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I was talking with a good friend who happened to share that her brother had recently gotten a promotion, yet he was always in money trouble. My wife and I often differ on spending but we’re largely on the same page as far as managing money. Bruce’s BookBruce's first book takes the best of his A Dad's Point-of-View columns and other writings, plus brand new material, and puts it all together.
Again since we live on what some days seems to be the surface of the sun, this tip works well in conjunction with multiple household money saving tips.
Adjusting your hot water heater thermostat is a commonly touted trick to save some cash, but why? This household moneys saving tip is unfortunately only for home owners who live in an FPL service area. Depending on the circumstances, you agree to let FPL shut down some of the largest energy consuming appliances in your home for up to 4 hours within a 24 hour period.
None of these household money saving tips will cost you a penny, but you can start to see some real savings immediately!
Have you ever found that you saved a lot of money in the short term, but ended up spending a lot more over the long term than what you planned? With the cost of repairs and wages for appliance repairs these days being so high, would you pay $100 to $200 to have an old appliance repaired vs.
We have compiled a list of 10 things people do were they try to save money now only to find they spend a lot more later!
For many people who have health plans this is not even something they think about, but for literally millions of people without plans it is something they think about every day. Obtaining the discounts can be a great way to save money, however if you do not pay the card off each month you could be paying 19% or even more in interest. How many times have your purchased some cheap thing only to use it once and have to throw it out! How many times have you received a parking ticket because you did not put money in the parking meter or not enough in the parking meter? Did you know that for a car that gets 30 miles to the gallon at current prices that every mile costs you 12 cents!
Happy hour at restaurants  is not really about home maintenance, but it is all about saving money so we thought that we would include this post on our blog.
One of those is to take advantage of Happy Hour offers at restaurants  when you go out for dinner.
Customers get better deals on booze, which are often half price and also on smaller meals that are discounted or also at half price. The restaurant makes money in a period that would otherwise be slow and they can keep their staff working longer as well so the staff makes more money and they make more tips.
In addition, patrons may be willing to try a restaurant during happy hour, find out that the enjoyed the menu and the ambiance of the restaurant.
There have been several locations that we would never go back to based on the poor food offered during happy hour or sometimes even the service we received from the staff. Portion control is really the biggest thing to help you control your weight, lose weight and manage your diet.  Eating less also has a side benefit. When you are out of the home dining in a restaurant, it is a bit more difficult, so we have another suggestion that will also help to save some money as well. As we travel around the country, one thing we notices is that the size of the meals served at restaurants are huge. We have found that for many meals if we split the meal it is more than enough for each of us and we save money at the same time. This post is about saving money, however it is also a message about controlling your weight so we talk about eating slowly which in the end will save you money as well. Fast eaters tend to over eat, so if you wait even 5 minutes before getting that second helping you may find that you have eaten enough. Aside from just deciding to not eat as much, we are suggesting that you use every trick you can to control how much you eat and save some money as well. Looking for a few good ways to make 2013 the year you take control of debt and get that savings account fattened up?
One of the great dilemmas in life is whether you should build a new home or buy an existing home. Christmas can hit us all hard, all those presents to be brought, the food for the table and the decorations from the home. Personally I adore receiving handmade gifts and cards and while they can take a while to put together and get just right, in the long run they can save you quite a bit. This is one I’ve really started to get into over the past few months and it is so simple to do. I’m resisting the urge to buy new decorations this year, we really have enough and dont need new ones. Fab tips, def using cash back sites this year, with 12 people to buy for, think i’ll need it. Ekk good luck on using cash back websites hope you manage to get yourself a nice bit saved.
I have to admit I often get caught up in the moment then get home and think what have I done! Great post, I’ve got some rough ideas of things I want to make for Christmas but often when I have ideas about making things (world book day costumes for example), I end up spending far more money!! Thank you for the tips – i am doing pretty good and trying to hand make as many gifts as possible. As a stay-at-home mom of 20 years, I know how important stretching our funds and living on one income is.
Investigate a big box store (Costco, Sam’s) and decide if the membership price is worth the deals on food and other items.
There are blogs devoted to playing the “drugstore game.” Customers are rewarded “dollars” for buying certain items, with the “dollars” to be used at a future purchase.
One recent Thanksgiving I went to my CVS store and bought $120 worth of items and received $120 in Extracare Bucks, making my next purchases free! Here is a tremendous resource to help you buy and sell everything from furniture to cars to services. Today we are all blessed to have access to an over-abundance of money-saving resources through the internet. There are ways to save money in practically every area of our lives. Marty Walden (7 Posts)Marty Walden has a passion for sharing her life, faith, adventures and dreams as a DIY, crafty, bargain hunting, homeschooling, memory keeping mom of both biological and adopted children. Marty also has a second blog, A Woman After God's Own Heart, which features more of her personal story and faith walk. I found this post very useful and picked up some good ideas on simple ways to make very good savings. When I probed for the reason, she really didn’t have any, but it provoked a discussion about how people spend, save, and manage their money. She likes to spend on things I don’t understand (Louis Vuitton) while I like to spend on things she can’t get in and out of (my car).
My dad worked with his hands, never made a very big income, but my mom invested and managed their money to ultimately provide them a good lifestyle, if not an overly-lavish one. Some discipline must be exerted throughout the moneymaking process even at the minimum wage job level. Last year’s ANYTHING usually is just fine, especially with things that don’t change that much like sporting goods and men’s clothes.
There is NOTHING to be gained by going to a 4-year college for 4 years other than wasting – and I mean WASTING – a lot of money, whether it’s yours for your kids or yours in the way of student loans! Now I’m not saying that you need to turn off your air conditioning all together or anything, but the concept here is that the lower the temperature, the harder your AC unit has to work to maintain the arctic conditions in your home.
According to It is recommended that during the summer, (or our perpetual Florida heat!) that your fan spin forward and push the air down. Now if you are renting a house, you may be able to take advantage of some pretty awesome savings, but you will need permission from your landlord. We have had ours for years now and have only noticed an interruption once and it wasn’t a big deal.
You are always more than welcome to turn the break on and off and again it won’t cost you a dime!

This is the subject of today’s post and we will illustrate a few guidelines you may want to consider before you make that decision to save a few dollars today vs. It is amazing how quickly this interest is eats up any potential discount saving you might have received.
For many people who have a simple return, there probably is nothing wrong with doing your own taxes.
It is so important to have both so that you and your family have something to rely on in a sudden emergency as well as in retirement. While we do not recommend buying the most expensive item, always buy quality or don’t buy it.
A ticket for a parking infraction can cost a lot more than the couple of dollars required to feed the meter! How many times do you take advantage of these buy one get one free deals and then end up throwing the second one out?  Give some thought to whether you will use the products before you make the purchase. Sure you may avoid spending a couple hundred dollars by not having your car checked for worn brakes and oil changes, but what happens when your brakes give out in a high speed stop? Many people are going on vacation in the spring and in the summer and although a vacation can be expensive, there are ways to control or decrease your costs. This approach may not appeal to everyone, however if you are looking for an inexpensive meal and do not mind eating early, you can save a lot of money and still have a nice time out with the family and friends. Sometimes you must eat in the bar area, however there is nothing wrong with that since there is more going on in the bar area anyway. Once place we went to had beer on half price as long as there was a football game playing on TV.
You and your significant other can go out more often with the money you save and that always goes over well !
This past week we also learned that we already do some of the things that they discussed on the biggest loser which helps us control our weight and also save money ! You spend less money buying food and preparing food!  It is the old adage, energy in must be less than the energy you burn if you are going to lose weight. I know for myself if I use a large plate, I have a tendency to fill it up, while I do the same thing with a small plate, there is only so much food I can put on the plate. The restaurants for the most part are ok with this, and sometimes will even split the meal for us, serving it on two separate plates.
You cannot split meals here and you cannot save any money as well, so unless it is a really good deal, it is best not to go to them. We find that discussing topics over the dinner table is a great way to slow down your eating and also get that full feeling. Using these tricks will help you get going, but to maintain your weight or lose weight you do have to deal with the reasons why you over eat. If you know some of these tricks to control the portion size, why not leave us a comment and let our readers know about it.
We know for a fact you’ll love saving some serious cash with these very interesting tips.
When adding the cost together it can really set us back a few pennies and January can then become a hard month on us all, however it is possible if you just stop and think about what you are doing to save yourself quite a bit at Christmas. Re-gifting is a bit of no go with some people, but if done right it can save you money, just make sure you don’t send it back to the original sender. You just need to sign up to a website such as TopCashBack and then visit the website you wish to purchase from via them, at the moment you can even get a ?5 Amazon voucher for signing up (an earning ?10 worth of cash back). I will be desperately saving for Christmas as I don’t get paid much at all at my internship so thanks for this!! My husband loves to browse coupon websites and shop through cash back sites to maximize our savings.
Even though making our money last longer is the goal, I have also looked at saving money as a second job for me. The absolute best place to buy clothes that are barely used or even new—usually priced to sell. If you have to buy new, watch for sales and shop at stores that honor customer loyalty with rewards or discounts.
If you pair these sales with manufacturer and drugstore coupons, it is possible to even make money! Recently I had $12 worth of Extracare Bucks that had expired a day earlier and I asked the cashier if I could still use them. We have bartered painting services for piano lessons, lawn care, vacation rental, and therapy for our kids.
My husband and I DIY together and have saved money by repurposing and using our creativity.
Her blog, Marty’s Musings, encourages readers to embrace the life God has given them through the gift and work of a loving home. You sound like you’re doing some great things with saving money and have fabulous goals!. Not Quite Amish is a community blog for those who love Amish communities, simple living, vintage style, and have a desire to be in growing relationships with friends, family, and God.
This friend went on further to state she didn’t know how she could even be related (to her brother) given their completely opposite habits about money. Yet, when it comes to the entire notion of budgeting and saving, we understand the long view.
I remember when I was first making good money how happy I was to get my parents their first Cadillac. Competition is intense, out-sourcing is here to stay, and long-term employment has gone the way of the record player and music business. When I researched the recommended temperatures I immediately walked over to the thermostat and set it to 78 degrees. I know many folks who have great, expensive, and ornamental fans that look like a work of art hanging from their living room ceiling. For a traditional hot water heater, you have a large tank of water, and whenever the temperature drops to below the thermostat setting, large heating elements kick on to start heating up your water. The right answer depends on what the cost of a new appliance would cost you.  If a new fridge for example would cost you $2000, you might consider spending money on repairs particularly if the current one is less than 10 years old. However as soon as it gets complicated such as real estate sales or investment trades, hiring a professional to do your taxes could save you a lot more than the cost of the professional. Same thing applies to big discount sales where you pick up multiple items, only to not use those items.
Add to that cost the price of a coffee perhaps or other things that you buy and did not need and it can be expensive.
If you end up throwing a lot of this food out, you really end up spending more per unit than you might have paid for a smaller quantity. Many restaurants have decided to offer happy hour during this slow period in order to fill their restaurant and generate additional revenue as well during a period that typically would not make much money for the restaurant.
We will often go up to a receptionist in an area were there are a lot of restaurants and ask if they have a happy hour. It is an evening out with no meals to cook and no dishes to wash which has many other advantages. You have to be careful when you order because not all items on the menu are included as part of the happy hour prices.
Portion control is one way to manage your weight and we have taken this to restaurants that we go to by splitting meals and reducing the amount of food we actually eat when we go out. So one way to manage this is to control the size of the portions you are eating and also save money. BY the time you have finished the food on the small plate you are starting to feel full and if you can wait 5 minutes, you will definitely feel full. Many restaurants and I guess their patrons as well feel that they must serve large portions to attract their guests. If you have a problem controlling how much you eat, it is probably best if you avoid going to a buffet. Apparently it takes a little time for your stomach to register that it is full and let your brain know that you have eaten enough. Let’s face it you cannot eat when you are talking, at least you should not, just for good manners.

More of a crafter then jewellery, pictures, mugs there is all sorts you can decorate to give as a present.
Helen from Mummy to the Max has some great ideas for using TopCashBack prior to Christmas as well.
This year though we bought a brand new tree since we’re not doing a live tree this year and that alone should save us money. Many, many families are living paycheck to paycheck or borrowing money they may not know how to pay back. We have used free fence board wood for a backsplash in the kitchen, a family window photo frame, small bathroom remodel, and a rustic coffee table. She desires to live her life with transparency as she helps her adopted children heal their hearts, shares new experiences with her adult children and encourages her husband through the home they create together. The regular contributors include authors of Amish fiction, simple-lifestyle bloggers, and God-girls.
Sometimes, however, we wonder if our boys have “gotten” any of this, though they’re exhibiting some early wisdom about saving. Our kids indeed do have a harder time of it, all around, in my opinion and the opinion of 70% of America (from a recent poll). Is a little froth really worth that extra $2 – $5 EVERY day, especially if you add in a scone or other goodie?
A credit card should be YOUR money rather than a loan with interest and a monthly extra expense.
The Department of Energy estimates that on average each degree you change can equal approximately a 1% savings on your energy bill annually. This is a constant cycle throughout the day and despite your hot water heater being insulated, it still loses heat.
In exchange for the power they wield over you (yes pun intended!), they give you a monthly bill credit regardless of wether or not they actually turn off your stuff. On the other hand if your current fridge is 25 years old and a new fridge to replace it is around $1000, well a consumer might decide that the best course of action is to buy the new fridge rather than put money into the old fridge.
They know that the vast majority of people will not pay their credit cards on time and they make a lot of money this way. Routine car maintenance can mean the difference between spending thousands of dollars to have it replaced due to an accident, or towed or to have additional work completed because you did not take care of the routine things. If you do buy in bulk, cook the food and freeze it or donate it to other members of the family. If they do, great if not, we try some other place and they learn that customers are looking for deals and maybe they will get the idea to also offer a happy hour. Another location we visit has draft beer for $2 and pizza at the regular price on Mondays only. We always enjoy going to happy hour and trying new restaurants to help us decide if we want to try their main courses at some future point. Sure you might go back for a second helping, but again you are using a small plate and it will only hold a small amount of food. With all of the excellent food it is usually best to just not go, because it is human nature to overeat when all of that food is just sitting there.
Some people say wait 10 to 20 minutes and then decide if you are going back for second helpings.
Talking slows you down and forces you to enjoy the food more and provides time for your stomach to register the fact that you are full.
That’s without getting into making your own decorations (paper chains are so this year). The issue is not whether we have the money to afford to pay more but are we good stewards of the resources we’ve been given? We made a mason jar chandelier from a castoff and painted our kitchen table to look like new. Every month we'll also highlight like-minded guests—some high-profile, some new voices, but all fabulous! I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you a few household money saving tips that won’t cost you a penny.
For summer, they recommend setting your thermostat to 78 degrees and 62 degrees during the winter.
The FPL On Call program is only available for customers of Florida Power and Light so if you use another power company, you’re out of luck.
One house I lived in actually had a timer on it that had been installed by FPL when the previous people lived there. Not going to the doctor can mean a serious illness or even your life if whatever you have is life threatening such as cancer.
Take the discount, but pay the balance on the card on the due date or don’t sign up for the card!
This is an excellent example of enticing your customers to try your pizza while having a beer and then those same customers may return on other days since they enjoyed the food so much. It is an inspirational show, we actually learn a few things about diet and about how to manage our food intake. Sure you are tricking your mind and your stomach, but if it works why not use every trick you can to lose weight. Use the small plate approach and eat slowly, but we are pretty confident that you will still over eat in this situation.
That means if you owe $300,000 on your home and it’s only worth $150,000, we might be able to help you out and save you some cash. The DOE estimates that water heating can account for up to 12% of your overall energy bill. Saving a few hundred dollars now by not going to the doctor or dentist could be catastrophic for you later on in life!
Hint: my sister just did this with Quicken Loans and dropped about $200 off her monthly payment. If you spend $1 on something that doesn’t fit and save yourself $50 by buying other used merchandise, the money saved is worth it. In an effort that was right out of a spy novel, I strolled up to the thermostat and quick pressed the “up” button and ran like hell!
I would allow it to turn my hot water on in the morning and again around dinner time for dishes and showers and it would only come on for 2 hours each time. Don’t touch either of these unless you really need to and you will be surprised at how fast they grow! Some would call us stingy, but I am more concerned about weight and on top of that I get the side benefit of spending less.
Hint: enjoy the infographic and let us know if you have some other great ways to save money.
It has been estimated that using ceiling fans can save around 40% on your overall cooling bill! The beauty of this household money saving tip is that it can help save you money regardless of what type of hot water heater type you have, either takes or tankless, electric or gas!
Our shower head also has a push button that lets you turn it on and off without adjusting the temperature all over again. It’s really important that if you adjust the setting on the top by a few degrees, you do the same for the bottom. You can choose to have your hot water heater, air conditioner, and pool pump on their service. If it was a holiday and I was washing dishes for half the day then I could manually turn it on and off as needed.
There are some really crazy scientific explanations about thermodynamics, blah, blah, blah. Otherwise, one could simply do the same thing by turning their breaker on and off as necessary (i forget to do this and that is why i mentioned the timer lol). The secret to this and a few of the other household money saving tips is that have to make the change slowly.

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