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Starting out with selling products online to make money, a lot of people think that they need to have a ton of money to get started with this opportunity. Digital products, handmade products and reselling items that you already own or that you find and buy.
E-Books are considered digital products, but you can also consider software programs that you’ve developed such as plugins. The best thing to do is check the freelance job boards to get a good idea of what opportunities are out there. No, just like any other online money making opportunity, there is always risk involved and there’s never a guarantee of income. One important aspect to making money online is to remember that there are so many opportunities out there, that it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that you want to do.
This concludes our 5 Days of Making Money Online Series, but stay tuned as the ITM always has important updates and tips for Internet marketing, making money online, search engine optimization and other essential aspects of running a business online!
Today’s feature build a retro custom Honda CB250 comes from Zagreb the capital and largest city of the Republic of Croatia. According to Zeljko “RBC wants to become a brand that reflects the personality of its owner, distinctive and irreplaceable, with its original retro style but always usable on the road. I started RBC (Retro Bikes Croatia) because I got bored of working in an office making lots of money for other people, and decided to try and make some for myself, doing something I love. The Honda CB250 was chosen because it’s relatively rare here in Croatia and its satisfyingly beefy enough even though it’s only a 250. The engine has remained completely standard; all it needed was a good clean up, some new sparks and an oil and filter change.

The electrics were renewed and moved partially under the seat, and the rear chrome fender was modified to fit. I’m not a pro builder and I had no previous experience doing anything like this, but I have a strong determination, and that, combined with the help of family and friends enabled me to finish my first project. Now I’m focusing that determination on making RBC a serious player in the bike-building world (I know it takes time), and want RBC to be recognized as the first of its kind in Croatia.
This retro custom Honda CB250 is now for sale and is exposed in a partner’s showroom in Zagreb. Given the fact this custom Honda CB250 is the first build from RBC, Zeljko has done an exceptional job.
Take a journey around the world and see what’s new and fresh in the Custom Motorcycle scene. If you missed the first four days, we covered blogging, affiliate marketing, writing E-Books and Selling Ads on Your Website in the previous sections.
If you’re hesitant about working entirely online, you might even be able to find local companies who will let you work mostly from home or in a virtual position. One of the biggest reasons why any business fails is because consumers didn’t need the products or services that were being sold. We want to see more individual and unique motorcycles, that true classic machines with attitude who amuse their owners and those who are about to become owners of such. My goal is to set up RBC with the aim of producing quality, affordable bikes in a Classic or Cafe Racer style.
The other big attraction is the ease of maintenance, which is very important for the young riders that RBC is aiming at.

The Keihins were cleaned and inspected, re-jetted, synchronized, and equipped with open filters. A modern front brake master cylinder was fitted (Honda 600) along with steel-braided hoses, fork gaiters, clip-ons and Beston grips. In fact, lots of parts were made specifically for this bike during the build simply because Honda could no longer supply them and because we wanted to add some personality. When he isn’t editing articles for Moto Rivista he is working as a User Experience Strategist. In our final installment today, we’re going to cover making money online by selling products or services.
In this situation, most of your work would be done and submitted online and electronically, but you still have a local resource there to train you or in the event that you need help. Nothing coming off the workbench will ever be too ‘extreme’ as the bikes must be usable everyday.
The airbox, side panels, clocks, bars, rear fender, stop light, indicators, mirrors and countless other nameless parts were removed to get ‘the look’ I was after.
The seat and battery box were hand made and the frame was modified so they would fit neatly.

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