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If you think about the language we use around the word responsibility, you’ll notice that people talk about ‘taking’ responsibility – they generally are not ‘given’ it. For me, once I understood that responsibility in-fact represented choices, I started to find it very empowering. The world is made up of some 6 billion people and only some of us are lucky enough to have the luxury of choice. I believe, in the western world, we have a responsibility to make empowered decisions – simply because we are lucky enough to live a life that offers choice.  Many people aren’t so lucky – think of those born into countries of famine and war. Whether it’s about how we spend our days, our lives or even the way we choose to act towards others – these are all choices that we have the power to make.

In-fact this was a lesson from neuro scientist Jill Bolte Taylor (an incredible woman who lost half of her brain and decided to take responsibility for her own recovery – I recently wrote a detailed post about her life). This is a very powerful statement – and one that you can take away with you to use immediately. We all have a choice for how we behave and the energy we choose to bring to each and every day – so perhaps next time you find yourself bringing negative energy you can remember Jill’s advice and choose to only bring positive energy to everything that you do. Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features.
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Consider how many choices you have available to you and how lucky you are to have the opportunity to ‘choose’ how you live your life.
Make a conscious decision to use your power of choice wisely and to do some good in the world.
Reflect at the end of your day with the knowledge and satisfaction that today – you didn’t waste your luxury of choice. By having the ‘ability’ to ‘respond’ you have choices available to you – it’s how you choose to deal with those choices that makes the difference. It doesn’t have to be a goal – you can simple decide to ‘take responsibility for the energy you bring to your day’ by choosing a positive attitude instead of a negative one.

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