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With the changing times and technological advancements around us, much of the aspects of our life has gone online. Instead of complaining after being cheated we should minutely scrutinize the loopholes which lead us to the frauds. Nicholas Carlino, a director of London Investment Property Group, told an undercover Sunday Times reporter that he was making so much money snapping up homes that had been undervalued by the council and selling them on that he would a€?never have to work againa€™.
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When we talk about online business, one cannot neglect the chances of fraudulent activities associated with it. We should filter among the suppliers to find the ones that match our criterion and be reliable at the same time.
Last summer, it emerged that a property company had leafleted 60,000 council house tenants offering six-figure rewards for working with them to buy and then sell their homes.
The risk involved in online business is always high so we need to be extremely careful while such processing and transactions are taking place.

We should not always think about the aspect of making profit but also consider peace of mind. While extremely low prices seem really a bargain for us, but at the same time it is also too good to be true and can lead one to fraudulent traders making one lose much more than what the actual gain is.

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