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Most of the individuals who plan to work and make money online should be clear about the motive for which they are earning. Best part of the type of jobs explained above to make money online is that you need not have some special expertise or programming skills for this job.
All these tips are suggestions are a wonderful way to make money online if you want to work on part-time basis.
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During the first year that I lived in Barcelona I lived off only €800 per month, and that had to cover all of my living expenses, phone bills, transport costs and fiestas. So, mi amigo, I would like to share with you my insider top tips on how to save money whilst traveling in Barcelona.
Fuel up at with a big meal at lunchtime and simply bar hop with tapas treats to keep you going through the evening. The T10 ticket costs around €8 and allows you to take ten rides on the metro or on the bus.
With the beautiful white sands and crystal clear waters of the Costa Brava only a few miles away, day trips away from the city are a common element of most visitors to Barcelona – and yes, I absolutely do recommend exploring the areas around the city. As I’ve already said, I think the Spanish train system is outstanding, both in terms of quality and value for money. As a self-proclaimed food snob, it’s hard for me to recommend eating and drinking at Cerveceria 100 Montaditos. They also offer huge jars of Spanish beers and sangria for only €1, which makes it hugely popular with the younger generations of Catalans and university students. If you are a serious culture vulture and are going to BCN with the intention of cramming in as many sites as possible, consider investing in a Barcelona Card which will gain you free entry to the majority of the best attractions. The card will cost you between €30 and €60, depending on how many days you want it for, which I think, when you consider how much you could potentially save, is a totally worth while investment. Most of the big nightclubs in Barcelona charge a door fee of at least €15 per person, which is not too bad when you consider it normally includes your first drink.
I remember scoping out the souvenir shops one day because I wanted to buy my nephew an official Barcelona FC shirt. So the moral of the story, don’t pay the first price you are quoted, and don’t be afraid to haggle! Check out this other post to get my inside guide to the VERY BEST things to see and do in Barcelona! I set up this blog after moving to Barcelona and falling head over heels in love with Spain.

Follow me and get my insider travel tips on the best things to see and do across Spain and the rest of Europe, as well as my personal recommendations on where to eat, drink and be merry in all the right places! Your Inside Guide to Barcelona (and Beyond)Hola, I'm Ben Holbrook and I set up this blog after moving to Barcelona and falling head over heels in love with the food and culture. If you are looking to get the upper hand and bend the rules a bit here are a few ways that competition cooks quietly get an edge. Next, use electricity to help your cooking efficiency and consistency    Many big organizations (like KCBS and MIM)  forbid heat sources other than wood or charcoal. Most of such websites offer you to register as a free user and send links to your mail account.
All you need to do is to filter the good websites from the bad one’s so that you are paid well in time.
So, why waste time in doing useless things when you can make money online and fulfill your dreams! In this way you earn commission for selling products of others firms through different online channels. I used to see tourists faffing around at the airport paying silly money to get into the city.
But like all train companies, tickets can fluctuate dramatically depending on when and where you are planning to travel.
You’ll see flocks of tourists sitting down at unauthentic tapas restaurants and paying stupid money for jugs of beer and sangria (sangria is not a Catalan tradition by the way). They have huge menu of some 100 little sandwiches (hence the name), filled with Spanish classics such as tortilla, chorizo, jamon and cheese. Always check out the websites to find out which nights are free, and don’t forget your student card if you have one as there are almost always student discounts. The card also entitles you to skip the lines and get straight to the action, saving you time as well as money. Follow me for insider travel tips and recommendations on essential things to do and the best places to eat, drink and sleep in Barcelona and beyond.
If you are planning to work just for fun and to pass your time, then you may choose any work without considering about the fact that you need such work in future. If you are good in analyzing products or services, then you may consider the job to take online surveys.
Research on website becomes even more important if you are paying some money as a membership fee! Few years ago I did not have enough money to invest on internet but wishes to earn money through it. If you have excellent English writing skills and familiar with this language then it can be the best online earning source for you. Keep an eye out for the little restaurants and cafes that offer set lunch menus for rock bottom prices. Save a fortune by preparing your own meals, pop out to La Boqueria market and pick up a few local ingredients and treat yourself to freshly baked pastries for breakfast.

Make the most of this hedonistic outlook by going to a corner store or supermarket and buying a few cans of Estrella Damm beer (€1 each) or a bottle of vino (€3-€10), and finding a spot at the beach to enjoy the Mediterranean climate.
And take extra care of your possessions, especially on the yellow metro line, this is where the pickpockets make most of their money. I have played around with a few comparison sites but I really like the simplicity of GoEuro‘s travel search tool, which I use to find cheap train tickets in and around Spain. The quality is pretty low, but at only €1 a pop, they’re a super quick and cheap fix for any meal.
I would totally recommend seeing Gaudi’s La Padrera (the views from the room terrace are amazing!), Park Guell and the mighty Sagrada Familia (which I could see from my bedroom window!). Aim to arrive by about 11.30pm (which is still very early in Spanish party terms) for the biggest savings! You need not to drive or travel to your office and can spend that valuable time with your family. However, if you are the only earning member of your family and is planning to quit your job to make money online, then it’s altogether a different scenario.
You can find so many websites these days who are willing to pay good amount of money just to know how and what you feel about their product or service. Similar to clicking on links in email, there is a type of online work wherein you just need to read the email to get paid.
Instead, head into the windy little streets of El Gotico and El Born, and look for tiny little cafes and restaurants advertising bargain Menu Del Dias! The biggest hurdle in this dream is that you need to find a reliable and legitimate way to make money online.
You will have to trust and ensure that you would be earning that much sum of money all the time.
If you can spend time and put lot of efforts and hard work in this field, you can make money online. This source is similar to PTC; the only difference is that specified ads are sent to your email address. You need to place reviews of different products on your website and affiliate link to the product. In this world full of spams and fraudsters it’s very difficult to find a job that can pay you well while following all legal complications. This earning source totally depends upon your ability to get the visitors to click on your affiliate link.

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