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When sending money to someone, are you getting used in using Money Transfer (Kwarta Padala) agents? Will there be a chance you will extend your services to be able to Transfer funds to a non-metrobank account soon, and just imposed charges for every transaction that was made? If you are a BDO accountholder, you can now transfer or send money from your BDO account to your loved ones or family even if they have no BDO accounts.
Or are you also getting used in going to the bank to deposit the money to the person's bank account? Avoid incomplete words such as TY (as Thank You), Pls as Please, gud as good, dpt as dapat, etc.

Through Metrobank online banking (MetrobankDirect), you can transfer money anytime and anywhere.
If you will not follow this very simple instruction, your comment(s) will not be accepted or published. Here's the procedure on how to transfer money from one of your Metrobank account to your other Metrobank account.
This is the way I transfer money or funds from my Metrobank account in one province to my other Metrobank account in other province. You can also use this service in transferring money from your Metrobank account to another Metrobank account which is owned by another person (third-party accounts).

Select Transfer Type - choose Immediate if you want to transfer money right now or choose Scheduled if you want to transfer money in the future date.6. Transfer of money from your Metrobank account to another Metrobank account is just a few click away.What's so cool about this fund transfer with Metrobank online banking?

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