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We all know that buying textbooks can be very pricey, but there are many ways to save some extra cash when buying these books. Not only are used books a lot cheaper, but a lot of them have handy side notes and highlights from previous users.
Many business around campus usually sell their own textbooks which are much cheaper than the on campus bookstore. Buy the book off of one of your friends for cheaper, if not keep your eyes on the look out for other students who are trying to sell their book. Borrow the text from the library or a friend and look at your syllabus to find out which pages or chapters you need for class and go to a store and make copies.
It’s smart to actually check out the contents of the textbook in the university library before even bothering to shop around for a textbook. Sometimes you can actually get a book for free (or the cost to ship it) at a book swap site such as Swaptree, although it takes some forethought, probably before the semester begins, so that may not always be an option.
One has to be really resourceful to cut back expenses.Based on my experience, buying books from students who no longer need it and wanted to sell. Ever since then I’ve used a combination of the tricks here to drastically lower the cost. I think buying online books is the next best thing to buy second sale books at campus right away. Only once in undergrad did the teacher say jump to page 423 and my 423 was about 10 pages behind.

I found it really helpful to find a person or two a year ahead of me in my same program and take the classes they were taking.
I find out that the wireless modem includes a little bit of a price tag but now, I don’t really care. I am super cheap so I look all over to find cheap prices on everything including textbooks. For 99.9999 percent of us, we can't even imagine what it would be like to have $100 million to spend on a house. The best thing to do is to first determine whether or not you really need the textbook(s) for your class. But if you don’t want that, you can still buy used, like new, or brand new books for still very cheap.
This is good if you do not want to wait for your book and do not mind paying a little extra money (compared to buying online). Do some searches for books that you need to buy to see if there is an online copy that you can view or download for free. Your school’s library should carry a couple of copies of the text that you are using in class at the Reserve. In most cases I usually search book price comparison sites like Compare-Books for an edition prior to the one required for the course.
Especially at the end of the semester when people finish taking a classes and are just trying to get rid of their books.

I have also run into many methods for saving when buying college textbooks and have even bought textbooks for others at very low prices.
I think the total I spent in the rest of my undergrad years was less than in my first year.
But, according to Forbes, exclusive real estate listings in this price range are becoming, well, less rare, as the market has recently picked up for America's most expensive homes.
If you choose this as your method of obtaining books, make sure that you purchase your texts as soon as possible since it takes time for shipping.
Usually you can get this book for like $2-$10 on Amazon and all the author has changed is something in the table on contents.
If you are waiting for your shipment to come during the first couple of weeks of school, you can borrow the text from the library. Often times students leave comments that tell whether or not the textbook was necessary for the class.

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