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Here is an Excellent Tool for settling your Mind and connecting it to your Body and Spirit! We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
This easy-to-use program will help you achieve a good night's sleep and wake up feeling alert, alive, and refreshed. For an interesting article on recent research showing that hypnosis deepens sleep and slow wave sleep, click here. I have struggled with onset insomnia for several years now, coincided with my total hysterectomy. This website and all content herein is © Copyright 2011-2016 Behavorial Medicine, Ltd. Experience Your Own Miracles with Awakening DynamicsPrivate Session RequestWhat’s in a Session?

Science Meets Spirit pays you up to 20% per sale for every person you refer to us, paid out the month immediately following the sale. My intention is to work with anyone who has blocks to becoming all that they can be and aspire to be.
According to the Law of Attraction, whatever I do, think, or say vibrationally affects everyone.
Holistic Wellness is an area of study that seems to have as many approaches as there are people studying it.
Many of us have so much potential but are unable to tap into it because of limits we place on ourselves. It holds a Gentle, but Powerful Magic that Synchronizes your subconscious mind, dream states and reality!
It helps with Paradigm Shifts, and eases your "Rational Mind" into seeing the Magick all around you.

Your Spirit, Body, Mind Connection is Absolutely Necessary to live the life you desire and deserve! I highly recommend counseling if you cannot sleep because of events in your life, however; a holistic approach is most effective. Gurgevich talks to you on the CD in such a non-threatening manner, making suggestions instead of commands; taking into consideration how your thoughts may stray and gently bringing you back to focus on his words.
One night I did not fall asleep throughout the entire CD, and when it ended, I took inventory of how I felt - I felt relaxed and comfortable - and then I did fall asleep. It is amazing how a good night of sleep energizes you the next day; many people have said that I looked refreshed and healthier!

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