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That's also why I was attracted to Online Profit For Dummies, this system is like a gold mine and it's completely free, there is only one requirement, complete some trial offers from Fortune 500 companies, which can cost you either nothing or max few bucks depending on where you live USA, UK or Canada. Once you have qualified(gotten 1 credits, usualy takes 1-2 offers) you are qualified for life.
Then you refer people to do the same and earn a very nice commision for each one that meets requirements. This is system can generate you passive income once you put some foundations around it, what I mean is make videos and introduce people to the system, make a blog about it, write articles etc. Online Profits For Dummies was made by Ryan Maynard who earned a lot of money with a system called Instant Pay Day Network. Trust me, this is legitimate, this concept of affiliate marketing for Fortune 500 companies has been around of years.

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