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Just as the planets affect our outer and inner lives, numbers represent vibrations that we sense, whether we are aware of it or not, and respond to with our actions, feelings and thoughts. Expand your sixth sense and connect with your celestial support team for divine guidance, healing and support. The Goddess Hecate is a triple Goddess in that she rules the Heavens, Earth and the Underworld. Many ignore the wisdom, the strength and the truth of Hecate, because our fear of the darkness is so strong. In Her Mother aspect is a time to turn to Her when you need nurturing and protection like any mother would give. She is the liberator because She is manifest in our deepest drives and emotions, which always and inevitably threaten the systems designed to contain them. Zeus bowed down to her antiquity by granting to Hecate alone a power shared by Zeus, that of withholding from humanity anything she wished. Hecate taught the Witch Medea the secrets of magick and empowered Medea in order for Medea to draw down the Moon, which Medea often did. As mentioned early, the Goddess Hecate sets women free from the trappings of men and that includes the masculine religion known as Wicca wherein it states that only a High Priest can draw the moon down into the High Priestess. What you are getting is a chance to own your very own white magickally imbued spirit of the Goddess Hecate power pendant! Once you have received the pendant, all you will need to do is petition her when you are in need. Once you have held the pendant in your right hand, placed your left over the top of the pendant, and said the words above - or some rendition thereof, you are free to talk with her. Petition her when you are at a crossroads, with a decision to make that you need divine guidance in answering. We offer 100% Authentic Magick – we spell cast items, conjure spirits, offer healing and psychic services, and haunted artifacts from our travels.
We would like to address that we are selling metaphysical items, and as such, much of our information is received by hearsay, folklore, mythological tales, and channeled information. Channeled information from any source be it spirits, extra-terrestrials, or humans, is exactly as we have stated – there is no way for us to verify truth from untruth, and so we just provide the information as we have received it. We feel we were called to do this job in this lifetime, and we ask that you buy from us accordingly as it resonates inside you. Payments are accepted via Paypal and Amazon Checkout, as well as credit cards using the direct checkout on Bonanza.
It was the year 2000 and I was still coming to terms with my psychic gifts (denying and repressing them).
Hecate is not the priestess who seeks the inner knowledge, but High Priestess who has found it and imparts it to others. Through Hecate’s Cauldron, we must look at our true self, the nature of our motives and the results of our actions, because only through Her cauldron can we truly be reborn in becoming a better person than we were before.
This pendant is incredibly beautiful, giving off the glittering colors of both light and dark, and representing all that is embodied by the Triple Goddess of the moon. This is not a place for the skeptical, as magick has never and will never work for those who do not believe in it. Hecate, who sits enthroned before the Veil of the Temple as the High Priestess, the card in the Tarot which is ruled by the Moon. To be "free from slavery" once meant that, within the ritual circle, all were equal, whether they were peasant, serf, or noble in the outside world. One of her symbols is the torch, for the Dark Mother also holds the light which illuminates the Unconscious and reveals its treasures. The Moon Goddess Selene, who is the actual Full Moon, is angry with Medea for pulling Her (Selene) from the nightly sky and to draw the moon into Medea. Imbued pendants are quite a bit different then spirit bound vessels, in that they act as a portal to another dimension, allowing the imbued to hear you directly, and allowing her to immediately come to your aid.

However, here is one that we use, which we also found on the internet some time ago, and has been working perfectly to get her attention!
Remember, she is here to help you, but do not bother her with petty things, as she will surely let you know if she thinks your concern is simply trivial. We have over 1,000 happy internet clients, and many thousands of transactions and clients through the years. Our items are clearly labeled, “No Returns Accepted” because of the nature of the business we are in.
There is no way for us to know whether or not our spirits and the information we have received is truth. However, please bear in mind that Hecate is not a Goddess full of tenderness and compassion with white lace and linen.
To reach daylight on the other side of the Veil, we must all become at one with the Dark Mother of the night.
Slavery today could be mental and emotional as well as physical: the slavery of fixed perceptions, of conditioned ideas, of blind beliefs, of fear. Before eBay and Etsy went public, we were there serving clients and spreading metaphysical awareness.
We specifically work with metaphysical practitioners and a conjurer that deals in summoning Illuminati owned spirits, getting them out of the hands of the most powerful and certainly already most fortunate, and into the mastership of those who they could be the most service to! We have been involved in the metaphysical field for many years, and we have established many great connections and relationships through our work that enable us to offer items from all over the world to you. When you purchase one of our items you are fully understanding this, and taking full responsibility for yourself and your purchase. We want to believe our spirits have told us and our friends the truth, but we are not “guaranteeing” any of the information we have provided. Hecate can be called upon during the waning moon and more powerfully, during the three days when the moon is dark. Whether it is Hecate guarding the home or of the temple, She will avert evil and provides protection.
I have come across several websites which states days such as May 8, a date in June and December 31 and even January 31 are festivals of Hecate.
She will help you identify with both the light and dark in yourself, and make good decisions for your future. We have been in the metaphysical industry prior to when it was possible to reach so many clients by internet! We also offer at 100% FREE Paranormal, Spirit Keeping, Bonding & Communication FORUM for ANYONE to join and communicate with others of similar interests! Dark Goddesses in ancient times did not mean old but merely an aspect of what they represented. However, Her wrath is swift and just to those who cause harm to a follower of Hers, because those who seek Her, honor Her and do not fear Her are in Her protection and She does not take lightly to those who cause them harm. The Goddess Hecate is also known as the liberator of women, as she sets women free from the bonds created by man. It is not a belief system: it is a constantly self-renewed attitude of joy and wonder to the world. So, as much as Wicca would like one to believe, as long as you are empowered by the Goddess Hecate, you need no one else to draw down the moon into you.
She smiles as the energies of the dark moon is everywhere for there is no power like Her power and no living thing can withstand Her power. Through all of my research on Hecate, I have never seen any historical proof on those dates I mentioned. She can help you triple your mental clarity, psychic visions, clairvoyance, astral projection power, and tune you to the vibrations of the moon and earth. Each one of us on this earth experiences the world differently, the same way we experience the metaphysical differently than one another.

The phrase "Mother, Maiden, and Crone (Triple Goddess) is a neo pagan concept and most particularly Wiccan. So, to properly pronounce her name is "E-CA-TA" or "e-CO-ta." To the Neo pagans, in Her maiden aspect, she stands for new beginnings. That is why the Christian Church put Hecate down and created her as the Goddess of evil and destruction.
Hecate enforces feminine independence from masculine influences and this deals in all things including the religion known as Wicca. Statutes of Her stood there, and food offerings –"Hecate’s Supper" – were taken there at dead of night, on the eve of the full Moon not because She represented the Full Moon but because of the mystery and magick of the Full Moon itself. The date of December 31-January 1 there was a festival but it was in honor of the God Janus who has two faces which can see the past and into the future. The first time this phrase was brought forth was through Robert Graves in his book White Goddess. Her annual festival on August 13 was a propitiatory one, to avert the harvest-destroying storms which the Moon is apt to send at around that time. In ancient times, when one saw a black dog at a cemetery, it was said that that was Hecate.
There is nothing wrong in performing a ritual on behalf of Hecate on December 31 to release the old and bring in the new. Forget to thank her, and she won't be as quick to grant you a wish again though, so be careful when asking for things without gratitude for what she has already given. We do study and research as much as possible after we have received channeled information to decide whether or not it resonates with ourselves after we have received it. He claimed there was a triad of Goddesses as such, but his theory has been discredited due to lack of primary sources and poor research. She also haunted graveyards and the scenes of crimes–as a goddess of expiration and purification. For the date of January 31, a website stated that this is the date when Hecate hands over her torch to Brigit, indicating the ending of winter and the beginning of spring?
She is incredibly powerful, and there is nothing that she cannot bestow upon you if she so chooses to do so. So, when you do call upon Her, be prepared for Her swift actions and changes because it might not be what you expected.
She was made infamous as the crone; old, wrinkled, ugly, warts protruding from her nose and chin, mysterious, dark and loathsome.
Hear her words, children, worship and be glad, for if you seek Her, She is with you always. In the changing of the seasons, the myth of Demeter, Persephone and Hecate explains the seasonal changes plus the fact that Hecate is Greek and Brigit is Celtic. Hecate teaches us an important lesson, which is that the feminine should be valued for itself, not because it brings sexuality or power, but because deep within it there is an eternal wisdom.
Many mistakenly call Her the destroyer, but She is not for if you destroy something, that something is forever gone. Days of Hecate are August 13 which She is honored and prayed to in order to not send fearce thunderstorms and ruin and the crops. The Goddess Hecate is Mistress of the Night and represents the waning to dark cycle of the Moon, and most particularly the three days of the dark moon. In some of your black birds such as Ravens, Crows and crackles, one can see the sheen of purple in their feathers.

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