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That momentary increase of friction causes the string to catch on the axle, wrap around the spinning axle, and up comes the yo-yo again. A Moment of Science is a daily audio podcast, public radio program and video series providing the scientific story behind some of life's most perplexing mysteries. Indiana Public Media is the home of WFIU Public Radio & WTIU Public Television, including your favorite programming from NPR and PBS. To drum up awareness for The Planetary Society, an organization committed to the advancement of space science and exploration, the Science Guy has released a YouTube clip of himself reacting to different stimuli, providing Internet-savvy science junkies with ample material to create their own reaction GIFs.
Why bother with these custom-reaction GIFs when you can pull from literally anywhere else on the Internet (or even make your own)?
This video shows how the SBX-type ionospheric heaters are being used in the eastern Pacific, to drag cold air, down into the USA. The controllers of these Geoengineering programs are the worst criminals in modern history.
Photo description: This excellent optical illusion is confusing because when you look at it, it appears that the nine wheels are moving, when in fact they are not.
It may seem like a far-off concept, but Starseeds are actually souls that have originated from different stars, planets, solar systems or galaxies. Starseeds are highly evolved souls that were sent to Earth to help bring about new knowledge and wisdom in order to help raise the consciousness of the planet.
Because they come from a different star, Starseeds carry a very different aura or vibration that allows them to access certain information that is not from this world. At their core, Starseeds know that Earth is not their true home and sometimes this can create feelings of being out of place or alone. Starseeds also often report having reoccurring dreams of alien abductions, encounters with aliens or that they were dropped off to earth in some sort of spaceship.
Many of the political and social rules of society may also feel unnecessary or irrational to Starseeds and often they will forge their own path or find a new way of doing something.
It is believed that Starseeds have a programmed “alarm clock” inside of them that allows them to awaken at different points in their lives in order to fulfill their destiny.
As a Starseed, it may feel as if you are constantly awakening and forever growing, however once you truly step into the work things tend to manifest rapidly. FREE In5D Weekly NewsletterSubscribe to our free newsletter and receive our last week's worth of posts! We’ve only gotten through one primary and the election already feels like a long slog. Jacob covered the Iowa caucus for MSNBC, and we presume we’ll see a lot of him on Super Tuesday and throughout the year.
The 32-year-old NYU grad hails from Los Angeles and has been a correspondent for MSNBC since September.
A former aide to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Soboroff got his start reporting on the 2012 presidential election for MTV. COMMERCIAL BREAK ALERT: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Robert Smigel are in the #DemDebate spin room! To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

Penelope Cruz has hit out at YouTube for censoring the erotic promotional film she directed to advertise her Agent Provocateur collection. Aside from co-hosting Al Jazeera America's science show, TechKnow, Hill is also a freelancer who has contributed to Wired, Nature Education, Popular Science, Slate, io9, Nautilus, and is a columnist for Skeptical Inquirer. RSS makes it possible to subscribe to a website's updates instead of visiting it by delivering new posts to your RSS reader automatically. At the same time, warm air is being pushed into Alaska, which is accelerating the melting of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS). Natalia Shakhova has stated that, up to 5,000 gigatons of methane is capped by frozen sediments, only 150 feet deep, under the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS). 4, 2014 at the 20th annual Conference of the Parties (COP 20) for the United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in Lima, Peru. This information usually holds clues on ways to advance the planet and create new technologies. They are very sensitive to the world around them and may also have an interest in time travel, space and alien life. You are naturally talented in the area of technology, physics, engineering, space travel and metaphysics. He followed that up with a gig as a founding producer of HuffPost Live and has reported for YouTube Nation, CNN, NPR and Wired Science. He has a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering and a master's degree in communication research (with a focus on science, health, and the environment) from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
So when it runs out of string, the axle keeps on spinning, causing the string to wrap itself around the other way.
A quick tug on the string pulls the loop against the axle, increasing the friction between them. The Fremen, as they are called, have even evolved hyper-coagulating blood to preserve fluids in the event of injury. So, if the ESAS warms enough to melt the shallow sea floor, the amount of methane in the atmosphere will increase by 1,000 times. I call on all national authorities, to investigate the evidence of jet stream control, toxic aerosol spraying, and premeditated weather profiteering. He talks about the catastrophic dangers that the warming of the Arctic region poses to modern civilization and the possible extinction of humans due to abrupt climate change.
Also, man made high pressure (HAARP down bursts) were used, for four days in a row, to keep a low pressure from forming, north of Hawaii.
Every region, and nation, must take action, to stop these crimes, over their own territories. With corporate assassins and sandworms the size of highways constantly hunting travelers, there isn’t a moment of respite on Arrakis.
This technology has the capabilities of mind control and weather control, but imagine what else it may be capable of. If this low pressure had formed, it would have caused the man made high pressure, west of California, to break down.
The SEC, FBI, and US Military, must investigate these weather control operations, and arrest anyone who is both: 1) profiting from large positions in CME Group weather futures and options, and 2) in any way connected, directly, or indirectly, with these weather control programs.

Preventing this methane release is the most extreme planetary emergency, and warrants all possible efforts to stop the melting of this shallow sea. The HAARP and Aerosol program managers are deliberately pushing cold air down into the USA, as a psychological operation, to hide the fact, that the ESAS arctic methane emergency is imminent. But in an otherwise fantastically realized universe, could a sandstorm really be so deadly? Early on in the novel, the dangers of Arrakis are laid bare: …Storms build up across six or seven thousand kilometers of flatlands, feed on anything that can give them a push—coriolis force, other storms, anything that has an ounce of energy in it. By hiding this planetary emergency, enough delay can be created, that it will be unstoppable, by the time world leaders take it seriously. There are so many violent films on there and they don’t even check your age or ask for your email address before you watch them.
They can blow up to eight hundred kilometers an hour, loaded with everything loose in their way—sand, dust, everything.
This is also the reason the IPCC does not include the accelerating methane release in any of its climate projections.
At these speeds, sand is nothing to mess with. Even without a planet-wide storm to propel it, sand at speed hurts. If you’ve ever been to the beach on a blustery day, you’ve felt the sting of loose sand on your legs and ankles.
Colloquially called “sandburn,” being pelted with sand—whether from a storm or a helicopter landing in the desert—can irritate the skin and cause redness or soreness. But in my search I could not find any reports of skin being removed by a natural wind or storm.
In fact, with sandstorm speeds on Earth rarely breaking 100 miles per hour, a thick shirt would be enough protection. Sand needs to go faster to do real harm.
It needs to be blasted. Sand blasting is a technique that uses abrasive materials such as steel shot, glass beads, or silica sand (banned in a few countries for its tendency to cause a debilitating lung disease) to smooth, roughen, or otherwise shape a surface. The material used is accelerated through a hose nozzle with high-pressure air in order to do the shaping. According to research, particles may be going faster than 1,000 miles per hour as they exit a sand blaster. At these speeds, typical sand blasters are deadly sandstorms. An 800-kph sandstorm of DUNE would undoubtedly sting, but it is doubtful that it would eventually reveal your polished skeleton. However, because none of the injury reports indicated the specific speed of the sand blasters, we still don't know what the threshold for skin removal is (Ig Nobel prize anyone?).
These caveats beg the question: Is there a planet with storms that could strip skin for certain? A true flesh-stripping storm isn’t that far fetched, even within our own solar system. If it takes sand blaster-speed to do real damage, the desert planet Arrakis could be more like Neptune, where supersonic winds push great storms at speeds greater than a typical sand blaster. An atmosphere with such turbulence could create a flesh-flaying sandstorm that might even span a whole planet like the dust storms of Mars, and certainly fits within the imagined vistas of Herbert's novel. Based on what some unfortunate sand blasting contractors have experienced, and what one of science fiction’s greatest novels envisions, it’s feasible that a giant desert planet such as DUNE could have a storm that first eats your flesh and then erodes your bones (even if not at the specific speed mentioned in the book).

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