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EU parliament bans Outlook app over cloudy security: report • The RegisterYou can now browse through your favorite Hotmail, Live and Outlook account with our cool new app. I am using Outlook to send text messages, but when messages come in, it only lists the phone number, not the name of the sender. Microsoft is removing the "preview" tag from its Outlook for Android app for phones and tablets, as of April 22.
Microsoft back in January released a preview version of the Outlook app for Android users and the company after nearly four months of wait has now removed the preview tag from the app.
Google may soon not be alone in reworking its email app (with Inbox by Gmail), as Microsoft, after launching its Outlook app for iOS and Android, is now also said to be working on a lightweight Outlook email client app called Flow.
Responsive Website Design is a method that involves coding and designing a website in such a manner that it provides a user with optimal viewing experience.
A good Responsive Web Design enables a user to have an excellent experience while reading the content on the website. The content on a Responsive web design moves freely on all devices and across any screen resolutions. With a Responsive web design, you can have only one website and one SEO campaign running on desktop as well as mobile. Having the same campaigns running on all the devices is a lot cheaper than having 2 different sites.
To sum up, it can be said that Responsive web designing will not only make your life simple but also add to your business profit.
Built-in Marketing Tools in Ownmyshop helps in increasing the traffic to your online store which results in high volumes of sales and increase in profit. Ownmyshop provides built-in SEO and your online store is optimized for all major search engines ensuring your store is easily reachable to customers worldwide. The Product Search feature being the core the function of an online shop, Ownmyshop uses an advanced system for accomplishing the desired searches, based on morphological algorithms and dictionaries. Your Ownmyshop online shop makes it possible for you to start selling online in just minutes.
In order to serve content on our website, we rely on advertising revenue which helps us to ensure that we continue to serve high quality, unbiased journalism. In order to serve content on our website, we rely on advertising revenue which helps us ensure that we continue to serve high quality, unbiased journalism.
Read this article and find out the e-commerce websites technique to provide cheap price tags.
Internet has become the most powerful tool and having presence online has become the need of the hour. A Responsive website should enable a user to read easily and navigate the entire website with minimum panning, scrolling and resizing on desktops and mobile phones. It enables a user to browse through internet from any device such as desktop, smartphone , smart TV or tablet. For instance, a user gets the same experience of browsing on the mobile as well as a desktop with the help of Responsive web design.

This enables you as a business owner to manage your campaigns well and have better strategies rather than having separate campaigns for desktops and mobile thus saving money and resources.
Websites designed separately for desktops and mobiles can cause inconvenience to your website users and may cause them to use your competitor's website instead. Thus, one need not spend extra time and money in creating and maintaining one "mobile-site version" and another "desktop-site version" of her website. If you like this article and think if will be of use to others then please share this on your facebook and twitter accounts.
SEO increases online traffic, brand visibility and sales to make your online marketing more effective.
Thus ensuring that the searches are always directed to the product searched with high accuracy.
Management of online shop is made simple and easy to handle in Ownmyshop with the essential tools to import and export data or the ability to connect the online shop to other systems or third-party applications. Adding products to your catalog is made simple and you have the option to add products one by one or in bulk.
We offer you built-in offline and online payment systems, you can easily monitor and manage your inventory and last but not the least; our billing system helps you keep everything under control.
From our end, we will aim to show clean and unobtrusive ads to provide you with a great browsing experience. You will receive an adblock detection screen on private window, even if you are not running any adblock plugins. He is passionate about microfinance, financial inclusion and social entrepreneurship in India. User can quickly view thMicrosoft is removing the "preview" tag from its Outlook for Android app for phones and tablets, as of April 22.
You can boost your business by having a presence on the internet and one best way to do it is through Web Designing. Responsive Web Design ensures that a user does not have to scroll or resize to access your website from their device.
Responsive web design will enhance your SEO efforts by directing all the traffic to a single website through any of the devices which will be profitable to you in your business.
Ownmyshop also offers you support to create your own website design to customize a readily available design template. When comparing with offline shops they have to pay more money as shipping and packing charges and still they offers cheap rates. In fact, it is imperative that as a responsible business owner you upgrade your presence online, with the help of a responsive website design. Website design in India has also seen a sea of change in the last few years and 2016 is considered to be the right time to make use of responsive website design to boost your business.
However by purchasing a lot of products from different e-commerce websites finally I discovered the truth behind this. With a team of experienced and dedicated professionals they ensure that you achieve your business goals smoothly and quickly.

From my own experience I have created three formulas which are commonly followed by e-commerce websites. Less profit for sellersThis is the best formula which gives maximum benefit for the buyers as well as sellers.
Sellers will reduce the rates to maximize the sales because e-commerce websites has worldwide buyers and the cheap rates will surely maximize their sales.
The cheap rates will attract the buyers to visit their online shops again and again and sellers can make huge profit with this. From my experience e-commerce websites such as Amazon, EBay, Flip kart, Myntra are following this trend. They also got highly rated customer support as well customer satisfaction.Sales of old productsDid you ever searched for the manufacturing date of a product that you bought from online shopping websites? We all know that each and every e-commerce websites has millions of listings and they will surely have thousands of sellers. Reputed e-commerce websites are very strict in the quality of their products, but growing online websites are not.
A lot of sellers will be interested in these kinds of online shops because they knew that it’s the best platform for them to sell their old products. Sellers don’t have to publish the manufacturing date of any products in any e-commerce websites and buyers can’t see that until it reaches in their hands.
The possibility of returning product because of old is zero because buyers must struggle a lot for the return (Like I said before this trend is not following by reputed websites and that’s why the return will be a great hustle for the buyers).
I didn’t find any disadvantage with this trend if the buyer doesn’t have any problem with the manufacturing date. From my own experience e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flip kart, EBay (depend on the seller, always give preference to the customer ratings), Myntra are against this trend. But online shopping websites such as Shop clues, India times shopping, Pepper fry, Redid, HomeShop18 etc are following this trend for most of their products. I also like to warn you that, most of the products sells on Sunday Flea Market offered by Shop clues are old products.Fake productsIt’s the last one as well as worst one. This method is commonly used by sellers of growing e-commerce websites and it's a great threat for newbie’s in online shopping. This is done by uploading pictures of branded products and selling of second quality products. If a buyer once goes through this kind of bad experience then he may lose hope in online shopping and it creates negative thoughts among the buyers. I have seen these kind of fake product listing in online shopping websites such as Pepper fry, Reddif, Kaunsa, India times shopping, and HomeShop18.How to shop online securelyIn my opinion, go for reputed online shopping websites often.
E-commerce stores such as Amazon, EBay, Flip kart, Myntra, Jabong etc can be considered as reputed online store.

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