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As I mention before, one of the habits of highly successful people is having and plan or a vision of what they want for their lives and then pursuing that vision. The number one habit of highly successful people in finding and following their vision that you can also adopt is to schedule “Me” time to develop your life vision in your calendar every day. While this process can be challenging, the end result could produce one amazing life that’s custom designed for you. The number two habit of highly successful people in finding and following their vision that you can also adopt is to acknowledge fully what’s happened in your past and determine whether you’re on the track you want to be on at this time. While you also want to keep track of the things you know need improving, the key is to focus on your accomplishments. By writing down and then reviewing your accomplishments you begin to see yourself as a doer, someone who can accomplish what they set out to do. The number three habit of highly successful people in finding and following their vision that you can also adopt is to keep track of your accomplishments in a journal or notebook.
For example, if you need to complete two business classes at the local college, include those as goals. Writing down your goals keeps you motivated while holding you accountable for their achievement. The number four habit of highly successful people in finding and following their vision that you can also adopt is to keep your goals in your journal where you can regularly refer to them.
You can also post your life aspirations on your mirror, refrigerator, Smartphone, electronic pad, or bulletin board.
You might even put a copy by your favorite chair in the living room where you can look at them often. The number five habit of highly successful people in finding and following their vision that you can also adopt is to keep your vision is right in front of you. As yourself, “Does my current home location meet my employment, personal, and financial needs? The number six habit of highly successful people in finding and following their vision that you can also adopt is having the right location to build your vision. By making your vision you top priority you align your future decisions and actions with them so you take options that support it.
The number seven habit of highly successful people in finding and following their vision that you can also adopt is to make following your vision your top priority.
In order for you to achieve your goals and accomplish your life vision you need to take action.
NEC is a system that uses the best of three highly effective processes, Advanced Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis), Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques (NLP) and the deep breathing meditative breathing techniques from Qigong, a Chinese Martial Art. Wil is a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) hypnotherapist and Qigong Practitioner.
Wil is available for individual coaching sessions and group presentations on how to use NEC or hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as the deep breathing meditation techniques from Qigong for developing the habits of highly successful people. This entry was posted in Happiness, law of attraction, positive thinking, subconscious mind training, Transform Your Life and tagged habits of highly successful people, highly successful people, san diego hypnotherapy, San Diego NLP by Wil Dieck.
Watch and stream Attract Love Find Your Soulmate Binaural Beats Subliminal Meditation Program Your Subconscious videos list below from trusted source. The society and culture in which you have grown up programmed those fixed patterns of the mind into you, and your identity who you are and what your job is in this world, is based upon those patterns. These systematic patterns of thoughts, programmed into you by your parents and teachers are deeply embedded into your mind and subconscious by the psychological mechanisms of identification, and they automatically surface every now and then. The fixed patterns of your mind are individual, since they reflect the expectations of the particular environment in which you have been brought up. As these in-depth conditioning have become a part of your mind in the course of your upbringing, a particular situation or person immediately activates them.
The compelling force of the expectations is fed by your identification with them and the fact that you stick to your personal identity and the masks and expectations that come with it even after you have woken up.
In order to make your awakening irrevocable, you first need to recognize your fixed mental patterns! When a fixed mental pattern appears, all you need to do is watch how it works, what expectation activates it. There is only one remedy against them, and that is Sight, nourished by the deeper dimensions of Alertness, and the Sight will bring recognition to you. When you see and recognize how your fixed mental patterns work, the energy supply they receive gradually dries up, since the energy that formerly supplied these patterns now supply the emergence of the deeper dimensions of Alertness in you. In this way, Consciousness and Presence will increasingly dominate your mind, and they will be manifested in longer and longer periods of silence. Christina Sarich – I’m not constantly aware of the projections, but I’m working on it.
Christina Sarich – Every sentient creature on the planet is experiencing a rise in consciousness.

Alex Pietrowski – If this nation can rally to protect human health, then any nation can. Alex Pietrowski – Big Agra and Big Food companies aim to keep their practices secret. Christina Sarich – How can we activate the same technology that the cabal so perniciously covets? Connect with God (Divine Intelligence) - You may have heard the statement a€?Let go and let Goda€? but that ita€™s not easy unless you know God and have faith that it is safe to let go and allow the energy of the Universe to guide you.
We carry out such mental programming every day whether we know it or not; the trick is to make this programming conscious and positive. Positive thinking as a popular psychology can be traced back to 1937, with Napoleon Hill’s bestselling Think and Grow Rich. Many books on positive thinking, like Think and Grow Rich, focus mainly on the financial benefits to be gained from altering your thoughts.
Despite the plethora of Think and Grow Rich-type books, positive thinking is infinitely more than trying to make yourself rich. This is a great shame, because positive thinking has the power to transform your life, and affirmations are the cornerstone of beginning and maintaining this successful transformation. As King Solomon said, if you don’t have a vision, a plan for your life, you’ll just whither and die. If you struggle with creating and carrying out your vision then this article might be just what you’re looking for.
If you find yourself living day to day without a plan and feeling like you’ve lost your focus don’t despair.
When you make the time to ponder how far you’ve come and where you’re headed you are giving a priority to your vision and future. This inventory of your life might be a rather daunting process but it can help open your eyes to possibilities you may have overlooked.
Use photos from magazines and write inspiring words related to the photos you choose to place on your board. If you are willing to make the change then include on your goal list everything you must do to get ready to move.
As you develop your vision your life will be filled with passion and optimism and the motivation you need to succeed.
He has combined them into one powerful system that can help you make quick and lasting shifts in your thinking and your behavior. In this session we’ll discuss the goals you wish to reach and you’ll go away with an action plan packed with information on how to reach your goals. Attract Love Find Your Soulmate Binaural Beats Subliminal Meditation Program Your Subconscious videos free for stream using legal API.
The expectations usually influence you unconsciously, almost like automatic deep programs of the mind.
You automatically put on the mask appropriate for the particular situation, tailored to the expectations of the situation or person. Once you have seen and recognized them, you are able to shut the doors leading back to your dream world, just left behind, one by one. The fixed operational methods of the mind cannot be defeated by the works of the mind itself, that is, by effort, practice or your willpower. The power of Sight is that it reduces your identification with your mind, and places you back into your original state of existence, that is, Oneness.
That is how the mind regains its original mission, and it will become a means by which Consciousness is able to express itself in the world of forms and shapes.
Wanderer Ph.D is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer, and publisher of several books on consciousness.
Here are some tools you can use to shift your energy and bring about the changes you desire. Picture This - Get a picture of yourself as a young child and place it where you see it every day.
Love Yourself and Leave the Past Behind a€“ Take a moment to make a list of the things that you regret from the past. Create Your Dreams While You Sleep - Did you know that every night when you are falling to sleep you are programming your life?
They are not statements that you wish to be true; they are statements that you must believe are true. This book remains important today, although there have been countless similar guides written in the years since on the subject of positive thinking for personal success. The reason for this is obvious: it taps into the desire of so many people to become wealthy. Reprogramming a mind that has suffered negative thoughts and affirmations for years can be tough.

The people most likely to get rich off such financially-oriented books on positive thinking are the authors. After setting your major goal, create the mini-goals necessary to help you meet your goal of getting that promotion. The reason most people fail in achieving their goals is because life gets in the way and they lose track of their vision. Hypnosis has been found to be one of the most powerful and effective natural ways to develop the habits of highly successful people and, as a result, live a more fulfilling life.
Enjoy watching Attract Love Find Your Soulmate Binaural Beats Subliminal Meditation Program Your Subconscious streaming from your seat through PC and mobile such as android phones.
The result is the cobweb of thoughts with which you identify and that is how you live your life.
You are not able to exist without expectations in the society you live in at present, just like you would not be able to exist without your body. The more you believe in your own thoughts, the more powerful they will be over you, and they will easily obscure your Sight and, by reducing your Alertness, they will drag you back to your world of dreams. As a result, the work of the mind that might have appeared chaotic to you before become increasingly transparent. With a lifelong interest in the mystery of human existence and the work of the human mind, Frank’s work is to help others wake up from identification with our personal history and the illusory world of the forms and shapes, and to find our identity in what he calls “the Miracle”, the mystery of the Consciousness.
This could be by the bathroom mirror, by your bedside, on your desk or computer or even on the dashboard of your car. When we listen to music we often feel emotion and activate our bodies by dancing or moving to the beat. The question is, is your mind telling you the stories that you want creating your life or ones that depress, scare or otherwise cause you to feel badly about yourself or your life? Include the ways you have treated others and the ways you have been treated by others as well as past relationships, choices and actions that you still hold energy around and criticize yourself for. If you have ever made a mistake and muttered “I am such an idiot”, you have given yourself a negative affirmation.
Whilst this may be geared to capturing the public imagination, it may also give doubters and newcomers the wrong impression.
The rest of us can be left feeling a little cheated, and therefore disillusioned with the whole notion. Notice how your body feels when it is in that happy state - filled with energy, then think of someone or something that drains your energy and notice how that feels. These things add power to the words which we may find ourselves repeating and singing out loud or in our minds over and over again. Did you know that you can change your life simply by changing the stories you tell yourself every day?
Imagine how wonderful it is to have your subconscious mind working for you all night while you enjoy deep, rejuvenating sleep.
As you take a deep breath in, imagine the love and light of God filling you and as you take a deep breath out, imagine releasing all your fears and doubts.
They must be sincerely felt, and spoken in the present tense with conviction and enthusiasm. The problem is that any negative affirmation you give enters your subconscious mind and has a harmful effect – it creates your reality.
People buy these books expecting some incredible revelation, and do not expect to be told that all they have to do is start thinking positively. Know that whenever you choose to be around people who fill you with energy you expand and vibrate at a higher frequency and when you choose to be around people and things that drain your energy, your vibrational energy decreases.
Listen to the words of your favorite music, if they are not giving you messages that you desire in your life ita€™s time to get new music. In this moment of focusing on your breath and stilling your mind you can feel the inner peace that allows the mind to still and know God. Remember that EVERY thought you think is what you are saying to that little child and that child believes everything you tell him or her. However you want to feel, spend more time with people and doing the things that help you feel that way and less with those that dona€™t. Choose music with a beat and lyrics that trigger happy, empowered, peaceful, grateful, or other good feelings within you.
Doing this simple exercise a few times each day will help you to ground and center yourself, to release stress and allow the Higher Intelligence that some call God to speak to you.
The less you judge and criticize and the more you accept, support and encourage, the better your life will become!

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