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Though debate over who designed the first miniskirt has raged on for decades – everyone from Andre Courreges and John Bates to Jean Varon and Mary Quant has been accredited with it – the mainstream view cements its origins firmly in 1960s London, during Britain’s Youthquake. Yet Tanisha Ford, an academic and writer for The Root, has called this belief into question in a recent article.
While researching old issues of Drum – South Africa’s leading black lifestyle magazine at the time, noted for its 1960s reportage of township life under apartheid – Ford discovered a series of articles that claimed the miniskirt was actually invented in Africa.

African designers reclaimed ownership of the mini, in their quest to make their mark and gain visibility in the global market – much like the British designers of the day. As Ford points out, trends may emerge in multiple places simultaneously, making it impossible to pinpoint an exact derivation. And yet, as is the case with so many stories in histories, it is the Western folkore that seemed to have lived on.

Mabuza went on to compare a photograph of herself with that of a another model dressed in a modern-day mini to demonstrate how the abbreviated garment had long be apart of everyday African dress.

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