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Sometimes there are days when you need to hear a powerful positive affirmation for work, to keep you pushing through your tough day. If you are someone whose looking for a work st home opportunity to live out some of your dreams, then you owe it to yourself to watch this free video!
TJ Sikyala is an Entrepreneur - An Online Network Marketer and Coach and Motivational Speaker.
Since Ruth Fishel published her classic book, “Change Almost Anything in 21 Days,” the power of using positive affirmations has gained much attention.  We now know from the rich research conducted in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that our belief systems and the thoughts connected with them drive our success or failure. Affirmations, positive or negative, are the statements we make to ourselves, based on how we interpret the situation in which we find ourselves at the moment. Such a negative affirmation will produce serious damage to the sales professional’s confidence and self-esteem, thus leading to more “failed sales attempts,” and a self-fulfilling prophecy of feeling hopeless and helpless results in continual selling failures. The good news is that we have choices in the types of affirmations that we say to ourselves, and positive affirmations said consistently can have powerful benefits, both in career success and even your health.
When we believe that our affirmations are true and in the present, and we repeat them with power and energy, we begin the process of conditioning our subconscious minds to actually strive toward making these beliefs true in the present. Our subconscious minds do not know whether something is happening in reality or in our minds. So, with affirmations, be sure to state them in the most positive way and as if they are happening and real, right now. We can only make affirmations about ourselves, not what we want other people to be.  So, give yourself affirmations about your success as a sales professional, living out your career goals in the present. The key to success is repetition and, as Ruth Fishel has shown, if you are consistent, you can change your life and your success in as little as 21 days! Depression, anxiety (and even the regular ole daily stress of motherhood) can make us feel overwhelmed. There was a lot of fun and adventurous things going on during this trip and I said NO to all of them. I still do have times when my inner dialogue wants me to say NO but so much more often at this point in my life I step out of my comfort zone and go for it. Going to conferences is one of those types of things that my inner thoughts don’t want me to do. The MTME Blog is challenging you to be more positive and join the 21 day Positivity Challenge!

Click to download the full 21 Day Positivity Workbook or you can get the free  positivity challenge calendar. Zoe Joy BlackThe Muzic To My Ears Lifestyle blog was created by a young free spirited girl in the pursuit of happiness. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Sharing her business skills and online know how so you can get started in a business of your own online. Why do some sales professionals get overwhelmed and flee the profession within a year, while others flourish and continue to build successful careers?  The answer lies in the self-talk habits that sales professionals bring with them when they first enter the profession and continue to use as they adapt to the stresses and strains of selling as a career. Seligman sites 40 years of his own research connecting sales success with affirmations that sales professionals use to maintain an attitude of optimism and gratefulness, discarding “failed” sales as flukes and focusing on the next sales opportunity.
When you say it with conviction, feel it by visualizing it as real, and let the wonderful feelings of having already accomplished this, then you re-program your mind and your body to accept it as part of the new you.
For example, if you close your eyes and visualize holding a half of a lemon and see yourself taking a juicy bite out of it, you will salivate, as your subconscious mind believes this visualization is in fact really happening.  Our bodies respond to what we think about just as if it were actually happening at that moment.
Positive affirmations should reflect views of yourself and your success that are truly possible, not only in your fantasies.   For example, I cannot realistically affirm that I am becoming a famous actor or athlete, but I can affirm that I am a terrific psychologist and mentor for sales professionals. I was on a camping trip with my then boyfriend and some friends, but it was a very large group and I had never met many of the people camping with us. I don’t blame him honestly, I was probably such a lame person to be around, and he (like me) did not know I had depression. Not always, but it’s gotten much better and I think about that time on the camping trip. This week I leave for Mom 2.0 in Southern California and while much of me tells me to stay home, I am saying YES. I challenge you to be more positive this month, and just by challenging yourself to be positive for a month, you’ll create a lifetime of positivity by habit, how dope is that! Get full access to MTME’s VIP Library of free worksheets, e-books,  posters, printables, and downloads! Whether you are an entrepreneur, a stay at home mom, or an employed we all experience a rough day now and again.
Martin Seligman, the father of the Positive Psychology Movement, point to many cases of people overcoming devastating illnesses, using positive thinking, including repeating positive affirmations.

After that breakup I did begin to seek treatment for my mental illness, so I’m grateful for that turning point in my life and it taught me a huge lesson.
I went to live with my Aunt and Uncle and a few friends from college live there as well, so I had the support network that I needed to thrive. I know that when I do, even through it might scare me, I have amazing experiences that help me grow as a person.
The Muzic To My Ears lifestyle was inspired by my own personal growth, and my desire to continue growing as well as inspiring others to do the same. Especially when the world can be rotten, people can be jive turkeys, and your dog just peed on the floor after you just took her for a walk ( I literally just walked her)!
I love optimistic people, always looking on the bright side, how endearing, though I’m not quite there yet. Download your positivity challenge packet and stick with the Muzic To My Ears blog on this month of positivity. Feel free to share with someone else who may need to be affirmed that they are meaningful and have a great purpose here on earth, even though they may not feel like it at that moment. So to my realists, pessimists, and optimists (that want to be even more positive), this challenge is for you! You can subscribe to the MTME newsletter for updates and full access to MTME’s library of free printables, posters, worksheets, and e-books! My best friend Denise even met her future husband on that trip, her being the very adventurous, silly and fun girl that she is.
To help you on this journey to positivity, I made a 10 page printable 21 Day Positivity Challenge Workbook. It helps you figure out how positive or negative you are currently, what you can work on,  guides you through each day, and keeps track of your progress to positivity. There are no mistakes in this challenge, just do your best The challenge is set my lovelies!

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