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People do self-sabotaging things all the time, but these behaviors aren’t the cause of self-sabotage. When you get in your own way, limit yourself, or attract all the wrong outcomes in your life, something more subtle and powerful is going on. On top of the unfortunate circumstances themselves, you now have to deal with the added burden that you’ve been singled out to suffer when everyone else is resting on easy street. Warning: If you’re insistent that you are totally alone in your angst and resist finding solutions, then you may be sabotaging yourself. Are you going to join in the fray, see others as the cause of your problems and dish out some revenge? I wouldn’t expect anyone to suddenly become the Buddha and never feel the sudden urge to point fingers. When pointing the finger is your first course of action, you make it MUCH harder to sort out who has personal responsibility potential.
If you’re chronically overwhelmed by the more typical aspects of living, then that’s a different issue.
People who make a list, break things down into manageable chunk sizes tend to get things done and remain free of overwhelm.
If you are resistant to empowering yourself in this way, then you might want to figure out why not.
And here’s a simple, 4-step process for you if you are constantly dealing with cluttered, spinning thoughts about all you have to do. So, most people pleasers end up displeasing people when they don’t back up their agreements. You’ll displease some people by saying no, but will end up commanding their respect as well.
Here’s a “no hack” that might work for you as a transition into saying no more of the time. To get the no hack, do us a favor and click the share buttons just below – then the simple strategy will appear on this page! For example, do you tell yourself that you’re not good enough or not as smart as so-and-so like your parents did? Seeing your parents negatively reinforces all the angst of your childhood and keeps you attached to it.
Tendencies toward self-sabotage distort your perspective and even set you up to receive more of what you hate in life. All of these and many, many more symptoms come from self-sabotaging distortions in your personal paradigm. Learn more about how self-sabotage works to keep real solutions blurred – and learn to overcome it by watching this enlightening free video. That means that, when you attend my NLP training courses, I guarantee that you will experience world-class training.
On our NLP training courses, you will learn how NLP can transform your health, your career, your relationships, or all three combined. If you are interested in a career with NLP, you should come to our free, one-day introduction to NLP training courses worth ?285 in Central London. I am one of the world's most experienced NLP Trainers and one of only a very small handful of NLP Master Trainers on the planet.
If you want to experience change in your life and want to do it with the world’s best personal development company, I look forward to seeing you very soon. We were the origional creators of NLP in Sport courses in the UK, South Africa and Nepal and still the only company who has trainers who are not only highly qualifieid Trainers, they are also professional competitive sports people.
The NLP Practitioner Certification for Sport Application course is designed for a more in depth view and application of NLP and all its techniques for the sports person, those interested in, or coaching sport.
We also run our courses through the UK, South Africa & USA, We are additionally working with the Sports Council of Nepal in preparation for the Olympics and have worked with the Sports Council of Northern Ireland and are running our sport courses in Poland. The mental aspect of performance can account for up to 60% of overall results so understanding and being able to change behavior and mind set is vital to anyones results.
Neuro Linguistic Programming not only gives you the opportunity to understand why you have certain responses to various situations and events but also disassembles your make up. During the course we also teach the techniques needed to change confidence, belief, behaviors, repetitive problems and apparent barriers we think we have.

Communication and learning how to read someone is also essential when coaching or competing against others. Understanding someones language of behavior is also a huge insight not only into ourselves but of others and can be a major advantage in any competitive situation. Your course tutor, Emma James, is a Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy. Anyone who has an interest in sport, competes and wants a much deeper knowledge into the NLP mental application of performance, anyone who coaches and needs to be able to manage and understand their athletes whilst producing optimum results with them. You learn everything that is part of the NLP Practitioners Certification Course, except this is specifically designed for sport application and some extra highly effective techniques used with Emmas clients which are unique and will not be found anywhere else. The ability to create absolute motivation and belief in goal setting and the keys to making it a reality. Understanding the mind to body connection and reactions, what stimulates it and how to alter the responses.
Techniques not taught on other courses for complete focus and being able to block out all other thought processes and external distractions. This is only a small insight into what this course offers you to create the results you want and know you are ultimately capable of. It is run over 7 days and includes full manual and additional material not available anywhere else and specific to this course. To find out more information about the full benefits and content of the course please email to get our brochure and personal attention to your particular needs. You have landed yourself in a clear spot here as you are wondering how you can rapidly decide to transform yourself, coach others and change your business or life directions. As an leader or manager in either the public or private sectors, whatever your industry or size of organisation,  the ability to coach and communicate clearly with others. This HRDF course credits you with a NLP Practitioner Certifications upon passing of a written and a practical exam. To obtain your complete NLP practitioner certification, you will need to attend the following and pass the Practical Test on the last day of the program. By the end of the NLP Practitioner certification program, you will be certified and receive your certification in the 4 area below, which you can add to your professional qualifications. The NLP Practitioner certification accredited by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP is the world's largest NLP accreditation body). After years of development, working with clients and publishing Time Line Therapy and The Basis Personality, Dr Tad James, has become known worldwide for his Time Line Therapy™ model.
Time Line Therapy® has been so successful in producing results that it has been utilized for over a decade by thousands of people including psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, business coaches and sports coaches.
If you’re ready to help yourself and coach others to bid farewell to emotional issues like insecurity, fear, and anxiety that are holding you back from true success, this will be the most important program you will ever attend. Develop powerful and practical skills to discover one's limiting beliefs or negative associations to your self-esteem.
You who aim to keep updated with the latest cutting-edge developments in human science, Emotional Intelligence, improved collaboration and conflict management skills. NLP is becoming increasing known for its many change techniques, and features in many other types of leadership, coaching and communications, attitude,  behaviour change trainings. Group Practice (to make sure you internalise the learnings and get maximum value out of the program). Currently residing in Australia, Kiki bring 25 years of substantial experience in performance-oriented to the training and consultancy for corporate companies and individuals.
Her wide experience in the corporate world and her knowledge in learning psychology have given her the distinct advantage in designing and facilitating corporate training programmes, as she relates well to challenges faced by all levels in the organisation. Professionally trained in HRM and psychology, Kiki further deepen her understanding of human behaviour and communication in the State- of Are Excellence Modelling Technology- called Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP).
In her trainings, she speaks both to the conscious and unconscious mind, promoting concept in the memory director, improving retention and recall of information and emotions whenever needed. Bank in and then scan the Bank-in slip and email to us before the course commence to confirm your seat.
It is this hidden aspect of your life that you need to identify, accept and transform (in that order).
Then, you’ll argue that your distorted perceptions are accurate while continuing to distort.

I do think it’s fair to ask people (myself included) to chill out for a second before jumping on the blame train. Your mind opens up and you suddenly gain the ability to look at the situation holistically. If you feel chronically helpless in your life, then you must learn how attachments work to create self-sabotage. Then, write down every scattered thought and feeling you have about it – anywhere on the same page.
Say good-bye to cluttered thoughts!  There is a well-researched reason why this simple process works, having to do with your brain’s default mode network.
A chronic pleaser discovers before long that saying yes to one thing really means saying no to other things – even other things you’ve said yes to. When you don’t take care of yourself, you send a loud and clear message to others: It is your responsibility to take care of me. Everything you do to expand self-awareness contributes to your personal clarity and maturity as a free adult. We work with individuals and teams to find thier ultimate potential, overcome problems and regain motivation and that burning drive which we all had at one time and sometimes burns at a low ebb.
As you will know, this is absolutely critical in being able see which areas can be improved to give the athlete their ultimate performance.
This course gives you the tools to hear what someone is really saying and learn the responses which give you the true meaning behind the words and body language. She is also a five times World Champion, 15 time European and 21 times British Champion in power lifting and works with a number of professional athletes from widely varying sports like Golf, equestrian, strength and track disciplines. Time Line Therapy® means that finally, you can have freedom from your past allowing you to have your future by design. Bring out the best in others, inspire excellence and challenge mediocrity by using NLP language models, cognitive re-patterning and metaphoric language. Prior to her full time dedication as a Master NLP trainer, Ng held top management positions; having her last position as the Director of Organisational Development in some medium to large organisations in Asia Pacific region.
A lot of her past students describe her as a very creative, fun and lively trainer who sets high standards.
Telegraphic Transfer- You can also opt to use GIRO or telegraphic transfer of payment via international banks. Lenses are difficult to pinpoint because most of us are too focused on what we are seeing out there and not the lens through which we are looking. You can take lessons from third graders at any schoolyard in the world.  And the more you play the game this way, the more you’ll be convinced of your victimhood, even when you win.
It could be the sound of your computer humming, a fan, the distant traffic or the refrigerator running. When someone asks you to do something, you can say no while showing off your filled-up schedule.
About the Author Latest PostsAbout Mike BundrantMike Bundrant is a retired psychotherapist, Master NLP trainer, and practicing life coach. She believes in practicing what she preaches and has gained World Records and optimum performance using the techniques taught on this course. This is the key to making sweeping changes in your life – the ones that have been so hard for you to come by. In fact, believing you’re under some special curse reserved just for you only keeps you from finding solutions from people who are able to understand. This demonstration will take the pressure of you and give them visual evidence that the no is legitimate. When you take responsibility, you learn who can reciprocate and who cannot.  You inspire others to join you and at the same time learn who is unwilling.

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