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When your home is infected with bed bugs, the first thing to do is wash all your clothes with baking soda or with vinegar. Are you curious to know what each state in the US has to offer and the best universities in each state of the US ?Here we give you the list of best universities for higher education in top 25 states as educational destinations of the US.
Keep them in a safe place out of the room until it is clean and free of bed bugs.The disadvantage of bed bugs is the smell they omit from their bodies. However, onion juice which is pungent in nature can get kill bed bugs instantly as it cuts out their breathing zone.

All you need to do is sprinkle a little vinegar over the area which is infected to kill the pests. To apply it most effectively, put dried lavender between two cloth pieces and sew them around the bed perimeter.
To get rid of bed bugs in your home, you need to take a close look at all wooden furniture.
Bed bugs thrive on wooden furniture, as they consider it to be home.To clean and get rid of bed bugs from your home, the only thing which will work is natural ingredients.

Vinegar on the other hand is a much strong agent which can get rid of any pest infecting your home.Here are some ways to kill bed bugs with pungent ingredients.

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