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It may be only play money online games, but the skills you’ll develop for playing cold, hard cash games later on will be real! Play money games are — as the name suggests – free to play (most of the time), and operate in the same way as their real-money cousins.
You can master the basics of all sorts of online poker games at no risk with play money; even cool games like Badugi. All the biggest and best online poker rooms will offer play-money versions of their games so you can try before you buy. Play money players may not be any threat to Phil Hellmuth, but they can force you to master a solid, tight game.
So, does that mean the quality of players improves dramatically as you hit the micro-stakes levels at a poker site? As well as working on a tight, ABC style that will see you in good stead as you head to the real-money games, play money tables allow you to suss out the other players.
Even the smallest sites host daily freerolls with guaranteed prizepools, and these often play in a similar way to the play-money tables you’re used to.

If you live in the right jurisdictions, try a password-protected freeroll in a poker magazine. So perhaps play money poker isn’t the waste of space many players would have you believe. Some regular online players may argue that even the lowest real-money cash games online are way harder than the highest stakes available on social gaming site, Zynga Poker.
Just throwing in your play chips on a mad 1-outer with 9-4off is pointless if you continue to lose. Just tighten up, stick to big pocket pairs like kings and aces, plus A-K, and learn ABC, disciplined poker.
These will often play loose and fast, like the play-money tables, but they’re fun, follow a turbo structure, and give you a chance to win some nice prizes. And if you think terrible, fishy players exist just in the play-money and low-stakes games, think again. You actually want players trying to suck out on you, as this is where your tight discipline will pay off.

Work out who plays tight, who’s loose pre-flop, and who are the loose-passive players who will call down virtually anything to the river.
Daily freerolls can often offer $2,000 in prize money, and although there will be hundreds of players to navigate past, they’re good ways of getting used to tournament structures before you start playing for real money. Then, once you’re comfortable with the rules and etiquette, you can load up your real-money account and launch an assault on the real-money tables — at the small stakes games to start with, of course. There is physical cash being risked by the players in those games, and even though in real terms 10 bucks might not be much, when it gets translated to an online bankroll, every penny is vital. Get used to this strategy in the play money games beforehand, and it will set you up perfectly for the move up to real cash. You may be flummoxed by what play-money players are trying to pull most of the time, but it’s good practise to get a hold on what you think your opponents are doing.

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