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Jakarta, Indonesia 29 September 2014 – LINE, platform mobile terdepan dengan 490 juta pengguna di seluruh dunia, dengan bangga mengumumkan bahwa LINE Let’s Get Rich telah menempati peringkat pertama untuk aplikasi game di Google Play sejak 1 September, sekaligus menempati peringkat pertama di iOS App Store sejak 26 Agustus 2014.
Sampai saat ini, LINE Let’s Get Rich telah meraih sukses dan popularitas yang begitu tinggi di media sosial. LINE Let’s Get Rich juga telah meluncurkan sebuah iklan televisi yang menampilkan dua bintang yang saat ini sedang naik daun, Dimas Danang dan Imam Darto. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Line Let’s get rich game is a game made out of line corporation which is now more dedicated to users in Thailand and Asia. Here I will share tips, tricks, tutorial and walk-through on how to win at line let’s get rich game. If you play with the team, which means you play more than one person, this means the need of cooperation with your friends.
Serves as a pendant for additional equipment in support of the game, each pendant has its own function.

My mainstay is the eagle pendant toe nail, black card, VIP plane ticket, scratched records and also Devil’s eye. This Blog Handcrafted with ? - Supplied information about upcoming notebook, drones, smartphone, tablet. Para pecinta LINE Let’s Get Rich bahkan memasang posting tentang betapa serunya permainan ini dengan memamerkan skor tertinggi mereka dan juga mengundang teman-teman yang lain untuk ikut bermain.
Tidak hanya karena game ini begitu seru dan melekat di hati semua kalangan tanpa memandang usia, LINE Let’s Get Rich juga memberikan kebahagiaan tersendiri kepada semua users kami.” ujar Galuh Chandrakirana, Team Leader Marketing LINE Indonesia. LINE bahkan meluncurkan stiker edisi spesial Danang dan Darto, serta menyediakan hadiah berupa tiket keliling dunia untuk satu pemenang yang beruntung.
It was a unique opportunity for 24Slides team members to shine and showcase two of their greatest skills: presenting awesome slide designs (Works of Wonder) and sharing inspiring Words of Wisdom—making it a WOW moment for all the participants and the audience. If your friend when it was not serious, it will hurt you and miss a chance to win the game.
So many tips on playing the Line let’s get rich game from me, hopefully win with the highest score, so get more diamond, more cube and more gold.

Get the highest score and win is the main target of playing this game, in addition to unwind and entertainment. If you win, it will get the more diamond, gold and also cube that you can use to upgrade your card again be the highest level.
Here i will tell you how to get much diamond and gold and upgrade card for free using gold. The prankster Dennis, girl-genius Yuka, the alluring stewardess Catrina, major league baseball star Hernandez and more are all waiting to help you achieve your destiny! These cards can help you turn the tide of the game - spread plagues over your opponents cities, lower land values, force your opponent to switch properties with you, and more!

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