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The implications of the progressing understanding of the mechanisms of brain plasticity are particularly exciting and afford hope to us all.  We have a great deal of control over our learning capacities and our futures. Active Axons Education and Training is committed to empowering individuals to make the connections between the research, their learning and their lives.
Active Axons Education and Training can help you examine ways to become the site manager of this important construction project.
The Learning and Career Profiling System is an engaging and very affordable on-line tool to assist students to build individual and meaningful Learning and Career Pathway Plans. To purchase from this website, you will need to set cookies to Always Allow on your web browser.
Subject to exceptions, we are happy to exchange or refund your purchase within 28 days of delivery. We're proud to give even more back to you and reward all Together Rewards Card members with 5 points for every A?1 spent, along with exclusive offers, bonus points promotions, member exclusive gifts and more! We are committed to sharing current research in neuroeducation and the applications of brain compatible learning principles with educators, students, families, community groups and leaders.

The possible benefits of engaging the conditions under which the brain learns best are being actively investigated around the world.
The research in neuroscience and cognition suggests a range of methods to increase motivation, memory and comprehension.
As citizens, we also share a responsibility to make informed choices to help build the best possible future. Recent research into how the brain learns offers an unprecedented opportunity to reflect on what education is all about. Order a card with your purchase and once you've registered and linked your Card, you'll receive 50 FREE points (worth 50p) and you'll receive Reward Vouchers every 3 months to spend on anything you like in-store and online! Emotion and social climate appear to have a greater effect on learning and the productivity of workplaces than we previously thought.
It also informs debate on creating learning environments and working conditions that can engage and empower individuals in our diverse population. The importance of novelty, activity, multisensory approaches, linking new learning to past experiences and of regular and positive feedback is becoming more apparent.

Utilising strategies aligned to best practice, we aim to promote positive environments for working and learning.
It is important that we are aware of developments that are occurring and the discussions that follow.
The great importance of general health, adequate sleep and the avoidance of brain antagonistic activities are the blocks on which we can help to build success. While there is still a gap between bench science and knowing for sure how it can be best implemented outside the lab, this gap is narrowing. Wouldn’t it be empowering for students, educators, leaders and parents to become familiar with the language of science and the opportunities that it offers?

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