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January 19, 2015 BY Michelle Schroeder-Gardner - 104 Comments This post may contain affiliate links.Lately, I have been working towards thinking more positively and having a better outlook on life. However, no matter how bad life seems to be going for you, I believe that having a positive outlook on life and engaging in positive thinking exercises can change your life. This is a topic I am discussing on my blog because being negative can impact many areas in a person’s life. Being negative can impact your finances in that you may never think you will get out of debt.
Being negative can impact your career because you may think that you are permanently stuck with a job you hate.
Being negative can make a person think they don’t deserve certain things in life such as traveling, family, friends, fun, and so on.
If you are positive about things going on in your life, then you most likely will set goals for yourself and strive to achieve those goals. By being positive, you will hopefully feel more motivated to get out of debt, to find your dream job, to travel the world, or to do whatever else in life that you want to do. Dwelling on the past will get you no where in life and all you are doing is wasting your time. I 100% do and I think that people forget that they also bring certain things to them because they focus on them too much! I try to stay positive most of the time by being grateful for the little things, smiling and realising that it’s up to me to make a change and the only way that will happen is if I stay positive. An old saying goes, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” (Paulo Coelho). Meditation is one of the finest ways to get rid of the negative thoughts and induce positivity. Dale Carnegie said, “If you believe in what you are doing, then let nothing hold you up in your work. If you are finding it difficult to inspire yourself, then read an inspirational book to boost your moral. These positive thinking exercises are no magic wands.They can’t change your thinking habits upside down overnight. Learning how to be positive can be a great thing as there are many benefits of positive thinking.
Then, because of this you give up and let the debt keep piling up because you don’t see a way out.
I believe that being positive can help improve your financial situation, your career situation, your life, and everything else.
It can motivate you in life because it can help you realize that you are in charge of your life.
This is because you believe that good things are possible and that you are in charge of your destiny.
You will realize that you cannot change the past, and all you can do is realize what happened and how you can improve for the future. Regret doesn’t get you anywhere in life and this is an important step when learning how to be positive in life.
Not only do you feel more positive when you smile it also makes other people around you feel positive as well. I like to practice gratitude and think optimistic about what ever happens in my life because it not only feels great and reduces stress. Always try and start my day but telling myself that today is going to be a great day when I wake up. When you get into negative thinking patterns they start to repeat and you believe them and then you live out a self-fullling prophecy. It signifies that a persistent and a positive thought of attaining something certainly makes it easier to achieve it. Whenever a negative thoughts starts to creep into your mind, replace it with some other thoughts. Sit with your back straight, close your eyes and let your mind be calm and relaxed by not letting any disturbing or demeaning thoughts in.

You will come across people who have much bigger problems than you have and all of a sudden your problems will appear atomic when juxtaposed to theirs and also the satisfaction derived out of helping others and changing others’ lives will leave you with an elevated and positive frame of mind. Negative thoughts can make you feel stuck, they can make you feel like there is no way out of your problem, and that you have no options. No matter how bad things are, you should try to think about the positive things going on in your life. This can mean carrying someone’s groceries, saying hello to strangers, volunteering somewhere, and more. She paid off $40,000 in student loans by the age of 24 mainly due to her freelancing side hustles.
Most of us know the upshots of positive thinking, yet we are preoccupied with visualizing the worst-case scenarios.
Keep saying ’I can’, ‘I will’, while talking to yourself and thus imbibe yourself with positivity. Try to remember a pleasant image or your past moment — of glories or success and get rid of the negative thoughts as they start to hit you. Erase them from your memory or else they will drag you down and overwhelm you with negativity. Each of the technique is rather a part of a concatenated process, which when implemented with outmost sincerity and care, will certainly push you slowly but steadily towards your goal.
If we believe good things can happen to us we can also achieve them by turning us away from the negative and instead focusing on the positive. Even in healthcare, it is said that sometimes when medicines fail, positive thoughts can do a miracle. Before picking a book take suggestions of those who have benefitted from a particular book and make a conscious choice. There will be times when find your mind will be overwhelmed with negativity, but these simple processes will certainly help you to drain all negativity out of your life in the long run.
You have to be patient and persistent in your practice and just incorporate them in to your daily routine. The personal development and personal finance books, blogs, and podcasts have changed my life.
Yoga also teaches you the art of breathing and how to overcome anxieties and negative emotions.
Someone has rightly said, “As we think, so we become.” Positive thinking exercises must be made an integral part of our daily life so that it becomes spontaneous. If these habits remain inherent in our life, then we won’t ever need to scour random motivation books for inspiration.
There will be instances when obstacles will present themselves to hinder your advances, but only your self-belief can make you overpower those hindrances.
But most people are so blinded by their grievances caused by their failures that they hardly recognize it. The grateful mind never experiences troubles and regardless of all the obstacles in life, it continues to be positive by creating a phenomenal vibration.Be constantly and consciously thankful for all the blessings in your life. To lead a better, happier and more successful life, one has to get rid of his or her negative thoughts first. Start from the ability to be able to see, to smell, to walk, to talk and move all the way to the relationships, the material possessions and spiritual enlightenment.Also, don’t forget to be grateful for all the good things that are yet to come into your life.
The below mentioned positive thinking exercises will certainly help you ping those negative thought bubbles. Take any challenge head on with strong conviction and determination and try to overcome it. Yes, breathing has immense power and just by paying attention to it when you are in a bad mood will prove it to you.Anger, anxiety, stress, fear, all these emotions cause shallow and quick breaths, whereas calm and happy situations generate deep and slow breathing patterns. So start to breathe deeply on your belly, and turn this into a habit.When you find yourself in a negative state of mind, take 5 minutes to just breathe deeply and slowly. You will notice an immediate and positive effect on your body and mind.Simply close your eyes (you don’t have to if you are in public or in an uncomfortable position), take deep breaths all the way down to your belly and exhale very slowly. You are an individual and no amount of labels can ever describe who you are.So if you already are, stop living like this!

I am a fulfilled, self-confident, and happy human being!”Tip #5 – Check your Internal DialogueApart from breathing, this is another important activity that goes by unnoticed.
Do we ever blame the negative internal dialogue for keeping happiness at bay?Our consciousness is the biggest “Trickster” and the biggest “Enemy” we have, and the one we will ever have! It is not the situations and events that take place in our lives that are the problems, it is our perception and interpretation of those circumstances that produces the negative emotions and feelings…Always remember that when something becomes a habit we forget how it affects our lives.
There is a reason why reprogramming internal dialogue is one of the most important positive thinking exercises out there. Many people find that going to the gym a couple of times a week has a dramatic effect on their mental health as well.Maybe you like to play golf or swim? I am in full control over my consciousness and over my feelings and I am immune to all the negativity in the world!”Tip #8 – Go Easy on YourselfOne of the best ways to learn something new is by failing. We are allowed to fail, because otherwise we would never really learn anything.Life is all about taking chances and not living in the fear of failing. The best definition I know is this: “Failing occurs only and ONLY when the individual quits!” You will never fail in anything, except if you decide to quit…So regardless of how many times you’ve failed in the past, make a decision today that you will never stop trying and never quit! Go easy on yourself, you deserve it, you are better than what you think you are!Tip #9 – Pay Attention to your DietYou will never find a moment when the body and mind are not connected. If you ever do find this moment then you are not among the living anymore.Changing your attitude from negative to positive will always involve your body. Now consider eating smaller portions of a well-balanced meal.It might not always taste fantastic, but your body will enjoy every minute.
Spouses stay married through domestic violence, years of working in the same position creates fear of applying for something better and you still sleep with that cushion which causes your neck to ache in the morning.These are all examples of bad comfort zones. Your body and mind come with such a complex nature that they need to go through various stages in order to function.To break this down in more understandable terms, if you feel like you want to cry then have a good cry. Give yourself time to experience what you need to experience and move on to bigger and better things. We find ourselves striving towards a life we imagine is perfect and in turn we become negative and sad for what we have.There is no shame in letting the dreams slide.
Create new and exciting dreams and go for them, and never lose hope for the ones from your childhood! Life is an exciting adventure and you never know with certainty what it brings you…Tip #14 – Laugh as much as possibleThere is scientific evidence that proves the fact that laughter increases quality of life.
In other words, laughter is truly the best natural medicine and the best way to do this is by surrounding yourself with positive people.Friendships that are rooted in misery, judgment, depression and even the use of drugs are like leeches of happiness. Once you are in the company of friends who care for your well-being then laughter will naturally follow.After all, you can laugh even without the right friends! See only the bright side and learn to be more humorous.If all previous fails, make a habit to watch a good comedy movie every Friday night!
A selfless gesture will make you feel connected to something bigger than yourself.You should also be able to receive a selfless gesture, because the same feeling you get when you help someone will be bestowed on the person that helps you. This is the natural chain of life so don’t break it with pride.Remember, every time you give, the Universe rewards you tenfold!
It will all come back, it’s a law, so don’t hesitate to give BIG.Bottom Line…Making positive thinking a habit in your life, can indeed be one of the most rewarding experiences and discoveries that you could ever have.
However, this is not the easiest thing to do and we can all experience failures from time to time.Regardless of how hard it may seem, just by following these simple, but yet powerful exercises and activities, you will change your life and nothing will be the same like before. You must step into action and DO what this article suggests you do, if you want to feel the real benefits in your life.So cheer up, put a big smile on your face and know deep down, that positivity will be your new lifestyle. ThanksReply Zdravko Lukovski saysAugust 11, 2015 at 6:36 PM You’re very welcome Sharon!
About Zdravko LukovskiI am a full time digital marketing manager, blogger and freelancer, a passionate self-improvement and personal development enthusiast, and a good friend who truly wants to help!

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