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Now through August 7th, when you purchase 4 or more Kellogg’s cereals at Safeway, you will receive a catalina for $4.00 off your next purchase! Keep in mind, in order to receive the catalina and to get the sale price of $1.88, you will need to purchase at least 4 boxes in one transaction. Also, whether you purchase 4 or 8 boxes in one transaction, you will still only receive one $4.00 off catalina.

Plus, a lot of the Kellogg’s cereals are on sale through Tuesday for as low as only $1.88 per box when you purchase 4! So, if you want to really stock up on cereal during this sale, make sure to only do 4 boxes per transaction & do multiple transactions if needed. She must be questioning exactly what she means to Raheem when he can go to so much expense to impress another girl,' the source said.

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