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PS - A great way to start on your new path is to take a look at the brilliant book How to be Rich and Happy. I promise to use it only to send you Viva La Personal Development Revolution - FREE Newsletter.
I hope you enjoyed "Does Money Bring Happiness?" As a concluding point, I'm not anti-money - far from it - I like the freedom that money brings.
Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitI believe yes With your money you do not have to buy cars and houses but you could buy experiences. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitMoney may bring happiness Actually I thought money bring happiness no mater what happened! Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitI think Donald trump is a bad president He is a gay mexican drug dealer and he smells bad .
Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitMoney can add to your level of happiness, but does not directly cause it.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Much like you (I imagine), I grew up thinking that money was the answer to the BIG question.
Rather than focussing on accumulating cash as a means to make you happy, try these philosophies on for size: 1) Freedom beats money hands down. Learn how to: change your beliefs using NLP, visualisation & more create a mindset of success become happier day to day and start to follow your path Join!

It's good to have cash, for sure! What I'm arguing against is the illusion that you will suddenly feel amazing when you have more cash. When money is used to buy material goods, that will increase your happiness, but only for a short time.
I agree that, in some situations, money can make people happy, meanly if their happiness depend on material goods. In my opinion, nowadays the society has become more and more materialistic as everyone, including me, wanna be rich.
Happiness can not be purchased, you can shop all day and buy all types of products and what have you, but not matter how much money you have, it will not bring you happiness. Money does not bring happiness, only more items to distract yourself with, more insanely expensive items you do not need and will most likely get mad at and throw away, and only the urge to acquire more money. It may make people happy in the short term but eventually their greed will swallow them whole and make them just as miserable as someone without money.
You got to be happy first, because even when you have cash you'll feel the same (if not worse!) Last time - does money bring happiness? Many people see money as their main goal of life, but if they do that, this will make them superficial, and they might even do things to protrude others.
Some of them, who are clever enough will find ways to hack the bank accounts and to steal from others and someone who have more money is definitely the main target for these people.
Well, money actually. Quick bio a€“ I left law school and decided to go for a career in business-to-business sales (quicker return of cash, less hours, slightly less corporate slavery).

I'm still listening Biggie a€“ I got yo' back dawg. Anyway, before I go off on a hip hop inspired tangent, I think it's safe to say that for 15-30 year olds in particular, the answer we are likely to give to the question a€?does money bring happinessa€? is a big, fat yes. The later months in 2009 I was clearing up to $30000 per month, and by that point I was only working 3 days (and spending the rest of my time starting this site). This is not an astronomical amount by millionaires' standards, of course, but more than enough pocket money for a 24 year old to get all the toys a€“ big screen TVs, iphones, Playstations etc a€“ all the trips a€“ Vegas, NY, Ibiza a€“ and all the goddamn weed I could get my hands on. Working in the rat race in London, I need more like $100,000 to live to a similar standard.
Looking back, I can see where most of it went ;-) Christ, I've got a $1000 satchel and a $200 keyring.
This really puzzled me, so I started to become introverted, constantly questioning my existence and a€?the point of it alla€?. The hardest thing about taking this step is breaking down the social conditioning - because a€?how on earth can you make money without having a job?" Well, for a start, this website does just that!
This actually sent me a bit doo-lalley for a while a€“ for if money is the answer, why on earth was I becoming more miserable by the day? The answer surprised me.

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