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It may seem simplistic, but make sure you are thinking positive about what you are studying. Getting an undesirable grade could also mean that instead of continuing with the way you studied, maybe you need to make some changes in your study habits so that you are better able to grasp the material. A collection of free cultural and educational resources: courses, textbooks, ebooks, audiobooks, movies and more. About MLNMyLearningNetwork provides ideas and information for students who want to succeed in college and in life.
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It’s no secret that stress increases your susceptibility to health problems, and it also impacts your ability to solve problems and be creative. But methods to prevent associated risks and effects have been less clear – until now.
Published in PLOS ONE, new research from Carnegie Mellon University provides the first evidence that self-affirmation can protect against the damaging effects of stress on problem-solving performance.
Participants randomly assigned to a self-affirmation condition were asked to write a couple of sentences about why their number one ranked value was important (a standard self-affirmation exercise).
All participants then had to complete a challenging problem-solving task under time pressure, which required creativity in order to generate correct solutions.
The results showed that participants who were under high levels of chronic stress during the past month had impaired problem-solving performance.

But notably, this effect was qualified by whether participants had an opportunity to first complete the self-affirmation activity.
Specifically, a brief self-affirmation was effective in eliminating the deleterious effects of chronic stress on problem-solving performance, such that chronically stressed self-affirmed participants performed under pressure at the same level as participants with low chronic stress levels.
If you are always telling yourself that you won’t do well, eventually, you will start to believe that. Make sure you have confidence that you can get the good grades you want to achieve in your studies.
Never get discouraged though, keep trying, keep making adjustments if needed, and your hard work will pay off. Here are some examples of positive affirmations you can use to develop a positive attitude towards learning and the good habit of positive self-talk. This new work suggests a mechanism for these studies, showing self-affirmation effects on actual problem-solving performance under pressure,” said J. John hosted Guide To Self Radio, a daily prime time radio show, in the San Francisco Bay Area.
John?s areas of expertise range from positive psychology, to emotional awareness, to moral development to parenting. He has given numerous presentations and consulted with tens of thousands of people for organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, Pixar, Sutter Health, SHRM, NCHRA, KNEW and KDIA. David Creswell, assistant professor of psychology in CMU’s Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Berkeley-trained emotion expert and founder of Guide To Self, a company that focuses on coaching individuals and groups to their potential using strengths-based development and positive psychology (the science of optimal human functioning). He is a noted writer and speaker on topics such as employee engagement, emotional intelligence, making a good brain great, and creating a healthy and efficient workplace. November 2013Categories Anger management coach, Cultivating Positive Emotions, Danville CA, Dr. In December of 2011, John was one of 3 emotion experts (along with Paul Ekman and Dacher Keltner) to consult on a feature-length movie in which the main characters are emotions. Perhaps a not so great grade is sending you a message that you need to try to study a little bit harder. John was recently featured in the upcoming documentary, Skewed, by Paola Bossola, about the negative impact of violence in the media. And if you tried as hard as you possibly could, but still did not get the desired grade, you can take pride in the fact that you tried very hard.

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