demon child, or whatever else the haunted house is in need of character-wise. In addition, many have to work during Halloween, making it difficult for them to take their kids trick or treating. Achieve this effect with a cool, classic color combination and four simple tricks. Quick ways to add color to a room!
Create a vanity with things you already own: a small table or desk and a comfortable chair! Test out these DIY beauty treatments!
Follow these instructions to turn the bottom of cupboards and simple jars into charming and surprising storage. Check out these cheap ways to organize your home! HOWEVER, You can expect at least $5 for a trash bag full of cans that are partially crushed. It’s even better if you can find neighbors who will collect cans for you when you go to pick them up. If you want to make a lot more money, you want to get more expensive metals like copper or steel.
Halloween is a huge bank breaking season, with parents and families spending thousands of dollars on make up, costumes, candy, treats, foods, travel, decorations, and more. You can offer the bags of candy for sale to the neighbors and anyone else who runs out of candy super early. In order to do this, you will need to get into contact with some haunted houses or haunted woods in your area. Instead, you could baby sit the kids and take them trick or treating through the neighborhood.
However, did you know that ALL of those soda cans, aluminum wrappings, and almost every other metal can bring you some serious cash? If you step on each can (stand up the can, and step on the top of it) and form a small, circular piece of aluminum, you could probably expect more like $15-$20 per bag. This is why we listed it first; so YOU can buy up the costumes this year for $5 or $10, then resell for $15 to $50+ next year!

Sell the bag to them for twice the retail value, and they will be excited not to have to make another trip out. If the sale is the final 90% off clearance, you can usually get napkins, plates, party favors, drinking cups, table runners for $0.50 all together- or $1 if they were originally $2 each.
Different types of metal bring different prices; usually, iron is the lowest paying metal, and copper is the highest paying. Once you’ve begun to collect them this way, you can begin to scale your can collecting!
You could then sell this entire package for the same price as retail, or for 10x’s your investment! Since this is something you’ll enjoy doing, you could charge lower rates and bring in more clients.
The history of Halloween has changed drastically, and new traditions are popping up year after year; haunted woods are one of these, and is a spin on haunted houses!
You can begin to collect them at school (asking friends, teachers, and classmates to save them for you), at local parks, and even restaurants and ball fields. There are bad people out during Halloween, and you have to keep the kids and yourself SAFE. Before you go to sell it, go to google and search “metal scrap yards [your zip code or city, state)”.
IF you volunteer with friends or family to clean up road sides, you can collect some cans for cash this way as well. Once you get the results, call each scrap yard and ask them how much they are paying for each type of metal.

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