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In the history of tattoo, the concept of twin tattoo is a mentionable one that is known for its unmatched impression that it implies. The moon phase is an elaborate one that represents lunar visibility from Earth from crescent to full moon. We’ve rounded up a fantastic list of 20 things you can do other than spend all your money at the EKKA this year! We have some great ideas if you just want to stay at home and make the most of the midweek break. With over 15 ride attractions, licensed showbags, Animal Farm, food stalls inc Potato Twister, Mr America Hotdogs & Fries, The Hangi Chef, Sensational Slushees and more. Come to Cleveland for a great day of bargain shopping, vibrant Market Stalls featuring Arts and Crafts, Fresh Produce, Gourmet Foods and fantastic family entertainment for all ages.
The Children’s Art Centre will present an interactive project developed in collaboration with Chinese-born Australian artist Ah Xian which will invite children and families to engage with the artist’s ideas and artworks through specially designed hands-on and multimedia activities.
Welcome to Measure Island, a fictional land filled with monuments and statues built by a long-lost civilisation.
Test the speed and accuracy of your throw, get your heart racing and measure your heart beat while viewing something scary, and watch a ‘diamond’ disappear before your eyes.

To coincide with ‘Dulka Warngiid – Land of All’, a major retrospective of the work of Sally Gabori (Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda) at the Queensland Art Gallery, the Children’s Art Centre presents an exciting interactive exhibition developed in collaboration with Sally Gabori’s daughters, Elsie, Amanda and Dorothy Gabori.
Families Magazine is an A4 glossy magazine printed every 2 months and distributed in places where families are in Brisbane, Ipswich, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba.
As tattoo means showcasing your particular belief and style, this one could be your ideal ones if you are looking for unusual patterns and motifs regarding the tattoo design.
Tattoos depicting the different phases of the moon significantly reminds us the impermanence of everything in life.
Click on the links for further details and feel free to share your own ideas in the comments below.
This is Grand Avenue’s 3rd Ekka Fun Day event and this year will be bigger and better than ever! The Cleveland Village Traders and Stocklands will be getting into the spirit of Crazy Day with sidewalk specials and in-store promotions. Cedar Creek runs approximately 20 kilometers from the Mt Glorious state forest to where it adjoins the South Pine River in Eaton’s Hill. This is not your usual island: on Measure Island every step takes you to a new puzzle or exhibit waiting to be explored.

Through specially designed interactive hands-on making and multimedia activities, young visitors will be introduced to the unique and important relationship the Kaiadilt people share with the sea and the creatures who inhabit the waters around the Island.
Parents with twin children also opt for tattooing the name or picture of their kids on their body.
Head out along Mt Nebo Road through The Gap for a truly wonderful experience for your children.
Pregnant mothers with twins-in-waiting can tattoo images of two babies in the position they stay in the womb. Though there is no specific design or pattern for this tattoo, you have the choice of making it as innovative and creative as possible like inking two little fairies if both the twins are females or images of tigers in case they belong to the male sex. However, this goes without saying that proficient tattooing of such Masonic design will look terrific and realistic especially on your chests, wrists, and back.
In the case of a horizontal tattoo, a  larger space would be needed and it can be sported in the neckline, chest. You can either go for a long line or depict them in a circular pattern. Deviating from the literal meaning, you can also ink the twins Castor and Pollux holding hands.

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