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Sticking with the He-Man-Woman Haters Club, Bug Hall wasn’t the only child star on The Little Rascals as he was joined by the lovably mischievous Spanky played by Travis Tedford. Hailing from Texas, Tedford caught the eye of Welch’s after his debut performance as Spanky and was named the company’s first “advertising-spokeskid” in 1994 at only five years old. Trading in the bright lights of Hollywood and returning to his Texas roots as a teen, Tedford attended Trinity Valley Community College and graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts in 2008.
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KSI plays EA Sport’s FIFA and posts entertaining videos of him playing with crazy reactions. Riding the heels of success as a young star, Tedford went on to appear in Slappy and the Stinkers, A Bug’s Life and Freaky Friday but is rarely seen around Hollywood these days. You can have an oceanfront view and the comforts of home all while spending less money than you would in the States.
Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes.

Still in marketing but no longer in front of the cameras, the 27-year-old Tedford has settled down in Garland, Texas where he works as a marketing specialist for a local credit union. He now has a penthouse in London, an orange Lamborghini and lots of sneakers that cost well over $1500 a pair. He started out in 2009 and in that year he got 7000 subscribers and this number tripled the next year.
Normally YouTube partners get paid between $2-$4 for every 1000 views depending on where your traffic is from.
Happy with his life out of the spotlight, things seem to be going “otay” for one of our favorite rascals! He built his massive net worth from playing video games and vlogging his online experiences.
Currently he has 9 million subscribers in his channel and he is the second most watched channel in the UK with over 1.5 billion views. If we take on the lower side $2 KSI will make at least $120,000 every month from just ads since around 60% of the views are monetizable.

In his videos he chants, screams, talks trash to the opponent and leaps out of his seat in excitement.
This does not include his other businesses such as music sales, merchandise, endorsement deals, concert earnings, book sales etc.
Plus, there's more than 100,000 expats in the area who have fostered a well-stocked book exchange, as well as active tennis and volunteer groups. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

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