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It's a Tie -- I have provided a sample solution for this one, and a page of notes on how it works. Prolog tries to prove things, so if expression E contains unbound variables, \+E will try to find variable bindings that will make E true. While a logic puzzle may be difficult to solve, it is easy to check whether a solution is correct: Just check whether it satisfies each of the numbered rules in the problem. We offer a wide variety of puzzles, inluding cryptograms, drop quotes, sudoku, patchwords, logic puzzles, acrostic puzzles, crossword puzzles, clueless crosswords, word searches, reverse word searches and numbercross puzzles.

A Hanjie puzzle - also known as a Griddler, Nonogram, Pic-a-Pix or Paint by Numbers amongst others - is an elegant and rewarding Japanese logic puzzle, whereby correctly solving the Hanjie will reveal a hidden work of art.
Each puzzle consists of a rectangular grid with one or more clues for each row and column of the puzzle. There is only ever one possible solution, which can always be reached via reasonable logical deduction.
We can supply Hanjie puzzles at a range of sizes and difficulties, and with any type of art or picture as the result of solving the puzzle.

Prolog checks for singleton variables, but there is no such check for misspelled atoms, such as spiegel instead of speigel.

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