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I often like to use my circle punch with my scallop punch when making home made greeting cards. These ideas I'm saving for the card making enthusiast so you won't find most of them on my website.
If you’re familiar with Tinkerlab, you probably know that we appreciate child-centered projects, experiments, and open-ended creativity. If your child is around kindergarten age, introduce them to the joy of random acts of kindness such as sending a Thank You Card to service members. All-in-one Heart EnvelopeA┬áis such a cool way to fold a big cut-out heart into an envelope.
In case you blinked and missed it, TinkerLab rounds up all the great stuff on the internets on keeping you and your critters creative and wraps it up for you in a tidy newsletter!
What a lot of lovely ideas (that reminds me we need to write some thank you cards, def going to use this post as inspiration!). These coins are divided into small pieces known as satoshi and again broken down into hundreds.
Liked the easy homemade pop up cards, and the valentine card with heart is looking very elegant. Scrapebox for me, but regardless of what link building software you’re suggested by me utilize it wisely.

Please note all images sourced from other websites and are referenced and linked back to their siting.
Enter now for your chance to WIN $1,000 worth of groceries from Woolworths, thanks to Sanitarium! This card is taken from Creative PopUP Card Site by Rich and it’s loaded with many cool pop up, from simple to a complicated one. We pulled this collection of homemade cards together for everyone who would like some inspiration for cards that kids can actually make themselves. We are huge fans of making cards and love discovering new ideas when it comes to making our family and friends special cards. Yes, you are right these cards could used in different categories, we just need to make small changes. We gather free unique, creative crafts and models we find around the internet as well as publishing our own works and projects. Anyway, it’s a store so you might need to spend some money to download some of the templates if you are interested. I’d no sooner got rid of the baby paraphernalia and the toddler toys before the hall was taken over by a battalion of bikes and scooters. I love sharing my card ideas so don't miss out on the beautiful and fun greeting cards you can make and peruse my site.

If you're interested, you can join us by submitting your art work to share with our many wonderful readers.
By the way, to download the template you will need to use the store functions, such as picking the card and checking out. Once you set these card-making activities up, you can let your child get into their creative zone as they add their own ideas to the mix.
I have made a Carousel cake and Fairy Mushroom House Cake, wish I could upload pictures to show you.
So why not spend sometimes to make a self-made card instead of buying a ready made one from shop. The sample card may has many empty space but you can use your own creativity, to write your own wish to your mother and add more extra flowers or stickers to make it prettier. I’ll just provide you the link to the site and you just follow the instruction there, alright.

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