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Affirmations are powerful positive words and statements that repeated over time, can change your perceptions and empower you to make more positive choices and decisions in your life. Our internal programming creates the thoughts that run over and over continually in our minds telling us who we are and what we deserve. The only catch with positive affirmations for them to work is that you already have to open to the possibility of them being true.
Use Positive Affirmations and Positive Thinking Techniques to Live the Life of your Dreams! Using positive affirmations, visualization and subliminal messages it is possible to achieve whatever you want. Affirmations can be about anything you desire to bring into your life, such as financial wealth and abundance, inner peace, deep sleep, close and happy relationships, finding true love, losing weight, quitting smoking or creating a beautifully sculpted muscular body. Whatever your desires are, you can bring them closer to you through a positive focused mindset, and this you can create through affirmations. Every time you read or listen to positive affirmations they become more strongly embedded in your subconscious, so the more you remember to use them in your day, the better. You can read a written list of affirmations, listen to an MP3 of recorded affirmations or recite them over in your mind throughout the day from memory.
Get Free Recipes and Love Notes!Sent every 2nd Sunday + Get my 20 Quick & Easy Raw Recipes ebook FREE! An affirmation is a statement or declaration of belief, and it can be positive or negative. Now you’re aware of this, see if you can catch yourself next time you start to tell yourself something negative, and change it to something positive. Your affirmation should be phrased using the present tense, and should not have any negative words in it. I can interact confidently with my work colleagues and my boss, and express my thoughts and opinions clearly. This entry was posted in Misc and tagged affirmations, creating an affirmation, negative affirmations, positive affirmations, using affirmations, using positive affirmations, writing an affirmation.
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You made me commit to things that needed to be done in helping me move forward in all aspects of my life.

We are programmed by what our parents say to us, what our teachers, friends, relatives and even acquaintances say to us. If you listen to negative messages, over time these can lead to not only you making poor life choices but can support illness and negative situations in your life.  Likewise, positive messages bring health, healing, abundance and prosperity.
Our beliefs are a part of this and the negative programming and beliefs that we have block the pure, positive, creative and abundant source energy that naturally flows through us.
If you are saying something positive but your mind is telling you that that affirmation is not true, the affirmation will not work for you, at least right away. If you are negating the words in your mind, it will take a lot of listening of the positive thoughts for them to convince your mind that they are true. Once your block is cracked, the subconscious then is able to re-examine the core belief pattern.
While our logical conscious brain loves the game play of jokes and words, the very simple and impressionable subconscious brain, which is the real governor of our automatic habitual decisions and actions, does not get jokes, puns, sarcasm or negative messages.  It takes what it hears at face value. You can transform your life, heal yourself, create abundance and success in your life, travel the world and live your dreams. For whatever it is that you desire to happen in the future, state it as if it is happening right now. You probably make several affirmations a day without realising it, and you may be influencing your own state of mind entirely unintentionally. If you set your affirmation at some unspecified point in the future then you are telling yourself that you will not achieve it until that time comes – and that may as well be never! That is to say, you want your affirmation to be fairly short so that it has more impact while at the same time you may need to state a specific goal you’re aiming for. Some people say to face yourself in the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself the affirmation. You can use your affirmation when you feel you need it – perhaps before a big meeting in work – but you should make time to repeat it to yourself every day to really drive the message home! I stay up to date on medical news about the effects of stress and adopt lifestyle habits that keep me strong and fit.
And while the saying "Change your thoughts, change your world" seems simple enough, it just is not that easy to do.
An idea that is presented over and over to us will gradually become part of our deep belief system and internal subconscious programming, whether it is true or not. Affirmations help to clear these negative programs and blocks within us, allowing us to both consciously and subconsciously make empowering, healthful and life enhancing decisions.
It is exciting, and sometimes even shocking and startling when this happens, and then new inner truths can be planted and allowed to grow. Do not use words such as don’t, can’t, won’t or not, as the brain does not pick up on them.

Pick 2 times that work for you, such as early in the morning and before going to sleep, to repeat your affirmations. You can only control your own thoughts and behaviour, so your affirmation should include the words I or me. There’s something about the physical process of writing that helps information sink in for me, and this works just as well for affirmations as for algebra! I also think about feeling calm, relaxed and happy and try to infuse as much positive emotion into the image as possible. First thing in the morning or last thing at night would be the ideal time, making it a positive start to your day or the final thought your mind will dwell on before sleep.
The more we are exposed to positive thoughts and ideas, the more our basic underlying programming will be empowering and will assist us subconsciously to make the most empowering, healthful and beneficial choices. Your beliefs are not necessarily true, they are simply what you think (believe) to be true. Developing a positive mindset using positive thinking techniques is one of the most powerful life changing strategies there is. You create a barrier in your own mind because you come to genuinely believe what you have been telling yourself. An added benefit of writing them down is that you can place them somewhere you will see them each day. Surrounding yourself with positive words will make you stronger and change your perceptions of yourself and the world around you.
The exception might be deeply held negative convictions – an affirmation which directly opposes these convictions may be effective even if it uses negative language. Positive messages, or affirmations, will enhance your life and enable you to subconsciously make the wisest, most healthful, prosperous and positive choices. Once we accept an idea as true, our mind automatically sets out looking for evidence to support it. This evidence, which always leans in favor of the belief, helps to cement the belief into your subconscious. Positive words, thoughts, ideas, messages will help create more positive, healthy and empowering beliefs.

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