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Positive Affirmation: Accepting something as truth by means of constant repetition of a positive mantra or message.
How do positive affirmations work?: Every word you speak and every thought you think is actually an affirmation. The science behind affirmations: Every thought you think and every word you speak gets casted out into the universe and brought back to you as experience.
I know you may feel like a phony reciting statements that don’t feel true or authentic for you. How positive affirmations work is that once you start to embody the qualities you are affirming about yourself, you start to act like a person who already has those qualities.
The cornerstone of positive affirmations is that they inspire you to have a different belief about who you are and make a different kind of decision based on that belief. Little decision after little decision come to together to create your life circumstance.
Combination of positive thinking with other visualization techniques will improve our life tremendously. I wear affirmations on my body, have them on my phone, in my wallet and I have them hanging up around my house. This technique is used to re-program your subconscious mind from fearful or negative thoughts and beliefs to loving or positive thoughts and beliefs. You are either affirming something positive for your life or you are affirming something negative. When you are deliberate with what thoughts you are choosing to think and what words you are choosing to speak, then you are intentionally choosing what experiences you will have. For this mediation, sit in a comfortable position with your spine and neck straight and hands gently placed on your lap with your palms open. Begin to slowly breathe in and out, exaggerating each breath. The funny thing about how the universe works is that you have to believe it before you can achieve it. For example, if you start to feel like you really are a person who has financial abundance, then your decision making will reflect that of a financially abundant person.

I'm here to help you break free from the internal prison of fear and step into freedom + authenticity.
It is a mental attitude that expects good and favorable results.With positive thinking we can become positive and achieving our goals. Using positive affirmations to improve your life is the process of using your thoughts and your speech consciously. This is how you begin to create the reality that you want to be living in.
As your breathing slows down and you become more relaxed, begin to examine the thoughts that are swirling around in your head. You will be guided to make decisions which fill up your bank account versus drain your bank account.
It is one of the self improvement techniques and with practice we will be able to change ourselves and our reality too.
Scientists also referred that persons with a more positive view of life tended to live longer than those with more negative views of life.By practicing, we create a state of mind where we are constantly positive.
Positive emotions go together with positive thinking.Positive affirmations are also part of the positive thinking. If you don’t know what thoughts you are already thinking, it will be hard to change them. By applying it, we attract the positive situations, circumstances and events that will us you achieve all our goals.When we communicate with our mind especially with our subconscious mind, we change who we are by changing what we put into our mind.
Really tap into how it would feel to be a person who is financially abundant or a person who has a healthy, fit body. Affirmations are evocative words which enable the soul to initiate positive goals of inner development. The negative thought have tendentious to enter our mind, and we have to replace it with a positive one. So here are some tips to help you understand the law of attraction better, to make changes in your life.Whatever you specifically want, you must focus on.

We must learn how to use positive words in our inner dialogues and when we talking with others.
When we repeat thoughts many time, that thoughts become a belief and a belief becomes reality.
Select an affirmation,however,make sure you repeat it often, and write it down and look at it several times a day. If you desire a specific amount, it is very important to be specific about the amount of money you are seeking to manifest. You will begin to experience in your life, these things if you never give on your daily thoughts.We are what we repeatedly do. If you are not getting back in your life the things you are seeking, you must change your strategy.
The law of attraction, responds to your vibrations out in the universe that you sending out there.
Thoughts are things, and we say say these words and things over and over again not consciously realizing the meaning of the statement. I am still looking to manifest certain things in my life and I know my own blocks are the only thing keeping me from getting them.The law of attraction states that like energy tends to attract like energy. Taking action is probably the most important step in achieving the success you want in life. Success, happiness, prosperity and abundance are within your grasp, if you apply your mind toward what you want.
So the energy that you radiate, whether positive or negative, will result in attracting the same from the universe.

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