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September 19, 2009 by Nishadha You can make money online in Sri Lanka, but it’s not a matter of creating a websites and displaying ads all over the place.
If you’re planning or building a sustainable long term income then this is probably the best way to go about it.
Creating your own product or service is probably the best way to make money online in Sri Lanka. Above five methods basically cover every recommended way you can make money online in Sri Lanka.
I mentioned the recommended methods above, but there are other-not recommended-methods to make money online in Sri Lanka as well. Survey Sites – Once you register with them you get surveys to fill and get paid for the number of surveys you complete.
It’s possible to make money from these methods but you have to work really hard and you need to refer lots of member to make a decent income. The Keyword Academy – Keyword Academy has lot of posts about different money making experiment so you can get an idea or two reading this blog. Subscribe to there RSS feed to get notified about there future posts and check out the archives to read some great posts.
Its not easy to make money online but once you get the hang of things it becomes much easier. Great job Nishadha, Ur postings help a lot for Sri Lnakans like me who are desperately hunting for online income sources. Thank you Nishada for this site, I was encouraged to continue my online journey after seeing this!
I deem it is part our duties to alert Sri Lankans prevent them from getting fallen onto Scams. Kindly tell us your (true)success stories dear Sri Lankans, as we can share them for the benefit of everybody.
We are here to Guide you How To Earn Money Online without Investment with garunteed income Lifetime. We respect your privacy and will never share, sell or otherwise distribute your personal information.
All the checks were accepted by Sampath Bank and they normally do the check -> account transfer (to my Savings account) less than 20 days.
If Paypal support to revive money to Sri Lanka I could earn more, Because most Affiliate Networks are using Paypal as Cash-Out method.
I’m Kindly requesting our Central Bank of Sri Lanka to connect the Paypal support at least first quarter in 2015. Bellow you can see the full reports of my online income from Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. Pradeep Indika Kariyawasam is a professional digital marketer, open source web developer, reader, blogger, traveler, explorer, amateur photographer & UFO hunter from Galle, Sri Lanka. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Everyone is welcomed, Students, Mothers, Teachers, Parents and if you need assistance please send a msg though Viber, Whatsapp or SMS, Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 0777228198. Once you earned money come and collect it from our office or money earned would be deposited to your bank account. July 26, 2013 by Nishadha 217 Comments People looking for data entry jobs in Sri Lanka can be divided into two categories. There are so many scam sites offering date entry jobs that finding a legitimate one is like finding a needle in a haystack. Why they ask you to register for free is because then they can constantly send you emails about fake success stories etc. PeoplePerHour – I really like the interface of this website and there are quite a few data entry opportunities available as well. If you’re looking for part time data entry jobs then these are probably the best places you can try. Good Typing Speed – Your entering data, so faster you can type more money you can make.
If you’re lacking in any of the above areas there are free courses etc to improve those skills.
Get Certified – Not all freelancing sites have this options, but some like ODesk have their own testing methods to validate the qualifications of freelancers.

Newspapers – Although online job portals has been around for some time, newspapers still carry many job vacancy applications. I have more than 5 years experience in computer based accounting field with higher typing speed. Since attempting temporarly to get a reasonable articles or weblog posts centered on this unique subject . I have got two computers with Internet facility and really like to work as online data entry person from home FULL TIME. Web hosting and domain names are dirt cheap these days, so almost anyone can launch a website. I learn the necessary skills like keyword research and search engine optimization via the The Keyword Academy and I highly recommend their course for anyone looking to make a living online. But I’m talking about joining online freelance sites and doing jobs available in them. But I’m talking about online FOREX trading platforms like eToro where almost anyone can signup and try their hand at FOREX trading. You sign up for the website and you get a fix number of advertisements to click everyday and you get paid for each click. You register with them and they send you commercial mails and you get paid a fixed amount when you read them. For those of you who don’t know what PayPal is the biggest online transaction service in the world used by all major online services. If you are new to blogging then there is a lot to learn and these blogs provide some excellent tips on how to make money online. It is very possible to make money online in Sri Lanka but it requires some hard work and persistent. As u very well said Sri Lankans are not getting much opportunities in participating on Paid Surveys. But also appreciated that if someone can disclose information about legitimate income sources the are really earning through (not PTC).
Earn over $1200 USD per month doing online part time jobs without any investment just working a Few hours per day.
People looking for permanent data entry job positions ( offline data entry jobs ) and people looking for online data entry jobs to do in their free time or as a part time job. I frequently get mails from people inquiring about the legitimacy of sites and almost all of the time they are scam sites looking to make some easy money at your expense.
One method is offering free registration on their sites and then asking you to pay for data entry operating opportunities. This ensures that you get paid for your work and you don’t have to spend money to get data entry jobs.
If you’re interested in getting to know about them follow me on Twitter or add me to a circle in Google+. In this website once you bid 10% more will be added to your bid and will be charged from the job provider so you want lose any money as a commission.
It is free to join and you only have to pay a commission when you are getting paid so you are guaranteed money. If you have question that isn’t covered above you can ask me using the comments or by sending a message through the contact form above. Whether you’re a work at home mom, looking for home based job or university student looking for part time work I always advise you to look for other methods to make money online.
I’m looking for some data-entry job or some part time job which i can do by using my laptop and internet. I Have higher qualification in accounting field and really interesting to work as data entry job at home. Please help me to find place where I can join with out Money invest for the job till I start earning, because I do not have Money to invest before earn. To be successful at this you need to be a good writer or be awesome at outsourcing content. If you’re looking for a product that has gone global, then Creately, the company I work for is a good example.
I mentioned this last because currency trading is a very risky endeavor that can cost you lots of money. Because you cant receive money to PayPal in Sri Lanka you’ll have a hard time receiving money for your services.

If I stopped my online money making activities right now I will still be getting 200$ or more for the new few months doing nothing. This should be done with good faith and not for the mere purpose of trying to sell their products (affiliates). I’ll try to cover both online and offline data entry job opportunities in this article.
Just goes to show that it’s very difficult to find genuine data entry job opportunities.
This site is also targeted towards freelancers so if you have expertise in other areas you will find yourself with more opportunities.
If you have skills in writing or doing various programming stuff then there are lots more opportunities for you as well.
Freelance in the sense that you can pick your jobs, when to finish them etc.These are suitable for university students, stay at home moms or housewives because of the flexibility they offer.
The following basic skill are essential for you to have any chance of obtaining a data entry job.
Most data entry jobs have preliminary tests before accepting and you’re sure to be found out in these tests.
If you’re just starting out here are few things you should to do maximize your chances of getting the job. And almost any company maintain some sort of data so there’s always the need for data entry operators. Please do not comment or mail me asking for data entry jobs because I don’t provide any.
After reading this information I’m just pleased to specific that I’ve a good sense I got here across no matter I was wanting for. In this article I will list down few methods I have personally used to make money online and how you can use them to earn a decent income. Done right it is very profitable, but keep in mind that around 3% of all traders are profitable.
Assuming you spend 5 seconds per click that’s 125,000 seconds, 2083 in minutes and almost 35 in hours. Major websites support other payment options like Skrill and AlertPay but if you’re doing freelance work for individuals then this can be quite a burden. I think that is what you want to achieve , not clicking ads everyday , Finally its your decision but I personally feel passive income is the best , although its a bit hard at the start. Also I’m hoping to create list of websites and companies that offer data entry jobs so make sure to bookmark the article and come back often. 6000 ) then you’re given a list of sites that you can register to find data entry jobs.
No nagging mails from these guys and most will disappear after few people start complaining about them.
But I understand that sometimes you need these jobs to get through university or to make some cash in your spare time.
They might not advertise them as such because it doesn’t sound sexy but they are still data entry jobs. You have the option of promoting the link via social media, email lists, Google AdWords and many other methods. These are sites that you can find yourself by searching on the Internet and these sites have very limited job opportunities as well.
You’ll very very rarely come across a site that offers data entry jobs without registration fees. Search online and find a good template and make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors in your CV.
To Get more information about This Online jobs Training To your Home Adress Submit your information here.

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