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August 9, 2016Amy BaylissCajun Joie de Vie Get my blog updates delivered straight to your inbox. My husband and I have made great progress in decreasing our debt and putting ourselves in a much better situation financially but it definitely required effort.
I’ll share with you how we came to be where we are today but ultimately you and your spouse will have to do what is best for your family. The problem most of us have is that we blindly pay the bills each month never truly letting it sink in just how much money is owed to a particular company or worse, do you even remember what it is that you purchased on credit and is it still benefiting your family? I speak with passion on this one but only because we have experience with just how necessary it is.
The money that we saved, the corners we cut, and the budget we put in place carried us through until Ryan found his current job.
We filled out our budget form and then made pretty envelopes to hold the cash for things like groceries, fun money, clothing, home repair, etc.
Financially, we are much better off today than we were just two years ago but we still use most of these principles to have financial freedom.
Below you will find some of the forms we use in the financial section of our Household Binder. These lovely envelopes would make wonderful packages for different-sized flat presents.  Of course, they could also serve as a money or gift card holder, and as a perfect match for your homemade cards. Using this pattern of overlapping circles, the resulting envelopes are a perfect square shape.  In another post, I will be explaining how to make rectangular shaped envelopes. Next, lay the circles in a flower-like form so one side of each is overlapping the next side.
Your choice of paper patterns will provide the variety and uniqueness of your resulting envelopes. Finishing the envelopes is where you could practice your creativity.  Use ribbons, brads, buttons, twine, dried or paper flowers, and punches to attach the flaps together. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The mentalist displays a thin leather wallet and explains it contains a red envelope and a prediction in the form of a single playing card.
He opens the wallet to show a red envelope inside the clear window pocket on one side of the wallet. The mentalist has a spectator mentally select a playing card in the fairest possible manner with no ambiguous choices to be made. Upon naming the thought-of card, the mentalist opens the wallet and removes a single face down card and places it on the table.
This presentation and variation on my original method can be quite entertaining indeed, and J C has been sure to give you all the little touches for what he does. This is probably the cleanest, most streamlined and strongest version of Kenton Knepper’s Original “Kollosal Killer”. Also included in the PDF are additional ideas to enhance psychological forces, an impromptu single card prediction with a borrowed deck, a routine with postcards, a close-up mentalism effect with coins and a version of Max Maven’s “Disposal Colour” that has three times the hit rate. Note: You must own Kenton Knepper’s Original “Kollosal Killer” to be able to perform “The Red Envelope”. Posts related to cute wedding money box collection New Collection of Money Card HoldersMoney Card Holders: It is basically an envelope that is used for keeping money.
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We tried several of the systems and plans out there and while nearly each one had something that we found of value for our situation there wasn’t any one that we felt was perfect for us.

When we finally started asking these questions when the bills came rolling in we were a bit sick to our stomach. That meant that we no longer charged anything on our credit cards, we canceled monthly plans like Netflix, texting & data plans (yes, it was difficult), cable TV, magazine subscriptions and anything else that automatically withdrew from our account or was automatically charged on our card. When we started our journey we were both earning a decent income, receiving some child support from my older boys’ father, and Ryan got a bonus every year. Without that emergency fund we likely would have ended up like so many others: in foreclosure. Both are advocates for using the envelope system and after applying it to our daily life, we are too.
Each pay period we put the proper amount of money in the envelope, added it to a ledger (an index card) that is kept inside of the envelope and stored it in a safe place. Each time a new debt was paid off (we started with smallest balance first then worked through) then we took the amount we paid on that debt and added it to a new debt. One of those rules what that each year when the big home improvement store had their 6 months same as cash option going on then we took advantage of it. Some years that was just a trip to Florida but we found that it was more beneficial to us to have that time together as a family and away from work and responsibilities to just enjoy each other.
A few other ideas for paper choices are shown on picture 4.  When using plain paper, try cutting from four different colours. I have always seen these little envelopes around but never realized they were so simple to make.
I was surprised at how simple it was to make too, Anna, that I had to make a post of it right away! The mentalist explains that he will reveal the prediction card shortly as well as the contents of the envelope. The instructions are written with the assumption that the reader is familiar with the handling, set-up and concept of the original routine. It’s a matter of cutting out the template (which you can print from the site), then sewing and gluing up the envelope. All printables are in .doc files and can be edited using Microsoft Word or the free open source software called Open Office. Then we wrote down estimates of what we spent for tithe, groceries, gas, utilities, and other required expenses. Something else we did was view the history on our checking account to see how much money we had been spending on grocery shopping, eating out, going to movies, and other similar things. We didn’t think it would be a big deal if we had skipped this step but we did it anyway.
When we needed it for say groceries, I would grab the grocery envelope and count the money inside (sometimes there was money left over from before) to make sure it matched what was on the ledger.
For example, we determined that after canceling subscriptions and cutting back on spending that we could put an additional $200 towards our debt so we paid the $200 plus the minimum payment toward the debt with the smallest balance.
We would make a big purchase for something like new carpets and we’d charge it without having to pay interest for six months. We still have some debt to go but we are on track to have everything (including the mortgage) paid off in a few years.
The blender that shattered three months after we broke it – check, still paying for it. Once we had a total on all of our debt plus expenses we subtracted it from our monthly income. In an effort to make up the difference in income Ryan decided to take a new job, one that promised more money than he was making.
Whatever was in the envelope is what I had to make last until the next pay period so I would shop within that budget.

That is the beginning of the debt snowball.  We paid that amount until the debt was paid off.
Carsten received a full paid scholarship to the Little People of America Conference and I received a full paid scholarship to She Speaks. My personal favourite is using a double-sided cardstock with different prints on each side. Other sets will be released in the coming weeks including the Textured Vintage, Frooty Fun, and Crafty Mama sets. Even though we were in debt, Ryan and I had never, ever dipped below a certain amount in our checking account.
During the transition to that job the economy took a nosedive and the promise of a higher salary went out the window.
Once I spent some of the cash then I replaced it with a receipt and deducted it from the ledger. Once the first debt is paid off we took the amount we were paying on it (about $50 for the monthly payment plus the $200 debt snowball for a total of $250) and we paid that along with the new minimum payment towards our next smallest debt.
We started shopping the sales and using coupons but don’t worry, you can save money without using coupons too. I follow My Baton Rouge Mommy because she lets me know of all the latest and greatest local deals.
So basically if the second debt’s minimum payment was $30 then we paid that plus the $250 for a total of $280. For larger items we budgeted what we were willing to spend and shopped Craig’s List, garage sales, and thrift stores. Another benefit of only using cash is that I second guessed every item I picked up to purchase.
I know others would advise against this but it is a choice we made and it has worked for us. There were times that He told us not sell things but to give them away and we are talking about stuff I could have made some good money on. Chinese Traditional Wedding GiftsSpecial gifts for Chinese marriage A Wedding is great ceremony in which two people are united in marriage beloved relation.
Group Buy Girl is another great one since she clues you in on all the best group deals that are available nationally. I was also homeschooling at the time and wasn’t able to work from home as much as I had been.
I would ask myself if there was an equivalent that was less expensive or if it was really necessary.
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