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FICO TONBELLER offers banks an integrated anti-fraud solution that not only detects fraud but assesses and thwarts transaction and process alerts in real-time.
Assess and Manage Fraud RisksSiron®RAS helps banks create and continually develop their risk analyses. Integrated Risk Classification for New and Existing CustomersCustomer acceptance is the first step. To minimize fraud risks specified in the risk analysis, the bank's check strategy must be continually revised and adjusted. Visualization, Management and Control of Anti-Fraud MeasuresThe growing complexity of basic statutory conditions is a continual challenge for banks in their effort to efficiently organize the prevention of fraud. I see ITAM being the lynchpin between the forces of Finance (Money and Compliance) and Service (Change and Improvement). For me, ITAM represents all the systems, processes, checks and balances to measure and manage IT Assets in an organisation. ITAM provides Service with a data source for the assets they are working with so the business can make accurate decisions about serving users and driving change.
Martin is owner and founder of The ITAM Review, an online resource and community for worldwide ITAM professionals.
Martin is an independent ITAM consultant for organizations seeking independent guidance on ITAM strategy or ITAM tool selection. You can now negotiate for lower prices, more throw in items, freebies, and so many other things.
The BIGGEST opportunity for cost improvement from an effective ITAM is not the process, tools, team players but the business analysis and corresponding architecture. Tools Advisor is a searchable directory of ITAM and ITSM tools - ranked and reviewed by customers.

Informatica Corporation is a company known for developing computer tools for effective data management. You can Download the Free Informatica Design Document customize it according to your needs and Print.
It highly requires quality infrastructure so that the data owners could also be benefitted by having an organized maintenance of their important database. While retrospective fraud detection was top priority in the past, the focus is now on early detection or prevention.
Apart from the bank's database-founded risk analysis, the solution offers initial and continual risk classification for new and existing customers and provides due diligence functionality in the attached research system. Identification, categorization, and the assessment of fraud risks are the foundation of all subsequent activities within the bank to initiate and design comprehensive anti-fraud programs.
The research system uses analyzing techniques that have been especially developed for fraud detection and contains numerous best-practice templates for anti-fraud check scenarios. The active management of fraud risks and activities for all connected national and international departments and subsidiaries requires an up-to-date central overview of the most important variables.
Although I believe ITAM should be more proactive than a spreadsheet of asset costs, it should include managing assets effectively to enable change. ITAM provides Finance with a bird’s eye view of an organisations IT balance sheet and compliance commitments.
Some of the noteworthy products designed by them are Data Quality, BRB, and Master Data Management etc. It hampers the supply chain and can cause inferior relationship with the customers or clients. Therefore, Informatica comprehensively would provide the solution designing its latest product called “DATA QUALITY MANAGEMENT”.  This software will provide stand-alone performance for providing data management and quality maintaining solutions to the data owners.

Prevention measures aim at the early detection and handling of fraud risks to prevent financial and reputational damage.
The alerts generated by the system are based on customer and transaction data, event patterns and correlations, and on custom user settings.
Through cockpits designed according to the latest findings of perception psychology, Siron®RCC grants banks a holistic view on their risk analysis including the preventive measures and their status. Hence, Informatica design document is used for presenting the design specification of an Informatica product, prerequisites needed for designing a software etc.
Data is an important business asset which is to be managed and maintained in an organized form in order to avoid its loss.
Even this particular product would run on Velocity Methodology which is one of the important interfaces provided by Informatica which handles many aspects of data management efficiently, irrespective of the data load.
The imbedded real-time module grants minimal response times with high decision quality and aims at fraudulent activities with a high damage potential. Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, EU money laundering directive), banks are obliged to gather audit-proof information for natural and legal persons along with their beneficial owners and use this data for risk classification.
Focusing on essential risks may also result in savings through efficient resource allocation and more potent check procedures.
If the risk incurred through the customer relation is too high the bank must reject the customer.

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